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Hi, I'm trying to set the navigation in SPF site so the top bar will show dropdown menu, and the subsite will show the same navigation as parent site. 1. when create sub site define that its navigation will be as parent 2. Edit root site navigation  [More]
I'm unable to figure out a SINGLE-CLICK method for blocking/unblocking just ONE cookie.... for example, the data-sucking obscenely intrusive cookie. (something I could put on the desktop and just click once when needed) I do flush History [More]
Hello, Can anyone help please? I am looking for Oracle EBSuite V 12i on eDelivery site. But the only Apps available for download is for Windows 32bit systems. Does anyone know if it is available for 64bit systems, given that most systems one buys now [More]
Hi, I have a business requirement where I need to  create a Stock Transport Order (STO) for a particular kind of sales order. I outlined different options for achieving this functionality. 1. Trigger a workflow for creating STO. 2. Configure it an ED [More]
Hi, I want to export an ALV grid which has 88 columns to Excel Spreadsheet. The problem here I am facing is after 66  columns the heading and the relevant is going on the next row. I have tried searching SDN but found nothing in vain and finally post [More]
My email address I signed up with Creative Cloud on is no longer working.  I need to change to a different email address of mine and can't figure out how to do it.  In addition, my password with the wrong email address says it doesn't match.  So I'm [More]
Is there a way you can open a bookmarked page in a new tab using your mouse only? Like pressing the middle mouse button in FireFox. I don't like using an extra button on the keyboard to do this, or opening a new, empty tab first and then clicking on [More]
I read that education discounts are available and I'm wondering if purchasing a Mac for my daughter who's still in public school counts ?No, if purchasing for a grade school/high school student, you would not be eligible for the discount.  If she was [More]
I'de like to install packages from the extra repository. So I tried: pacman --sync This told me: error: could not open sync database: extra have you used --refresh yet? So I did this. But still pacman --sync tells me the same. I have Include = /etc/p [More]
Hi, I have a very small problem. I have one table emp1 with columns A and B and second table emp2 with columns C and D. i want to update emp1 column A with emp2 column C for matching values of B and D. i am writing query update emp2 set emp2.c = e.a [More]