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I am a bit confused.  I have, on my iPhone, pictures in 3 places: Camera Roll, Photo Library, and Photo Stream.  I am not sure why iPhone make these distinctions but I want them all to end up in one place: my iMac central photo library. I  only have [More]
Hello, System <h3>Satellite L650-1KU</h3>Part number <h3><span class="partNo">PSK1LE-01700MRU</h3> I have install Windows by myself - this laptop haven't any OS from factory. Installed Windows 7 x64, all drivers and [More]
Dear experts, Our business requirement is after the release of purchase order system should not allow the user to change the down payment amount or percentage. I checked the screen layout of purchase order but I di not found any field related to down [More]
I have a Billing doc split due to different partner data in a routine in VOFM. How do you clear these. I have tried VBPA without success. We want a billing document by Payer and PO number.Hi, I am facing a similar issue. Please let me know a s how yo [More]
Hi there Has anyone else seen a degradation in performance between 4i and 10.1.2 on apps HR modules? Or indeed not against HR modules. Following an upgrade from 1158 to 11510 we have seen significant downturn in performance of long standing HR report [More]
Dear All,              I want to cancel sale order but the sale order have a subsequent document is there is any soulution that when i cancel the sale order all the subsequent document, outbound delivery and invoice cancelled in jn\ust one step, if n [More]
Hello, I'm trying to start BW report from MSS without any luck. I created a function code for the report with function type BWR3 in R/3 IMG for Manager's desktop. I Enterd the function code in table T77MWBBWS (the table is not in the IMG !) with : ob [More]
I installed all three licenses of Office 2010 Home and Student edition on my wife's and daughters laptops.  Last weekend, we had to buy my daughter a new laptop for college.  How do I uninstall the license from her current laptop and install it on he [More]
Hi all, In my program i am inserting records using MODIFY DBTAB. COMMIT WORK. After the prog execution i hv to change the entries in the DBTAB. I am unable to change the created records. Can u pls explain me what is happening here? Thanks in advance [More]
Hey peoples, Anyone know where I can get information in regards to building custom windows? For example, the default Java Window has the Java Icon on the top right of the window and has a particular color to it. I was interested on making a window wi [More]