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Uninstalled EVERYTHING to do with iTunes/Apple/updater. Reinstalled several times and the mobile device will not install. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I HAVE NO PHONE SERVICE.Hi jngs & amyjo - have u sorted problem? I'm having exactly the same problem with [More]
My iPod Nano is experiencing technical difficulties. I have been trying to do a factory restore on my iPod and I cannot doit. My pc will recognize it as a drive, when I go into properties it says the drive is raw so I format it with fat32 but the res [More]
Hi Guru's When I am tryin to create a request in CUP , I am unable to search for users , the search option doesnt return any values at all I have checked my user data source which is LDAP, the connector is working fine , and  I have  the field mappin [More]
Hii Gurus I am unable to create customer master in ECC 6 version as system says that sales area defined even though it is defined. if i am going to XD01 when i click on All sales area Button it is showing only sales organisaiton and rest distribution [More]
The <select> tag which provides a drop-down list is giving me problems. I when I change the value, sometimes I get all sorts of spurious characters after the field and sometimes I get a truncated value. I need to put a span tag in front of it to get [More]
I have an external table defined as follows: CREATE TABLE EXT_MASTER    (     "SOME_CODE" VARCHAR2(255 BYTE),      "FAX_NUMBER" VARCHAR2(255 BYTE),      "WEB_ADDRESS" VARCHAR2(255 BYTE),    ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL     ( TYPE OR [More]
Hi Forum - With my limited understanding of BPEL I have found that if a process has to interact with another process it has to be exposed as a service however that is not good in all cases. Is there a way in BPEL where once can create a process and d [More]
Hi In tiger, when you went to preview an audio track in the finder, you could skip to any point in the track as well as adjusting the volume. In leopard, you appear to just get a black icon with a play button- not quite as useful, or am I missing som [More]
I downloaded the Mountain Lion and now my macbook pro and it keeps freezing.  I have to keep restarting. I have tried both safari and firefox and it does not seem to make any difference.  Please help as I am getting very frustrated.What version of Ph [More]
do i need antivirus on Sony tablet  also can I use as phone Solved! Go to Solution.The installation of some sort of virus protection or Internet security software is highly recommended if you plan to use the tablet to browse the Internet.  There is n [More]