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What do the symbol and stand for in the following script? not like displa

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What do the symbol *>* and *>>* stand for in the following script? It is displacement? They do not like displacement symbols. $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $CLASSPATH $JVM_OPT $SYS_OPT oracle.sysman.integration.coherence.EMIntegrationServer *>* $COH[More]

Adv RACF LDAP Gateway setup issue on LINUX

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Hi, I am trying to setup LDAP Gateway on LINUX, while starting the script (, it is throwing lot of errors. Can anybody please share their working LDAP Gateway I will try to compare and resolve the issue. Thanks,I have had to resiolve s[More]

Clouds process consuming 100% of cpu

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Whenever MBP is not able to connect to internet, the cloudd process consumes 100% cpu. This is draining the battery in a very short time. Internet connectivity, either lack there of or because of corp. firewall rules send this process into 100% consu[More]

Java Process Consuming 100% of Server CPU

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Hi, We have a new instance of CQ5 (version 5.4) running on a Windows 2003 SP2 Server. For some reason, which we can't determine, after a period of time a Java process on the system begins to consume 100% of the CPU and the system becomes totally unre[More]

I used to be able to leave the music playing and put the screen to sleep by tapping the power button. Now that same tap stops the music. If I dont push the button, the music plays for about a minute and then pauses. If I keep the screen active, the m [More]
Hi,  Every now and then I download/purchase screencasts from various places. Is there a way for grouping the screencasts based on some criteria (e.g. their name) like iTunes groups podcasts?  Thanks in advance, BehrangSolved! I converted the Media Ki [More]
Hi, OK...I have been playing with a bunch of these GREP searches in CS4 where I can put them in as a stylesheet. I have a character style that is called superscript, that automatically makes a ® superscript when it is typed, and that is working fine. [More]
Hi, I would like to know any SQL tuning methods specific to Oracle exadata so that they could improve the performance of the database? I am aware that oracle exadata runs with Oracle 11g, but i would like to know wheather there is any tuning scope w. [More]
I purchased a 70" vizio smart tv for 2000.00 about a year ago from best buy. While purchasing the television the sales rep asked me if I wanted to purchse the warranty plan that included accidental coverage (this happened when bb had black tie). I pa [More]
Can someone help me with this please?  Thanks very much.Then you have CS2. Is it fully patched to CS2 4.0.5? Typical upgrade cycle is 18-24 months and in fact the CS2 the CS3 cycle was 2 years. And instead rants with no basis in fact, please provide [More]
We are planning to upgrade from 4.6c to ECC 6.0. Heard that there are many standard objects obsolete in ECC 6.0. Can anyone give me the List of Obsolete Tables and also the standard objects in ECC 6.0 with their updated tables and obejcts. This is re [More]
Can anyone help with the above question?- Try cleaning out/blowing out the headphone jack. Try inserting/removing the plug a dozen times or so. Try the following to rule out a software problem - Reset the iPod. Nothing will be lost Reset iPod touch: [More]
Cannot start the webdispatcher. Gives the following error in webdispwatch dog. Can anybody help. [Thr 182896122656] *** ERROR => IcmParseSubParam: illegal subparam "PREFIX" for parameter: PREFIX=/, LOGFILE=/usr/sap/XYZ/sapw ebdisp/logs/dev_ht [More]
I paid someone to write the following code for me, which creates a search page where the user can select search results to upload into a table. I want to modify the search part of the page so that it becomes a FULLTEXT search (I've already properly i [More]