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Here is the error message: The entry point SQLite3filecontrol could not be found in the library SQLite3.dll Following the last update of iTunes on my PC (running Windows 7 x64), I'm getting the same error message again and again. It's not specific to [More]
Recently, I've noticed that Time Machine seems to be performing backups only when I'm logged onto the computer.  It used to take them every hour, more or less, but now that's not the case.  When I log in, I can see the TM icon in the tray become acti [More]
hi all, In my production server , reports are going in the queue.previously server had the problem (rep-501 unable to connect to specified database).i raised the oracle tar, they suggest me either decrease the EngLife value from 50 to 1 or apply the [More]
Hi, I have problem with initialization of my DES Keys in applet constructor. Firstly I declare a member variable for the keys like private DESKey desKey; private DESKey des3Key;Secondly, I initialize them desKey = (DESKey) KeyBuilder.buildKey(KeyBuil [More]
Wassup Guys! I'm trying to install my printer CANON MP250 on my Mountain Lion 10.8.4 and am getting an error message 311 I Already tested it on Windows 7 PC and it worked fine. Changed usb port and cable Upgraded my Mac to latest version Downloaded l [More]
Hi Experts, I am trying to configure my SSIS packages. I have a master package to call child packages for Dimernsions and Facts. Below are my two main approaches for configuration 1. Configuring all packages to read a single XML file for database con [More]
Is there a way in java to set a variable by a string name like the $$ option in php? What I'm trying to do is set a global String variable from within a loop of key-value pairs. I want to be able to set each variable dynamically without knowing the v [More]
Is there a way of having playlists on the iPhone display in album view rather than song view?Read other 3 answers [More]
When I first downloaded Lightroom 5 from the Creative Cloud lens profiles were working OK Now it does not seem to recognize my camera - Canon 50D and lens - various Canon EF and EFS - All were recognized previouslyI don't use these features, since I [More]
As I can capture or recognize a column selected in a ALV ?I'm not sure if you can recognize more selected colums, but you can definitely read the column name which is selected as the first in the field catalog. If it runs to user_command form, you'll [More]