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What do the symbol and stand for in the following script? not like displa

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What do the symbol *>* and *>>* stand for in the following script? It is displacement? They do not like displacement symbols. $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $CLASSPATH $JVM_OPT $SYS_OPT oracle.sysman.integration.coherence.EMIntegrationServer *>* $COH[More]

Adv RACF LDAP Gateway setup issue on LINUX

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Hi, I am trying to setup LDAP Gateway on LINUX, while starting the script (, it is throwing lot of errors. Can anybody please share their working LDAP Gateway I will try to compare and resolve the issue. Thanks,I have had to resiolve s[More]

Clouds process consuming 100% of cpu

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Whenever MBP is not able to connect to internet, the cloudd process consumes 100% cpu. This is draining the battery in a very short time. Internet connectivity, either lack there of or because of corp. firewall rules send this process into 100% consu[More]

Java Process Consuming 100% of Server CPU

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Hi, We have a new instance of CQ5 (version 5.4) running on a Windows 2003 SP2 Server. For some reason, which we can't determine, after a period of time a Java process on the system begins to consume 100% of the CPU and the system becomes totally unre[More]

I have a problem with Imac mid 2010 graphics card (ATI Radeon 5670 512MB). When I play video formats like xvid, mkv, avi iMac freezes and emits horrible sound,in service said the problem is not overheating. Not a problem with memory or hard disk beca [More]
I have a client that will have 4 iPads at a trade show to use as displays for a small animation about their product. We will need to install a kiosk app from the app store on all iPads. I'm confused about how Apple IDs fit into all of this. Will I be [More]
I've been a Mac user since 1987 and always loved Apple for its intuitive UI. However, the model Apple's using for viewing purchased movies on iDevices is absolutely confounding me. At one time, purchased movies seem to need to be downloaded, and you [More]
Hi All, I have got Hana trial version system and I am trying to do data replication using SLT. While doing the configuration using transaction LTR, I am getting error as attached. Though I am getting an error, entry is getting into the DBCON table bu [More]
iPad 3, 64gb. iTunes,  Windows 7 iTunes says 14.9 gb "free" iPad says 27.9 GB "Available" Can anyone explain which is right, and why the difference? Thnx,You have two issues. 1. Partitioning within Windows and OS X are using [More]
I wish to cancel then reverse an inbound idoc specifically, WPUUMS01 (sales data compressed) as if the idoc never existed and wasn't processed in SAP. The said idoc was already processed in SAP and the material and billing documents (in WPER) were al [More]
Hi- I apologize if this sounds like a really dumb question. I am working on trying to make a pdf slideshow in photoshop elements 6 ( on a IMAC) After I have created the file and saved it as a pdf I close it and then try to reopen the file but it only [More]
Hi, I recentally purchased CC and I have encountered an issue that whenever i turn my computer off and turn it on it prompts me with Error 16 asking me to reinstall. I tried the how to in the front but noticed I don't have the folders specfied in the [More]
Hi, I am trying to register in iOS developer program but it gives "An unknown error occurred. Please try again.". I tried different browsers (Google Crome, firefox, IE, safari), I also tried registering from iPad but the same error occured, I am [More]
Hi. I have just obtained an iPhone 4s. I use Outlook 2010 for my email (Blueyonder and Hotmail) on my desktop. I want to be able to have identical emails (inbox and sent) on iPhone and my Dell desktop (64bit). I would also like to be able to synch th [More]