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i have 2 apps that were deleted and reinstalled to my ipod.  After reinstalling from the computer, there were updates on both apps.  Tried to update but it just says waiting.  one time i got the message "cannot connect to itunes'  help pleaseFix iPho [More]
Hello I just bought a Toshiba Satellite U500 two days ago, and already having problems :( It has a touch sensitive control buttons, which includes the eco utility, media buttons, and volume control (+ and -) The volume buttons do not work, and someti [More]
Hi guys. I had a 12 inch powerbook a few years ago and I had it plugged in for ages. Its battery was horrible and would last a matter of minutes. On my new PB (15") I decided I would use the battery sometimes. I would have it plugged in, and when ful [More]
I'm trying to find an addon that I used to have. It had blue and pink stickman people fighting each other's colored teams on the screen.This didn't help!Read other 6 answers [More]
Hi, I started to move my adf struts web app from jdev 9052 to 1012. Is there something broken in 1012 trees beacuse every time i submit information from page which uses tree bindings I get this exception: oracle.jbo.InvalidObjNameException: JBO-25005 [More]
Hi All Does any body have any idea how can I write Dynamic Action for, when the position is changed from in subgroup G1 to G2, or G5 or G6 for action infotype 0000, i want a prompt should apper mentioning Emploee Benefits need to be changed, when thi [More]
While in a app I can not open a new chat conversation. When I do it takes me to a non working message page ( and kicks me out of the game. I tried different accounts different browsers. My PC should be clean and updated. I am running [More]
When importing digital pictures, I'm finding a lot of "zebra" effects on the photos when zooming in or out. Is there a format (JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop, etc), size and resolution that is best to conform to prior to importing? Difference between usi [More]
I think the easiest way to explain my question would be to use an example.  Lets say I have 10,000 sales reps and I want a random sampling of 10% of them.  I create a formula {@Random}: Rnd(), use that formula to sort, and suppress the details where [More]
i have created the table as create table range2 (roll number, age number) partition by range (roll) subpartition by range(age) (partition p1 values less than (100) (subpartition p1sp1 values less than (30), subpartition p1sp2 values less than (60), s [More]