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Hi all, We've setup Work Manager 6.0 running on SMP2.3.  One of the functions that I'd like to get working is inspection rounds. We have Configued the standard order type PM01 to be an inspection rounds order in the work order MDO filter INSP_ORDER_T [More]
I needed to edit an image for continuity reasons so I exported a .dpx frame from that section of my premiere pro project and worked on it in speedgrade.  In the workflow I have set for myself, it is best to apply the look in after effects using the " [More]
How would I go about doing this? Are there any resources that can help me get started? I know next to nothing about Java.uggsrock wrote: Well, OK, I know a good deal of the basic stuff, I'm just extremely bad at it. I know I'll need to make some kind [More]
I have a couple of project files that will open just long enough for me to glimpse the timeline and browser data then it closes with the message that Final Cut has closed unexpectedly (the same old "closed unexpectedly" notice you get for anythi [More]
hi experts, I have created a distribution rule which consists of 5 profit centers as following: Sales1 20% Sales2 20% Sales3 20% Sales4 20% Sales5 20% I posted a JE with amount of 2000 to one of my expense accounts with distribution rule tagged in ro [More]
I just loaded OS X 10.9 and iPhone 7.0.3 NOW I cannot get my iPhone to sync with my calendar using itunes. If i add an entry to the phone calendar app, it does not sync to the iMac calendar and vice versa. What to do ???Click Settings>Mail,Contacts,C [More]
Hi! After a IE upgrade on my remote desktop server Java won't launch. In IE, Active Scripting and Scripting of Java applets is enabled In Java control panel, Java content in the browser is enabled Java version is 7.45 and its been reinstalled several [More]
My desktop version fails to launch now that I have updated to the most current version. I tr ied to uninstall and re-install the desktop version -- no luck.I get two warning messages "Failed to get user preferences", followed by "Failure to [More]
I'm using iCal v8.0 (2026), and VERY frustrated that it changes the location field on it's own, OMITTING important information.  WHY?  HOW CAN IT BE STOPPED FROM THIS BEHAVIOR? Example:  I enter this into the location field: 741 Gardenview Ct #203 En [More]
I am trying to create a very basic Airline Reservation Sytem using JBuilder 3. I am using JOptionPane boxes as the interface. The user has to input a number each time a menu appears and this takes him/her to the next or previous menu. I tried using t [More]