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I know this is a tired question, but it STILL HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED BY APPLE. Why do interrupted downloads start back at zero instead of picking up where they left off? Is this too difficult of a bug for the iTunes engineers to deal with? Being over [More]
AS Above. Edited in FCPX. Excellent sound file. Using Compressor 4 to DVD Studio 4. Wanting AIFF or WAVE sound for acurate sound. Previously DVD Studio 4 has accepted AIFF etc and delivered sound as reuired. Now, during the burn process everything ot [More]
I have downloaded the app several times, run it, but it does not show up in my programs list or on my desktop. When running the download, I get a "repair" or "uninstall" option, not an install. I choose the repair. Something is missing [More]
I was using my ipad 2 in my classroom hooked up to my lcd projector.  For some reason it is no longer being recognized by the lcd and now can't display on the screen.  Any help would be appreciated.De nada [email protected] Thank You for extending the courtesy [More]
I added 2 ECB2200's last week and they appeared to be working fine at first. Problem is that the router periodically stops seeing the devices that are attached to them. I find myself frequently having to reboot the router to use my printers, or for m [More]
for using R, I only can use Oracle data mining algorithms or I can use R function like social network in Oracle data base?Oracle Advanced Analytics provides multiple language (SQL, R and if we include GUIs, Oracle Data Miner workflow UI) support to t [More]
Hi, I am implementing rebate process and wants to know configuration required to be done for enabling Periodic payment and how we can make it done based on Billing date instead of service rendered date, if possibleHi Naveen about the date to be consi [More]
how fix unknown error 3 itunes? please helpThis worked for me yesterday. Earlier iTunes (and supporting applications) need to be completely uninstalled before you can install the new version. Here's the complete Apple info on this: [More]
I have iCloud backup activated and sync of iBooks on for both devicesIt needs to be done manually. Open iBooks on the device that you did not purchase the eBook on. Click on the "Store" button and you should go into the iBooks store. On the bott [More]
Hello, I am trying to add web fonts to Muze, but it does not "see" them. These are fonts purchased from No matter if do browse option or drag and drop in add web fonts, muse simply does not recognize the files. Yes. They have correc [More]