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Hi, Below log issue appearing while deploying same application running in OC4J ( Getting issue in with OC4J ( . Tried importing relevant jar files into our application library backport-util-concurrent-3.1.jar [More]
What would be the outcome if i install 2*2gig modules...i realise that the ram limit is 3 gig but to get the sync thing happening and accepting the loss would be preferable to having only 2 gig when 3 is available. I have a standard macbook 2.16 mode [More]
I would like get parameter and set parameter for a portlet in portal 9.02. This parameter must be availbale during the session of the portal. With Java Servlet // I retrieve my session HttpServletRequest httpreq = (HttpServletRequest)req; HttpServlet [More]
Problem description: (MacBook Pro 15” late 2008, OSX Yosemite 10.10.2 installed, no pending updates) computer is running very slow - takes 2-3 minutes to open apps such as Pages, even when no other apps are open.  Randomly freezes and becomes unrespo [More]
i used the expense report template and put in my information into the default text areas, and when I printed it, the title "expense report" didn't print, nor did my company name....but like my company's address did print....what's going on?I pro [More]
How can I block a spam mail sender when that spamer uses a different e-mail address everytime!  I have set up a rule with the spamers name (which does not change) and setting the rule to "is equal to" but it is not working. deckersmom Verizon ca [More]
I want to get App that are strictly new Zealand based but every time I go to get them, it says that my Apple ID is resticted to the australian store. someone please help me out with this.How do I do that exactly?, Because I think I've tried but might [More]
Hello people, Can you please answer following ?: Note: I can fix anything (Engineer & x-Tech here), so rarely (if ever) ask for help, but one problem is killing me with certain consumer (nonbusiness) laptop: I purchased HP: ProductName#: "DM1Z&qu [More]
Hi All, The requirement is to dis-aggregate from months to weeks for the current month plus next month, based on last months historical data. There are two data views 1. having the data in (forecasting is done in this data view) 2. having data in mon [More]
Hi, I want to create a wireless application. I've JDev version When I am placing jwe.jar file in /jdev/lib/ext directory and starting my JDev, I am getting bunch of error messages: Severe(2,381): No class def found for addin oracle.panama [More]