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Hi all, Installed WAIK on server 2008 R2 64 bit. I'm setting up some boot images, and am having a real hard time getting drivers to integrate into the driver store in the boot images. What I'm finding is that when adding drivers to the boot image the [More]
Hi I have problem with instalation of Oracle 8.1.5 on RedHat 7.0. I tried to follow the documentetion of Oracle but with no result. Is anyone who can tell me what should I do. What install ( and how to do it)? Where and what should I write? Please He [More]
Hello Guys, I just want to share my experience while configuring Lync server 2013 to be a partner Application for exchange 2013 sever.  As mentioned on technet you need to run Configure-EnterprisePartnerApplication.ps1 script that ships with Exchange [More]
Hello My-portal-to-understanding, I am running EP6.0 SP14. I have a portal role named Logoff and a iView named Logoff that runs the parameter "logout_submit=true".  The user clicks this tab when wanting to Logoff the portal.  This works great in [More]
Hi We have a cold backup of the database that was created using Oracle Version. I would like to restore that database on a Server which has Oracle Version Installed. OS version is same Windows 2003. Can i do that ? Thankcan i open r [More]
I don't know why but my safari does not open.   Here is the report I get.    I have reset/repaired all permissions.   Process:               Safari [688] Path:                  /Applications/ Identifier:            com [More]
Got a question on this board. Is there a way to keep the "Intel Turbo Boost" enabled without having the "EIST" on auto or enabled? Or does the "auto" default to disabled? I have bios ver. 1.4Quote Is there a way to keep the & [More]
Yea just like the topic says, my ipod's screen broke but the harddrive is still good and i have another ipod video 30 GB, is it possible for me to transfer the old ipod's files into the new ipod? I know how to open it and all but i dont know if the n [More]
I have an original Mac G4 450mhz Desktop running 10.3.9. The original 25gb drive kept leading to the message system disk is almost full, so I installed a new 75gb hard drive as well as a newer technology 1.8ghz processor. I reinstalled my system on t [More]
How do I add books that I have purchased to my Ipod nano?These are audiobooks correct?  If so, see the page 22 of your iPod's User Guide for more information on syncing audiobooks to your Nano. [More]