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How PIR's are consumed by the customer requirements even though the sales orders are blocked?

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Dear experts, I am using strategy 40 for material A with Backward/Forward consumption of 60 days backward and 60 days forward. My PIR is as follows :- Material Month #1 Month #2 Month #3 Month #4 Month #5 .... material A 100 100 100 100 100 .... I cr[More]

Delete Purchase Info Records

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Hi,   I have done some modification in the Pricing condition type. When I create PO the condition type is appearing correctly But, if there is info records existing for this Vendor Material combination, then the condition types from Last PO are fetch[More]

WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT ISSUE EVER - I purchased an HP Laptop in Sept 2011.  I had an issue with my SD card reader and some flickering upon Startup on my screen.  I was on the phone with 3 reps only for them to tell me that bc I was calling from a Can [More]
When I first setup our server (10.5.x) for software update, I looked over the option to to uncheck the box for automatically downloading updates from Apple. Since then, it has downloaded pretty much everything. I've unchecked that option and also sel [More]
We are using a Spark TextArea component in our application to offer more enhanced text formatting options to our users. Yesterday we downloaded Squiggly since it's the only one available that seems to support the spark components. It is highlighting [More]
Hi thank you for reading my post I have tried to use SMTP and because of some problems i could not use it and i must use Imap (authentication required) here is my SMTP code , does any one know how i can tune it to use Imap , or has a code snippet to [More]
I'm losing my mind here. I have recently became aware of BT's decision to remove usage restrictions during peak hours for certain types of traffic (e.g. Peer to peer). As an existing Infinity customer ("BT Infinity Option 2") I would like to get [More]
Hi! I am creating a PDF report using FO-Designer. My Query is this: select * from tbl_employees where empno=:P2_Search; My problem is I want to use an APEX Item(Number Field which is the :P2_Search ) to filter my report then download the XML and XSD [More]
Is it my Mac? Is there software I need? An app perhaps? This seems way too complicated to set up spkrs. I'm attempting to use 2 hdmi and 1 headphone outputs w/ control and varying levels (ie hdmi's quieter than desk spkrs) thanks for suggestions! -Ti [More]
So I've read the topic about making a copy of the Family Pack DVD for other people that went in on it with you, and I understand it. However, I'm wondering that if I make a copy and there are still 3 installs left, could they, unbeknownst to me, give [More]
I originally bought all three apps, keynote, numbers, and pages, through my iphone. Just recently I purchased a mabook air. I want to use these apps on my mac. I tried to download it from the app store thinking that it would not charge me again, but [More]
Hi everybody, i get the following error after activation: "ITAB" is a table without a header line and therefore has no component called "NUM".. How can i solve this problem?   TYPES: BEGIN OF i_itab,            NUM TYPE I,          END [More]