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What do the symbol and stand for in the following script? not like displa

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What do the symbol *>* and *>>* stand for in the following script? It is displacement? They do not like displacement symbols. $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $CLASSPATH $JVM_OPT $SYS_OPT oracle.sysman.integration.coherence.EMIntegrationServer *>* $COH[More]

Adv RACF LDAP Gateway setup issue on LINUX

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Hi, I am trying to setup LDAP Gateway on LINUX, while starting the script (, it is throwing lot of errors. Can anybody please share their working LDAP Gateway I will try to compare and resolve the issue. Thanks,I have had to resiolve s[More]

Clouds process consuming 100% of cpu

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Whenever MBP is not able to connect to internet, the cloudd process consumes 100% cpu. This is draining the battery in a very short time. Internet connectivity, either lack there of or because of corp. firewall rules send this process into 100% consu[More]

Java Process Consuming 100% of Server CPU

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Hi, We have a new instance of CQ5 (version 5.4) running on a Windows 2003 SP2 Server. For some reason, which we can't determine, after a period of time a Java process on the system begins to consume 100% of the CPU and the system becomes totally unre[More]

k i li've in canada and i bought this thing. Aparently it is supposed to come with 5 different plug ins. I never got these. Dunno why but i never did.... Where can i buy them seperatly? Can i even do this? ThanksLeafs, Are you positi've that you have [More]
i run windows on my mac for school. went into windows and now cant get back to the mac i love please helpWindows on Intel Macs There are presently several alternatives for running Windows on Intel Macs. 1. Install the Apple Boot Camp software.  Purch [More]
When I click on the Itunes icon on my pc desk top, I am getting tw messages as follows. "The program can't start because MSVCR80.dII is missing from my computer. Try re-installing the program to fix this problem." And then when I click ok, I get [More]
Hi! I've the problem to solve the following scenario: Mail (1) -> XI -> IDocs (1..n) Since for IDocs message split is not supported and I don't want to use a BPM, is it possible to create different xi-messages in an adapter module which processes th [More]
while running script , gives message that " OAD is stopped OSAGENT is stopped LOCATOR is stopped Unable to stop gatekeeper. No process id file found. session id 20136 is not running ......................................hi, Th [More]
Hello, I registered my J2EE 7.10 in the central SLD ( successfully and created JCO destinations WD_RF_METADATA_DEST + WD_MODELDATA_DEST there. But the deployment of a WD application using Adaptive RFC fails because the abov [More]
Hi all. I want to record the system audio using Captivate, but that function in my PC is disabled. I read all previous topic regarding this problem and wonder what's the minimum requirement for sound card or any related hardware to accomplish that ne [More]
How do you i don't know howIf the card has been redeemed then its remaining amount should be on your account, the card itself is now effectively zero. My account's balance shows at the top left of the store's page on my computer's iTunes, and by logg [More]
Since java help 2.0 most of protected fields such as frame and jhelp got disappeared. About frame field, I can get this field using "getWindowPresentation().getHelpWindow() method. But I can't find any method to get "jhelp" field which was [More]
Hi all, We have a requirement on form personalization to add menu option under 'Tools' in Service Request form (Field Service). The option should be enable only when INCIDENT NUMBER contains any value. Else it should be disable in nature. Any one has [More]