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Hi all, I was wondering if there was a good way to return two lists of strings at once. To my knowledge, theres no such thing as a list array. Is there a better way than adding two list objects to another list and returning the new list (which contai [More]
Hi all… I have recently started working in an organization as an ABAP programmer. Earlier, as part of my curriculum, I have designed a couple of systems using UML and coded the same in JAVA. Having worked on OO systems, I have a few questions to ask [More]
Is there an app where you can edit a PDF that was scanned/ emailed to you on your ipad? Like the way you can in Preview?Sorry here's the link for GoodReader. Here's link for nue.Anno [More]
nowadays have many user have problem with update to ios7 and need active with apple id maybe in the future in order escape from these problems must be stop use these products else. Because of simple user don't know about this technology and sometime [More]
all things is ok but my iphone not become restore and i have eror 14. other 3 answers [More]
Running Jdev 11g I am unable to compile a simple struts2 web application because of this jsp taglibrary issue: No tag library could be found with this URI. Possible causes could be that the URI is incorrect, or that there were errors durin [More]
I'm using Compressor 3 to compress a 1.5 minute video in Apple ProRes 422 to something pretty portable- something that I can demo on my late 2005 PowerBook G4. Exporting my video right from Final Cut Pro 6 gives me a file roughly 2.3 GB. What's the b [More]
Hi All, I have made all the development activites in the production and saved in the transport request whcih was created under the UC. I have released the transport request also. Basis team have imported the correction to QAS. My testing team tested [More]
After using Aperture for about 10 minutes the application keeps crashing. I upgraded to 2.1 and it did not resolve issue. It seems to crash more consistently when I use "Auto Levels" to correct a many photos at a time. Right before it happens, t [More]
I have some sales orders -  I put an button on the below of the sales order so that it will create the invoice through code. I CANT USE COPYTO option of sales order since i am adjusting some values while pressing the button. What i have done.... 1. U [More]