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I have a menu(parameter form) with select lists and two check boxes(one option for DD/MM/YY(called CHK_BOX_MTH) and other for Quarter(Called CHK_BOX_QTR)). If the user selects the check box for month, he should be only be able to select list of value [More]
Hi Everyone ! I"m struggling to re-install JDeveloper 11g ( in my Mac OS X Mountain Lion (Version 10.8.4). Can someone please assist me with this issue ? I believe I might have ran into this, with an earlier version; but recently had compu [More]
I can't click on my Creative cloud icon, my cursor changes to spinning wheel when I hover it. Tried re installing, now getting an error 600, FRUSTRATING!Hi Fonandia, Please try the following links for resolution. 1) [More]
Hi, I am working as a Oracle DBA. I would like to know what is dba role for Big data & Nosql. Is it really useful for learning bigdata. Thanks,. Are there any relationship between these two fields?You are comparing cheese with chalk. how I can learn [More]
the error message is: Unable to download error getting license, license server communication problem E_auth_bad_device_key_or_PKCS12I downloaded Blue Fire Reader and it requested an adobe id. I clicked on the link that was in the error message stated [More]
Hi, i have in a tb1 of value1 column data is like 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 etc... all these are different 4 different records in tb1 table. and i have in tb2 table ac column value can be tb1 to tb2 one to many relationship. tb1 of value1 will match with tb2 of [More]
I recently had a chance to dig into the Asset Intelligence License 01a report to see what it picked up about our Volume Licenses. We're currently at SCCM 2012 SP1, CU3. When we ran the report, it came up empty. We checked our Client Inventory classes [More]
Dear All, A Very happy pongal. Whenever I am trying to generate Goods receipt or A\P Invoice I am getting a error "G/L account is missing [A/P Invoice - Rows - Warehouse Code][line: 1] , 'I004'  [Message 131-46]". I am using chart of accounts In [More]
Hi I am quite new to this forum, have created several webpages for my friends, with their names. So all they have to do is to enter their name in the welcome screen and click submit, this should take them to their respective pages (e.g www.jery.salan [More]
Basically I have a JTabbedPane with Canvases in the tabs, and when I select a tab I want the appropriate canvas to draw itself. At the moment I have a simple grid set up to be displayed, which appears on the selected canvas when I start the program, [More]