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SQL*Loader: Release - Production on Mon Feb 18 00:27:53 2008 Copyright (c) 1982, 2004, Oracle. All rights reserved. Control File: C:\Documents and Settings\rocky\Desktop\tempctrl2..CTL Data File: C:\Documents and Settings\rocky\Desktop\EMP [More]
I'm trying to set my external hyperlinks to open in a new (browser) window but haven't had any luck. I thought that the "Display in Browser" option when setting up the HTML Jump would do this, but it still opens within the help window. Can anyon [More]
Looking for any information related to EZDMS and the latest release of Microsoft Windows Vista testing, development or experiences ralted to the compatibility and validations.Hi Dennis, from my point of view the current situation is as following: Eas [More]
Hi I am trying to make an VI which will play sound while acquiring data from PXI 4472 DAQ card. My sampling rate is 96Khz and PXI 4472 card is a 24bit card. Wave files are in 8 or 16 bit and the sampling rate is 8000, 11025, 22050 and 44100. How will [More]
I hope you can tell me I'm missing something.  I have never been able to sort any of my photos on my iPad or iPhone to descend by date. This is incredibly frustrating trying to scroll through 4 thousand photos to find one I took the other month. I ha [More]
My nane is lezin evens my ID is [email protected] I want to change my password because more friend use My passwordGo here other 2 answers [More]
Hello gurus I've upgraded the kernel of SAP and run the command starsap and the sap starts normally. With no error messages, but when I try to logon I can't logon. So I run the command dpmon pf=<instance_profile> and show me the error below: DpMonIn [More]
Hi everyone, I have done an integration project using JCo talking to the SAP system. The task would be creating a document (BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2), and then checking in the content (BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE2). I found sometimes the document created in st [More]
When I opened Disk Utility, it displayed "Gathering disk information..." but never got beyond that point. I have an external La Cie drive which I use for occasional backups, which was turned off a that point. When I turned it on and launched Dis [More]
Hello, I am using a table control to display data. I am editing certain data. But when I save the data, the changed data is not getting saved. The displayed data is only saved. Please suggest RRIn PAI Module Update u r Internal Table by transporting [More]