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Hi all, first post - I'd like to know if others are having similar experiences after upgrading to 3.0 on a 2nd gen ipod touch. First off, when playing music, the "back" button always used to take me back to the previous song if the current song [More]
hiya i used to have a vision:m, and i renamed all of my songs (sorting out the genres etc), but when i installed x-fi's?organiser, they were mostly all wrongly named, and had gone back to what they orginially were is there anything i can do to get th [More]
Hi How to close or delete a PO ? I can see to delete the line items . But if I wanna delete a PO itself , is it possible ? regards,Hi Sandeep You can flag all items for delete in Purchase Order, Go to ME22N and enter purchase order. Select item and c [More]
My Sandisk SD card keeps mounting and unmounting in my Z1. I tested the SD in other phones and mounted it on my laptop and it worked fine so I think the problem is my phone. I just did factory reset but the problem is still there. Any ideas what else [More]
FOR: 13, 15, and 17" Just wondering, thanks!cause my MBP15 unibody sounds a lot noisier than my MBP17 unibody.Read other 3 answers [More]
Hi, Trying to run EoS/EoL RME reports for the first time and having problems. I have applied latest patch for CSCte717641 and this seems to have made things a little better. Originally the hardware report simply failed, but now it seems to run, but n [More]
Suppose I've used the motion tracker to perfectly stabilize a feature of interest. As a result, the feature is dead still within the frame. What I'm trying to achieve is to stabilize the jerky motion but preserve the overall motion of the feature aro [More]
Dear Colleagues I have setup two new Inv OUs under a New OU which is Set under a New SOB The first inventory ORG, when I went to inventory Accounting periods, it asks me for the first period to open, hence i opened Apr-11 as thats the first period of [More]
Hey, all. I'm trying to burn my (2.5 hour) show from a new G5(OS 10.4.2) w/DVD Studio Pro 4 set at 5(ish) bitrate by 1394 firewire to a dual layer DVD-R in a Plextor 716UF, but keep getting a "Buffer Overrun" error message. Please help... TomThe [More]
Okay so when i go to listen to music on my ipod, there is about 10-15 sings that are duplicated. But when i go to itunes, it says every song is a single song and i have no duplicates. I dont wish to restore my ipod because not everything is saved fro [More]