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I am currently using SSO for authentication and it is functioning properly except the checkmark image does not show on the logout page for the partner application name that was created for APEX. If i am logged into other AS instances running SSO (por [More]
So.. we are using Lookout 5.0 to operate a plant, and we have a PCI SERIAL RS 232/485 ISOLATED 2 PORTS board, with the code 185726C-02 printed on that board, which is used to comunicate with some solenoids modules. I search your site for a replacemen [More]
I have made pictures on high resolution with a Canon 100D camera, which means the pictures are 5-6 MB. But when I edit them on my Ipad2 in Iphoto it decreases the size and resolution of the pictures to about 0.5MB Does anyone know why Iphoto decrease [More]
Hello: I have just started using Illustrator but I do have some experience with PS. My OS: Windows 7 64bit So, I have been learning my way around and was playing with the Brush tool but when I went to reset the brush to Basic under Brush Definitions [More]
I have a new Macbook Pro and just got an adapter to go from Firewire 800 to 400 so I can use my external iSight but the video lags like crazy just viewing the video on my end. For example if I start the cam in iChat and view the video or view the vid [More]
Now that I've upgraded to 08, I have so many problems with viewing my site (created with iWeb 06), that I'm thinking I should uninstall 08. The banner and the menu bar are absent when viewed in Explorer. The frames around some text boxes and photos d [More]
After months of working fine, my outgoing mail is not working on my macbook.  I use outlook 2011 and have it configured using an me account.  I can't get the "me" to give me a green status.  I have changed the password to the strongest, outgoing [More]
Hi people, Please, does anybody know how could I implement an incremental search in a List? This List is based on RMS data and it must work like that: one List is exhibited with the first registry highlighted, user start to type cellular keyboard and [More]
Hi Friends, I want to create a report in spreadsheet format and can also be uploaded to excel file. The length of width is 200 chars. Is it possible to do it on Oracle Reports? Thanks a lotHi, when calling the report you can set the parameter desform [More]
Hi! I have a 2009 MacBook Pro 13" (2.53 / 4GB / 250GB / Lion) that stalled on the grey screen + spinning wheel a few months ago. I was able to recover my data and load it onto a new MBP, so I set the old one aside. I am now trying to repair the probl [More]