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I started getting this error a couple of days ago when I installed Open Office. Problem is that it happens with any java applications, not just Open Office. I have tried removing Java completely and then re-installing but so far have had no luck. I h [More]
We have a large PDF Portfolio with many attachments and would like to print those items all at once without opening every single attachment. I would think think that this is possible considering I took the files from outlook 2003 and you are able to [More]
Just recently updated to IOS6 and now can't get 3g, but I also dropped my phone at the same time. I've tried all the resets and changed SIM and the issue is definitely with the handset either hardware or software installed on it. Is it possible that [More]
when i am playing music in my iphone i dont a any voice frm my iphone 4 and my phone dose not show scrool bar of volume in my music playerDe-sync all of your music to remove it from the device. Then reset: Hold down the home button along with the sle [More]
I have encountered a problems with my webiste home page (newly designed): I wish to have centrally-displayed page, with blank margins on each side, that would display equially well in various browsers. My approach was to desing a four-frame Frameset, [More]
Hi all. I've got 2 timestamp value a,b. I would like to count the different (in terms of minutes). I tried a.compareTo(b), but it's not work. pls help. Thanks Regards, KinI assume by "timestamp value" you mean Dates or longs. Ever thought of bas [More]
My 920 is doing weird things since last weekend. I installed some weather apps and the new foursquare app and ever since then when freshly booted after some time my 920 decides to do some strange things: It takes like 5-10 seconds to display the unlo [More]
What is the difference between Development environment and Deployment environment?Definitions of Development Environment on the Web: * The DE is used by a designer/builder. A development environment typically includes software for creating and mainta [More]
All the documentation tells me how to fix it but I don't actually know where it is. Please help. ThanksJb, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your posting. That concerns us, and has triggered this automated reply [More]
we are batch management,anyone know the way  to trace the planned order and production order number created for one sales order(for MTO product)? thanksHi, When you save MTO sales order requirement is transferred to MRP it can be viewed by MD04 once [More]