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Hi This is a further comment on my question about uploading a song to Reverbnation (which requires 16 bit wav format): If I dither my 24 bit project as I convert it to 16 bit, that will add a little noise (because that, as I understand it, is what di [More]
I am unable to install a software driver for a Canon film scanner FS4000US. I have downloaded it from Canon then open the package click the install and it asks for a location namely the Applications folder. Then it says it has been installed re -star [More]
How to set up autologin with Unity. When pressing a button you should be logged in to your mailbox with password.Try out unity integration with PA , which can help in send you voice commands. [More]
Hi All, I have to insert two fields in a success message as follows: Note num ( note number from the context node ) created succesfully for euipment (equipment number from the context node ). Please tell me how to do this. Thanks & Regards, Srilakshm [More]
How do i stop an automatic subscription for the boston glove ipad appCanceling a Digital Subscription on/  Cheers, TomRead other 3 answers [More]
I have only ever used Photoshop for pieces of artwork and I now need to create high-res in-store signage for digital print. I am not sure which programme would be better to use for this: InDesign or Illustrator? Most artwork will already exist, I may [More]
When I open itunes, it blanks out as soon as it gets the store open...completely blank.  How do I fix this?Please helpRead other 2 answers [More]
i have a nikon d3100 and i use elements 8 which has camera raw 6.2 and i need camera raw 6.3 but ive heard its not compatable with elements 8, does this mean that the only option i have is to buy elements 9 or 10. cheersYou have two alternatives: (1) [More]
I've been using Canon's Zoombrowser software to manage and organize my photos until recently when I switched to using Bridge CS5.  I really like this program but one thing that's noticeably lacking is the image count that ZB had.  In Zoombrowser when [More]
Hi,     We are experimenting TREX to replace our current search engine. We need to be able to spider and index Primus knowldege base solutions. Do you know if there are any pre-built connectors available between TREX and Primus? Are do you know of an [More]