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Hi All, How can we open POs for per SOs? We want open 1 PO concerning all the items in 1 SO.. So we will try to pack POs seperately for 1 customer. Thanks Regards SivaSiva, Please remember that a single PO is procured from only one vendor.  It is a r [More]
When a docked ipod is synced with iTunes 10.6.1, on the ipod summary page, when the Version Update button is selected, iTunes checks the current iTunes version and returns the message, iTunes is up to date even though in the Version window it says th [More]
have tried to register the target adapter for HFM (FM11X-G5-E) in FDM I get an error message 76 Path not found? I copied the dll file into both the Adapters folder and SharedComponents folders. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?Copy [More]
Hi, When I want to install CAM in Solaris 11 , I have this error: Sun Storage Host Software Installation Summary View results: Error: Starting LOCKHART svcs: Pattern 'system/webconsole:console' doesn't match any instances Console instance "console&qu [More]
Hi All, We are looking into Value Mapping Replication for Mass Data. We have done this for less number of fields. Now we might have to have 15,000 records in the cache for the Value Mapping. I am not sure how this would effect the Java Cache and Java [More]
How do I best use Yahoo mail on Playbook such that I can see my response being typed?  At present reply box is hidden below keyboard.  Can't seem to find solution online.  Thanks for the help. I have had the same problem. This may not be the right an [More]
When I wrote my driver I decided to follow Walter Oney's advice not to name my device object. According on Oney, there are security issues that make this approach less secure. I admit that I never understood this point. So I decided not to name my de [More]
hi friends, i Want to make 4 level Alv Based on Doubleclick, Eg. 1 level :- Based On selectionscreen (ALV)         2nd level :- double click on any cell of 1st alv (ALV) 3rd level :- double click on any cell of 2st alv (ALV) 4th level :- double click [More]
I'd like to make a Flash project using AS 3.0 that I can have extentional links. What is the code to do so? I'd also like to have a Flash project using AS 3.0 where I can call links from the same site.I want to make an internal link within the same w [More]
Hi Folks , I am working on PI 7.3 ( Web service to Proxy scenario ) I have generated a WSDl file from my integrated configuration object to give it to sender system personell In that WSDL file I see references of WSDL POLICY due to which the client i [More]