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I have a Mac mini and I just purchased a used apple 17" CRT studio display. I bought the DVI to ADC Adapter as recommended by my Apple store. When I hook everything up (I have checked and redone this two times) The power light will come on for about [More]
ok guys at nokia whats going on i have just found this on the telstra web page ''Nokia have cancelled the PR 2.0 Telstra update due to instability with emergency calling. This is resolved in the PR2.01 update. Nokia are now unable to provide an ETA f [More]
HI , I want to close the popup page when my parent page is redirected to login page when session gets invalidated. with out calling any onload or any kind of functions in popup jsp page. In my application when i open a popup page from the main page , [More]
Imac 27" Intel Core7  CPU 16 Gig RAM. Screen goes black and will not respond except with a push of power button. Second monitor connected via displayport continues to display fine. Apply Store did full hardware diagnostic and all is fine. Did clean w [More]
My mouse will scroll up and sideways but not down.Anyone else with this problem?If it's a mighty mouse with the trackball on top, turn it over and rub the ball vigorously on a sheet of paper or microfiber cloth.  The debris jamming the rollers should [More]
I have to read from different locations(FTP Servers) if there are any new files I have to transform those to my ftp, If I place a new file in my ftp it has to go to the other ftps. Can i achieve this with a single ESB service? I believe I can do it u [More]
Hi Friends, I have written an adapter module. Before deploying on adapter engine, I want to do test in NWDS. Any idea how to do this. Please provide sample java code, if possible. Thanks, Sandeep MauryaHi, Since runtime and module processor framework [More]
Hi, I am curious if there is an easy way to extract an int value from a String. For example, "Rb23" to get 23. The length of the part in front of the integer is variable. Thanksthis seems to work: public int extract(String s) {      String resul [More]
We recently upgraded to LMS 3.2 from 2.6, RME is reporting some devices as out of sync and details are partially successfull failing to fetch the vlan.dat. I've checked device credentials. Here is a a snapshot of the device details from one of the de [More]
Newbie question #2 (Many thanks in advance!) I understand that the answer is relative to the uncompressed file size, but I'm trying to figure out a target file size (how small) for a 250 Mb file (a 30-second movie) to stream on the web. Should I be a [More]