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I am trying to copy files from an NTFS volume used previously for Windows onto another volume which is Mac OS X Extended... However, certain files fail to copy due to the fact that I 'don't have permission to access some of the items'... So I found t [More]
I have a MacBook Pro and a new iMac. The Text on the iMac is a little bit blurry compared to the text in the MacBook Pro (Core Dual 1). Any suggestions would be appreciated. I tried to switch off the zoom feature but it did not improve the text rende [More]
Anyone got any exprience of using this card, there web site appears to support Mac with Mac driver, and its a lot cheaper than sonnet. Appears to use the SiI3132 silcon image controller. Alternatively does anyone have positive experience of another c [More]
Hi All, I'm working on R12 HRMS, I need to know if an element is processed in the payroll (Quickpay,Payroll run) in the range of dates provided. How do I get that. any help is appreciated ThxHi SRS, check the view - PAY_PAYWSMEE_ELEMENT_ENTRIES Re: E [More]
Hi Everybody, Can anybody help me with the name of the tables and the joining condition for iBASE, Counter and pricing agreement tables. Say, I have only service contract number and GUID, to start with. I'm looking for counter id and the reading, fro [More]
Greetings, After upgraded my mid-2010 MacBook Pro, the power can only sleep the computer. The dialogue box no longer appear that gives us the choices of shut down, sleep or restart. I can't find anyway in the System Preferences that can configure thi [More]
Hi, I'm able to Change the CSS on selection of SelectOneChoice and binding to value to adf config file. but initialy getting the ADF default CSS,How can set my one of my CSS file as Default. IDE: JDeveloper Please Suggest me. Thanking You, B [More]
I have 5 different photo pages on my iweb site. I split them up so the load time would be quicker. Is there any way to play the slideshow and include all the photos on every one of the 5 pages? Right now, you have to play the slideshow on each sepera [More]
Hi there, I am trying to import a Photoshop psd file into AE. This file has a lot of layers. When I do File > Import > FIle, it ask me whether I want to import as footage or Layers. When I chose Layers, I am asked which layers I wanna import in. As [More]
Mozilla stopped working about a week ago without my knowledge of any updates or anything like that. Internet Explorer still works fine and will connect but when I try to use Firefox it tells me 'unable to connect.' I have already removed Firefox and [More]