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While I have become accustomed to the new Library format/function there are still things that boggle my mind.  Case in point is that I now somehow have multiple versions of the same event showing up although I didn't create them.  And there is also a [More]
Hallo, my local internet service provider forces all costumers to use their modem/router to connect to the Internet using a DSL connection. I have one external public IP (v4) and the router has an editable IP for the LAN set to . The ISP [More]
I just bought a new Mac Mini and was hoping that i can connect my TV via the HDMI port and also connect a 19" monitor via the Minidispaly port to HDMI adapter or the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter. This way i can pick between having the screen mirro [More]
Hi all, i'm using OEBS 12.1.3. I want to insert data into payables interface tables to create invoice via back-end. Is it possible to pass data for the DISTRIBUTION SET on header level? I searched in the table AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE but no such column [More]
I'm currently using Wifi with my 3rd gen iPad. iOS 6.0.1. I'm not home so I don't have access to my iMac (actually currently at 30k ft somewhere over Virginia :) ). Anyway, I can log into iTunes, access the App Store, sign out of those, log back in. [More]
Hi, My kid was the first in my family to get an iPod. When we created her account, since she is young, I put it on my laptop under my user name. Months later, I decided to get an iPod and when I went to set up an account, it wouldn't let me. My neice [More]
I am using a Maxtor external hard drive for time capsule. I have recently re formatted it to use with my new mac and want to know if i delete something off of the hard drive on my mac - will this mean in will be removed from my hard drive too?Charlie [More]
How do I stream music from non-iTunes apps to Airport (mac air core-i7 OS 10.7.5 airport firmware 7.6.1 --- option-clicking speaker icon only shows internal speakers - audio streaming works from iTunes just fine.Hello Achates: I did not read the rath [More]
I have Windows XP installed on a Bootcamp partition on an older MacBook. I just purchased a new Alum-MacBook and want to move the Windows XP I own to the new computer. How do I do this? Do you deactivate on the older computer before you install on th [More]
My laptop that currently has my itunes library on it is broken and so I can not access it. Is there a way of getting my whole music library put onto a different laptop?You can have two separate libraries, just do not put them into the same location o [More]