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MA640 error in pp

I don't usually rush to update iTunes since I have an "ancient" iPod that only plays music. When Software Update showed a new iTunes update I just ignored it. Then I read an article on saying that there was an important security update [More]
I am a novice with JS, but trying to make a couple of enhancements to workflow using scripting. I have managed to figure most things out ok, but usually just need a little kickstart. What I am trying to do is: InDesign CS2 Find a specific sequence of [More]
Please can anyone help me, i'm losing my mind trying to solve this seemingly very simple problem. I have a very low quality video that i don't want to play in full screen mode. So i have created a track with a button where i have dropped the movie. E [More]
Hi All, I am using BI 7.0 and SAP NetWeaver    Portal 7.0. i have created settings for broadcasting query and scheduled it successfully. But when i execute it i came across the below error. Java system error: call FM RSRD_X_PRODUCE_PROXY to ProgId MC [More]
Hi everybody. Question. I am using the AFD to record changes to investment data. On First Consolidation the trading partner field is available for input and the validation check is fine. On an activity (any activity other than first consolidations) t [More]
  Ok, so the instructions on deleting music from the Pre is to connect it to a computer using the USB mode and just deleting whatever you want.  However, when I do this, there are ABSOLUTELY NO MUSIC FILES listed in the Palm Pre window.  I have a Mac [More]
I have an application that forms a 256 x 256, 2D array arrangement of data measurement points from a 1D array bin 256 elements long.I use a rotate VI to shift the incoming points in and predefined 2D arrays which is initialized to zero at start-up. I [More]
No Help in Desktop Hrdware: Win 7 Hm Prem --- I "Believe " my HP Pocket Media BkUp Drive Software is failing to work NOW because the Removable Disk "Drive Letter" (J) it was ALWAYS assigned has Disappeared. With a Temp removal of my HP [More]
Hi, can anyone advise why the std 'BA00' sales order confirmation output is not proposed automatically when i changed the item category of one of the sales order line to 'TAB' 'Individual PO'?  It was there initially when the item category is 'TAN'. [More]
Hi, I maintain a video-podcast for a Dutch bookshop. A while ago I updated the RSS-feed with new episodes. However, they won't show up in the list of my podcast: When you subs [More]