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Hi All, I have a requirement in which i need to post documents in FB60/FB65/FB01 tcode. But when i post the document in FB60 the event BSEG.CREATED is not triggering. I could not see any trace in SWEL. But when i park the document in FB60, FIPP.CREAT [More]
I just got a new iPad, I typed in the wrong apple password. How to I change it back to the right onHow wrong, is that your email or someone else's? Yours - you may be able to fix it. Someone's - not likely.Read other 2 answers [More]
The upgrade that messed up my audio mute button also disconnected my digital persona..Finger print reader..Any suggestions on how to get this up and running again?  Hopefully someone can help me with this...Thanks.Hi, Can you post back with the follo [More]
Hello everyone, I have just purchased an iPhone and an iPad, and have upgraded to Mavericks - and that was only a week ago, so the workings of the cloud are not overly familiar with me yet. I have just discovered to my dismay that unlike my iMac and [More]
I just got this iPod today and my last iPod touch broke back in november, so I have no clue what the passcode could be. I tried resetting it to factory settings but an error window pops up and and says that it can not be synced even though it got to [More]
Since updating to os7.1.1 i lost my safari sound on ipad and iphoneHi pr1uk, It appears your devices are experiencing audio issues. The following article provides steps which may help you find a solution: If you hear no sound or distorted sound from [More]
Hello All, I have a script which is working absolutely fine in workgroup(Windows logs backup) - windows server 2012 but if i run in domain environment found error and not able to pull security logs. only pulling application and system with error. Scr [More]
I have a PowerPivot solution built in Excel 2013, which I have deployed to a SharePoint 2013 single server farm, which is also running SSIS/SSRS/SSAS 2014.  I have configured data refresh jobs, which are running successfully, according to the PP mana [More]
When i try to restore the back-up getting the error and restore is not happening with the iPhone3 data in iPhone4. I have observed the below error in MobileBackUp log Can any one help me in how to restoring the data successfuly. 2013-12-05 02:14:50.0 [More]
I have oracle app server 10gr2 on solaris. when i try to access the reports it shows me the error : REP-771: 'afterpform': Fatal PL/SQL error occurred Did not get any good information from the logs. How can I solve the problem or any other logs I can [More]