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Basically I got Apple TV today and went to turn on Home Sharing on all my computers. It works fine for all the wireless ones, but the wired one wont show up on any home sharing on the others or apple tv. The wired one is connected to the same router [More]
I have installed a loop package that contains a lot of synth loops. They are all named MusicLoop_128bpm_001Cmaj.aiff, the number and keys change and there are about 40 of them. The problem is I can't find any of these in the loop browser. I have turn [More]
So here's what I have done. after several months with Aperture and iPhoto, i decided to just use Aperture. Up until now, I was using an iPhoto referenced library with Aperture (i think that's right) and not using iphoto unless the photo was not in ap [More]
My computer uses Win7 64-bit OS.  I have disconnected the power cord from the printer several times with no luck. In addition, I've restarted the computer several times without success.  I've attempted to download a driver but get a message that the [More]
We have a webpage with a form that allow users to populate a webapp, but we also need that the user can assign multiple categories to the webapp item that is going to insert. The support forum told us that it is not possible to assign categories from [More]
Currently with azure powershell version 0.8.0 I am able to provision new Azure virtual machines using a combination of New-AzureVMconfig | Add-AzureProvisioningConfig | New-AzureVM cmdlets.  This gets me standard tier virtual machines with parameters [More]
.I dont know what to do. I have windows XP.Latest version of iTunes.Try recovery mode, as described here: other 2 answers [More]
Hi, how to read data from a CLUSTER STRUCTURE not cluster table. regards, Usha.Hello, A structre doesnt contain data.. so u cannot read from it. U need to find out table of that structure and read data from it. Regards, Mansi.Read other 4 answers [More]
hey there, before i installed the expresscard update 1.0, my mbp was running fine. just after that though i'll get random systemwide lockups. i've noticed this happens only when i'm loading a page from Safari. Only 3 applications are running. AdiumX, [More]
Hi, I'm looking to migrate my iTunes library to another hard disk on my laptop.  I have followed steps on Apple's website where I reset the library location to the new drive and am now using the consolidate library function. I'll highlight 20GB of fi [More]