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What do the symbol and stand for in the following script? not like displa

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What do the symbol *>* and *>>* stand for in the following script? It is displacement? They do not like displacement symbols. $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $CLASSPATH $JVM_OPT $SYS_OPT oracle.sysman.integration.coherence.EMIntegrationServer *>* $COH[More]

Adv RACF LDAP Gateway setup issue on LINUX

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Hi, I am trying to setup LDAP Gateway on LINUX, while starting the script (, it is throwing lot of errors. Can anybody please share their working LDAP Gateway I will try to compare and resolve the issue. Thanks,I have had to resiolve s[More]

Clouds process consuming 100% of cpu

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Whenever MBP is not able to connect to internet, the cloudd process consumes 100% cpu. This is draining the battery in a very short time. Internet connectivity, either lack there of or because of corp. firewall rules send this process into 100% consu[More]

Java Process Consuming 100% of Server CPU

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Hi, We have a new instance of CQ5 (version 5.4) running on a Windows 2003 SP2 Server. For some reason, which we can't determine, after a period of time a Java process on the system begins to consume 100% of the CPU and the system becomes totally unre[More]

This started out in another post by me as to what I thought was a port 8500 problem. I had watched the getting started with CFB video, and on that he used localhost as a Server Name and as Host Name. He then assigned port 8500 as the WebServer Port. [More]
Hi all, I'm using dynamic attributes to set the header values for the outgoing mail in a message mapping. Sometimes there can be several mail addresses. Are there any limits to how many receivers I can send a mail to, i.e since I concatenate the mail [More]
Hi, Can anyone please clarify the use of host name and DB name? I mean currently we are using Oracle 8.0.5 where clients are connecting to Database using the hostname for e.g "Dataserver"... but now we are planning to migrate our DB to [More]
I am trying to see if this is possible. We have a report, and one of the columns has a link that goes to a detail page. No problem...except we don't always want to go to the detail page. We want to basically set it up conditionally so that in a certa [More]
Hi, I am getting an error while putting the image into jasper reports. the error goes in the folowing way. D:\Tomcat5\webapps\Test (Access is denied)      at Method)      at [More]
I'm trying to format a field so that it prints in italics if an employee is inactive.  So in Format Editor, Font Tab, in the calculation screen for Style, I enter {Staff.Inactive}="T".  When I check my formula, it says 'The formula result must b [More]
HTTP listener got response with response code: 501(Not Implemented) Message no. /AIN/IF020 How can i solve this problem? Thank you, NutidaHi Nutida. <b>501 Not Implemented</b> means The server does not support the functionality required to ful [More]
I want a quote for 2 land lines (already have them with BT) +unlimited calls.2 mobile sims - unlimited calls, texts etc.Fast fixed broadband - unlimited usageHow do I get a quote by email please?I am a small business (PUB).Gingin wrote: I want a quot [More]
Scanned two photos to Tiff files, worked on them in PSE 8, and then also saved as JPEGs via Preview. This on a Snow Leopard 10.6.5 disk. Imported the folder with the four into iPhoto 6 on the SL drive. The Tiff files are fine, but the Preview created [More]
Hi everyone, I have got a java class which load up an jpeg image, I compile the source code and run the class file on windows using j2sdk1.4.7_08 without any error, however when I try run the class file on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 (Taroo [More]