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I am trying to update a clients ipad (who does not have access to internet at his residence) on my personal computer.  When I open up itunes with his apple ID, I continue to get my itunes library information.  I don't want to mix my information with [More]
Can two ipods with the same email address face time independantly?Hey Bumblebee, To each other, no-- would be like trying to call yourself on the same phone. To different persons on other devices??? Not sure you'll have to try, I'm guessing if both a [More]
my audi is paired and ready for any bluetooth device. when i go into settings and touch the bluetooth>devices all it is doing is searching. with my other phones the connectivity popped up quicklyAre you sure the in-car system is in discoverable mode? [More]
Firefox window will not open (at all) I simply get a load signal and then it stops. I have attempted a reinstall and it did not solve it (downloaded a torrent) Other programs work, I have msn so internet works as well I've tried restarts and resets o [More]
Gurus, How can I get the date and time and display it on the report main page? Thanks!Hello, You can create a Formula Colum returning a date : function CF_1Formula return Date is begin RETURN(SYSDATE); end; Put a Field in the Layout having this formu [More]
hi how to utilize index in selection statement and how is it reduces performance whether another alternative is there to reduce performance . thanksHi Suresh, For each SQL statement, the database optimizer determines the strategy for accessing data r [More]
How can I target Adobe Air 2.5 when using Flash Builder 4.5 so I can develop for Adobe Air for TV? When I change the app.xml file to point to 2.5, I get the following error: "Namespace 2.5.0 in the application descriptor file should be equal or highe [More]
Suddenly, when printing, the printer stops and shows the following error code: 0xc19a0042. Do anybody have a solution?Hi 0809, Welcome to the HP Forums. I see that you are having an issue with the error code "  0xc19a0042 " . I have a few steps [More]
Hi I recently re-installed Premiere Pro CS6 on my work computer (i changed from a HDD to an SSD). Ever since I did this I am having an issue importing .PSD files into Premiere. I try and import a photoshop file. The importer window comes up. The prog [More]
My Ipad keeps asking for my passcode- it is connected to my computer and I have updated my password.-ipad does not recognise this! What should I do?settings>icloud, scroll to bottom of page and tap Delete Account, then log in again with the correct d [More]