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In attempting to copy a folder with some 200G+ of files from my iMAC, with OSX 10.6.7, to an external portable WD 1Tb HD, newly formatted to HFS+ (journaled), and connected to the iMAC via a USB cable to the USB port on the iMAC keyboard, I kept gett [More]
Is it possible to have the Google map remain on the page while doing a search for a store, company etc.? I'd noticed that it only shows up after you type in a State etc. The space where the map displays looks empty until the map shows up.Hi there, Ye [More]
very distressed right now - my MBP was working fine this morning but when I brought it to work and opened, there was a thick vertical band that's obscuring about half the screen - I'm thinking this is a LCD hardware problem, but wanted to know if any [More]
I am wrapping up a very long report for a client, and have inserted a number of color images (JPG). I cannot for the life of me get them to print. They show up just fine in the print preview, but nothing actually shows up on the paper when I actually [More]
Hi. Driving around town to test out Airport Extreme on my MBP, I found several hotspots, including T-Mobile at a Starbucks. I didn't connect as I only wanted to see what's out there. My question is what purpose does the expansion slot for an Express [More]
After recent update, phone ll heat up while using 3g. Also please consider increasing volumel level, it's low at full volume also compated to other phones.Lot of issues. 1. Heating issues while charging, while talking, while browsing. Got a 9 mb upda [More]
So here's my problem. We've got 2 servers. First one is the Open Directory Master, iCal and Wiki Server. The second one is the Replica of the first server. Also this is the server that has the homefolders. Every night i make a backup of the homefolde [More]
Unter Mointain Lion zeigt Apple Mail einige Sonderbarkeiten: Bei meinem Exchange Konto werden wiederholt die emails im Posteingang nicht dargestellt (keine Mail gewählt), obwohl eine oder mehrere neue Mails angezeigt werden und sich viele mails im Po [More]
After upgrading to Mavericks a few wks ago I am having an issue with iphoto.  It did an auto update after upgrading to Mavericks, but now it has a circle with a line through it (blocked).  The pop up window says cannot open iphoto because it may be d [More]
I love my soundblaster. I've done so much with it in XP, great card, great software. I ran into an issue with both drivers in Win764 in that it would sound horrible and scratchy and barely play system sounds. I read a very obscure post that said if y [More]