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What do the symbol and stand for in the following script? not like displa

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What do the symbol *>* and *>>* stand for in the following script? It is displacement? They do not like displacement symbols. $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $CLASSPATH $JVM_OPT $SYS_OPT oracle.sysman.integration.coherence.EMIntegrationServer *>* $COH[More]

Adv RACF LDAP Gateway setup issue on LINUX

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Hi, I am trying to setup LDAP Gateway on LINUX, while starting the script (, it is throwing lot of errors. Can anybody please share their working LDAP Gateway I will try to compare and resolve the issue. Thanks,I have had to resiolve s[More]

Clouds process consuming 100% of cpu

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Whenever MBP is not able to connect to internet, the cloudd process consumes 100% cpu. This is draining the battery in a very short time. Internet connectivity, either lack there of or because of corp. firewall rules send this process into 100% consu[More]

Java Process Consuming 100% of Server CPU

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Hi, We have a new instance of CQ5 (version 5.4) running on a Windows 2003 SP2 Server. For some reason, which we can't determine, after a period of time a Java process on the system begins to consume 100% of the CPU and the system becomes totally unre[More]

I am trying to generate digital output of high and lows with particular delays on different lines. Each daq assistant is activating single line on a port on USB 6501. There more complex high and lows that I need to generate with variable time differe [More]
Hi Experts, I have added a new field in IT0006 ,Now when try to create a new record for a employee. 1,If I give the SUBTY in the PA30 screen getting an error  "Don't Specify a subty error" if and remove the subty and press CREATE button popup's [More]
Hi, I'm getting the following error when I try to activate the data in ODS. This is happening for all the ODSs in the system. SQL-ERROR: 603 ORA-00603: ORACLE server session terminated by fat al error System error: RSDU_ANALYZE_TABLE_ORA/ ORACLE ABAP [More]
hi every one we are 16 member in our graduation project and we will use Oracle database & in that project and i wanna to know something about how we will use oracle DB in ASP.Net Application ..?? the database will be in a remote machine to ma [More]
Hi I have a menu.exe opening up 3 seperate exe's. Is it possible to open up the 3 seperate exe's in the same window as the menu.exe??? This is what I have at the moment: on (keyPress "<Space>") { fscommand("Exec", "page01.ex [More]
hello , i have CME installed on 2900 router , incomming calls are working fine but i can dial PSTN calls. below error is comming in Debug: Outgoing call from gateway: gives diconnect cause value = 34 no circuitHi Aslam, 1.Could you please explain the [More]
Hi All, I having been trying to create an oracle database on my Solaris Intel box for a while now but the process always fails when its about to create the sample database. It fails with an error: ORA-03113 - unexpected end of channel reached. And th [More]
Does anyone know how to capture the userid and use it as a parameter in a portal report?Nevermind. I got it working. For some reason, when I pasted my select statement into the default value field, it didn't work. But when my boss typed it in, it wor [More]
Company bought product in 2012 and never installed.  I opened the sealed package this morning and tried to install.  It asks for a serial number.  The only number I have is on the back of the box, it is 3 letters/3letters and then 8 digits.  The seri [More]
My wife and I are trying to design some calendars for Christmas gifts. We're loving iphoto 09's options ... until now. We wanted to change the default font, but it won't take. Going to Settings > Styles > Page Text and putting in the font and size & [More]