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Oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Application: FND, Message Name: LDAP_WRAP_VALIDATE_LOGIN_NO. Tokens: REASON = The E-Business instance is not SSO enabled

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Hi   I am trying to run OAF Form in Jdeveloper, It's giving following error after refresh of Apps database oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Application: FND, Message Name: LDAP_WRAP_VALIDATE_LOGIN_NO. Tokens: REASON = The E-Business instance is[More]

XML Publisher Report Output from OAF Page

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Hi, I created a button in a OAF page, and called the XML publisher Report program on click of this button. The concurrent request was ran when check from View Requests. When I click on viewout, the pdf document was open with the option, open, save, c[More]

Cannot open customize OAF screen after upgrade to 12.1.3

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Hi, After upgrade to 12.1.3, I am not able top open customize OAF screens from Applications. By following some documents from MOS, I have done the following. 1)-applied patch 9879989 on Linux server. 2)-I am able to install JDeveloper,open and compil[More]

Stale data error while opening a multiple OAF page .

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Dear Friends , I have a OAF page developed and deployed in server , its basically a search page , it also has several links to go to create page and update page . when the user opens the multiple page using different tabs in the browser like for exam[More]

Getting error while running OAF page from jdeveloper

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Hi All, While running a OAF page from jdeveloper i am getting the below error, please help me out. http 500 Internal Server Error ThanksHi , Check in Embedded oc4j Server preference by tools-> Embedded oc4j Server preferences ->Startup -> choose[More]

Error While Running OAF page using Jdeveloper 10g

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Team, iam getting the below while running OAF page. *500 Internal Server Error* oracle.apps.fnd.common.AppsException: oracle.apps.fnd.common.PoolException: Exception creating new Poolable object. *     at oracle.apps.fnd.profiles.Profiles.getProfileO[More]

OAF Export button fetching data in one column - view object using union all

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Dear All, Export button showing data in one column from  view object, View object is based on mulitple queries with union all , Please let me know the solution for this issue. Thanks Maheswara RajuMaheswara Raju, As per my understanding you are not a[More]

How to capture PLSQL package error and show the same in OAF Page.?

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Hi all, I am having the requirement to capture the error from a PL/SQL package and show the error in OAF page with meaning full error. Assume i am having the create and review page. The create page having the employeeLOV input field (non mandatory fi[More]

Unable to get parameter by using a controller in OAF

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Hi! I'm new using OAF and will appreciate your help a lot!! FYI: Basically I have to add 2 descriptive flexfields in a page (by creating a VO) and I have to update the table with the information registered on those dff (I've done all the logic alread[More]

Hi All, I am using JDeveloper for R12.2.4. I am getting an error after deploying my OAF page to application.

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I have developed a custom OAF page with multiple VO, EO and single AM. Below is my directory structure server/ AM, VO schema/server/ EO LOV/server/ LOV webui/ CO, Pages My page is running perfectly from JDeveloper and all functionalities are working[More]

Need HELP to learn OAF development

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Hi, I am an experienced oracle financials developer. Most of my experience has been on using Developer 6i tools to develop front end and reports. Now I am planning to learn OAF framework to develop or to make customizations to the modules like iprocu[More]

How To-set DFF to null and Not required in OAF page ??

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enabled service dff, added 2 segments. i want them displayed in service request oaf pages. details of dff- Application=Service , title = Additional Information for Agents in context field region : unchecked required and displayed In global data eleme[More]

Issue with messagedownload field on custom OAF page

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We have a custom OAF page where we are displaying file attachments using messagedownload field. We have a VO for this field where we are fetching the file name and file (BLOB). For the message download field, the properties are set as: DataType: VARC[More]

Adding new field to OAF Page

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Hi All, I am beginner in OAF. We want to add a new field in a OAF page. We wanted to do it by extending Standard VO i.e. present already. Now will it be sufficient if I download only View Object and XXPG.xml related to the OA Page or should I downloa[More]

To get date Parameter from an OAF page

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Hi, I want to get a date parameter from an OAF page and pass them to a query in Vo as binding variables. How can that be done. I tried this to get the date from my page but it gives an error when I pass it to the query- String v_date =[More]

Passing parameters from one OAF page to another OAF PAge

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Hello I was wondering, if there is a possibility of passing request parameters from one page to another page in EBS ( E-Business Suite). I tried using the following a) PageContext.putParamater ( "MyParamater", "ParamaterValue") b) I ad[More]

Concurrent Request default Parameters from OAF page

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Hi, I calling a concurrent request from OAF page using the below command. requestId = cr.submitRequest(applnName, cpName, "", "", false, cpParameters); The display parameters are only 4 and the remaining parameters are having default v[More]

Parameters from OAF page

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Hi all, Im passing the values on OAF page as parameters to Concurrent request class.The values are of item types like message styled text and Message choice . How to get values from the page for items like message styled text and Message choice . pls[More]

R12 CLASSPATH to compile the 11i custom OAF pages in R12

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Hi, Can you please let us know how to compile the 11i custom OAF pages in R12 in Unix Box. We copied the 11i custom OAF pages to R12 and when we try to compile the java files all are erroring out. How can we compile these classes. Thanks, HCHi Anoop,[More]

How to open and the view the .jsp(OAF) page and it's related code?

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Hi, Can anybody help on how to open the .jsp and it's related java files to see the coding? I want to know the table and view details related to a particular OAF page. It will be great help if someone explains. Thanks in advance. Muruga. Edited by: M[More]

Or "Help me like SCCM 2012"! I like it in principle, but it seems awfully fragile. For instance, we had it deploying an OS image just fine. The consultant who put this functionality in place included a VB script to place newly imaged machines in [More]
Hi, I am using Toplink in Eclipse with Tomcat/Apache (or at least trying to :) I am trying to make the following code work: Project myProject ="myproject.xml"); Server serverSession = myProject.createServerSession(); but I [More]
Hello, Has anybody got update files for this version of Acrobat Standard? Unfortunately multiple languages packs don't work with this installation. Thanks, JKAfter several days of digging I've come across a note on some other forum. If anyone needs t [More]
There are 300 values that I need to upload to this drop down field  called  OFFICE LOCATION on my form. Is there any easier way of doing it other than manually uploading them? Also I have another field called REGION. Can I build a relation between th [More]
Hi, I have created a scenario, file to IDOC..and Idoc i am using is CREMAS 04. in SXMB_moni, message status shows Scheduled And when I go to R/3 system tried we05, and Idx5 transactions and I didn't find the IDOC. Can anybody tell me how to trace thi [More]
Hello, we have migrated our Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 UR1 installatin from a standalone machine to a clustered version. But now the cluster instance won't startup. - uninstall the standalone virtual machine manager 2012 with the retain database [More]
hi guys, I develop one add-on using I run the program from it works fine. But when I make add-on It give the Error. Error :- "Connection String does not match UI Development work mode" When I am trying to create identifier str [More]
I have an iPhone 4S and the day it came out iOS update 8 upgraded and now I get not even be using the phone a warning that says "iPhone temperature must fall before you can use it." Appears very often and only lets me make emergency calls. I nee [More]
Hi all, Can anyone please explain me how do we convert a  sapscript into smartform ? Also what else should we take care of in nace ,regarding the function module and print program . Its fine if you explain me in detail or provide me a link where I ca [More]
In earlier versins of Dreamweaver whenever I as in the deisgn view and I clicked around different pieces of text the cursor would jump to that text section in code view....Now it doesn't seem to work at all? Not sure why it is stuck in code view??Not [More]