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Macbook PRO i7 2,66MHZ MBP61.0057.B0C too slow

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Dear, i've a MacBook Pro 2.66 Mhz Intel core i7, 4Gbytes RAM, Rom MBP61.0057.B0C and SMC 1.58f16, i feel the experience very slow against my Black Macbook intel core 2 or against an iMac Intel 2 Core Duo 3 Ghz. Normally i works with Firefox open with[More]

I recently installed Lion on my MacBook Pro (2010). Since then, almost every time I put my mac to sleep it doesn't respond when I try to wake it up. I must say that everything seems to be working, and I recently reset the PRAM and the NVRAM.

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This is the report I get after: Interval Since Last Panic Report:  176544 sec Panics Since Last Report:          3 Anonymous UUID:                    8D526306-CA36-4C7E-8053-65BE0295A3F9 Sun Aug  7 14:15:19 2011 panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff7f809522bf)[More]

Frequent Kernel Panics

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I have a 2010 macbook pro currently running 10.6.8 that has served me very well over the last 4 years, except in recent months it has been getting frequent kernel panics. Started every few weeks, now happens multiple times a day. It seems to happen m[More]

My Mac keeps crashing about once every other day.

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So my Mac keeps crashing at random times. One was just looking around on facebook last night, and just 20 minutes ago, I was playing StarCraft 2 online. My screen goes black, with the backlight still on, and the keyboard lights stay on. The time it c[More]

What are the things 10.6.8 update break?

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After the 10.6.8 update I am having so many issues, first, the %100 cpu usage of dock, disabled parallels, and now it is ok, then, a reboot and I am unable to login, I enter my password, it begins the login process, then logs me out, if I persist, it[More]

All creative suite (cs3) programs quit unexpectedly upon startup

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Hey there, Been having some issues with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Indesign and Illustrator. Whenever I open I immedietly get the error message 'Photoshop quit unexpectedly'. I have tried repairing my permissions, no updates have been installed, everyth[More]

Laptop screen just goes dark and i have to cold boot

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Hello. My Macbook Pro 2.66Ghz i7, running 10.8 keeps crashing, in various programmes and its getting annoying. The screen just goes dark but the lights stay on on the keyboard (if thats any help) and i have to cold boot. Ive got a crash log from cons[More]

Mid 2010 15" MBP becomes unresponsive with black screen while plugged into external display?

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I have a mid 2010 Macbook Pro, which is 15" and has the 2.66GHZ i7 processor configuration. Had it for almost a year: No problems Until about a month ago, laptop began becoming slow to boot, crashing. checked the harddisks, were corrupted and it need[More]

Kernel Panic Issue - mid 2010 MacBook Pro

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I need some help with this kernel panic situation I'm experiencing. The number of panics have progressively gotten worse in the past couple months, and had increased to a panic about every half hour. Today I went to see the Apple Geniuses and they di[More]

My mid 2010 MacBook Pro keeps restarting itself

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For some reason my 15' MBP will restart itself. The screen will go black and it will just reboot. It happens a couple times a day, and it gets very annoying. Here are the problem details: Anonymous UUID:       E19C521C-2283-DE9B-B18E-15EF7A4BFA09 Mon[More]

Mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15" Blacks Out Without Warning

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Quick Summary of Problem: My MacBook Pro is currently shutting down without warning. It would be more accurate to say that the screen goes blank but the machine remains on as can be heard by the fan. Nothing resolves it without powering down and rest[More]

Mid 2010 mac book pro crashing too many times!!!

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HELP! I'm basically fed up with my mac book pro crashing so many times in a day. I'm not doing anything tedious, just basic web surfing and music and some microsoft word/excel. I've read that someone recommended to run EtreCheck and paste the result[More]

Mid-2010 15in. MacBook Pro going to black screen requiring reset by holding power button

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Hello all,      I have been searching for a problem solution for quite some time now. I have a mid-2010 15" Macbook Pro (2.4GHz Intel I5; 4 GB mem) updated to version 10.7.5. The computer randomly goes to a black screen, while the program / movie / w[More]

15" Macbook Pro (Mid-2010) keeps spontaneously restarting

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All, I've looked around and found several threads addressing this problem, however, I have tried all the recommended fixes and still have nothing to show for it.  Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if there is any more information that you mi[More]

MacBook Pro (mid 2010, 15", i5) continued freezing issues

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Hi, I was playing Civ4 when my MacBook Pro (mid 2010, 15", i5) froze totally. After a minute it restarted itself and when I logged in, I got an error message: Interval Since Last Panic Report:  347317 sec Panics Since Last Report:          1 Sat Sep[More]

Time Machine Kernel Panics, but not in safe mode - what should I look for

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Hi, Time machine Crashes (Kernel panic) when Run normally. When I boot in Safe mode, it runs fine. Is there a list of programs known to cause issues with Time Machine? If not where should I look? I assume my ID's "Login Items" - but is there any[More]

Mid-2010 Macbook Pro, suddenly dying - blank screen, no response.

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Hi there, So My Macbook Pro has developed this habit of just switching off the screen and appears to become unresponsive. Complete hard power down and reboot seems to be the only way to get the machine back. At first I though it was a battery problem[More]

Just installed Mavericks and my computer crashes 4-5 times a day now.

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Hi. Just a few days ago I finally gave in and upgraded to Mavericks (10.9.5) from 10.6.8 as there was some software that I needed to use that necessitated the upgrade. Since I've upgraded, my MacBook Pro crashes at least 4-5 times daily. I am not doi[More]

3 Kernel Panics within 2 days

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Hey guys, I don't understand why I keep getting Kernel Panics. I have replaced my RAM and HDD but the kernel panics started happening a few months before then. I then took my MacBook Pro to the Apple store and they kept it overnight. 3 days later I g[More]

Macbook Pro video issue with multiple Monitors and Powerpoint 2011

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Hello all, I have a major issue that is perplexing me. Whenever I hook up a second monitor or projector to my Macbook Pro 15" Early 2010 and launch a Powerpoint slideshow I lose video on both systems immediately and can only recover with a reboot. Th[More]

Hi    When I open the link : http://<localhost>:<portno>/sr, the following error occurs even before i search for any services. " code: 29100 detail message: An exception occurred while o [More]
I older versions of iPhoto, as I recall, when an image was open, there was file data including the filename and path for the file that was displayed in the lower left corner of the iPhoto window. Is there any way to get this type of information in iP [More]
I have a new kind of requirement, I have two videos I want to add first video full screen and second video as thumbnail at some corner on that video.and make this as a single like in skype. can any one please help me how to do that.thanks in [More]
hi i am getting NameNotFoundException while connection to session bean when i run from Jdeveloper; i put ejb.jar.xml and orion-ejb-jar.xml put in classes/META-INF folder; in my application index.jsp connects to sessionbean; when i run index.jsp i am [More]
Does anyone know if there is a, or plans for a, Cisco Press Video / IPVC / MCU book? I think it’s a big enough portion of the AVVID solution that a book is well overdue and needed. Thanks, JesseI agree with you. A book is needed but not sure if there [More]
I migrated a 4 instance RAC database from a 4 node server to a 3 node RAC database server. However, I still have the 4th undo tablespace and the 4th redo log thread. Are there any precautions I need to take before dropping the 4th undo tablespace? Mu [More]
I want to set "Read" permission to a user for folder A,but the user will not see the documents of folder A .So I set permision in detail iview of folder A and add "Read" permission for the user ,and the press "Save Permissions&quo [More]
I would like help with a very basic question.  We have a MacPro, a new iMac, and a MacBook, each of which has a user account for myself and for my wife.  I am considering buying an iPad to use when we travel instead of the MacBook.  I understand that [More]
Hi! I need to define to Oracle text that the boundaries por paragraphs are the boundaries already defined WORD/PUNCT/NEWLINE/WHITESPACE WORD/PUNCT/NEWLINE/NEWLINE and a new one: WORD/PUNCT/NEWLINE/TABULATOR How can I configure that? Thanks! Regards,Y [More]
Is there an easy way to keep my iTunes libraries on 2 macs in synch? Currently I use synch program,b ut it always put some songs in an archive folder and then I have to reimport them.Do I have my iTUnes window open on the desktop of the computer that [More]