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Hi, I just got a USB-6009 DAQ. I have labview 7.0, drivers software and the supplied software installed with no problems. In the measurment nad automation explorer (MAX) the device is recongnised and declared problem free. I tried to test the device [More]
Hi, I have a report which has more than 500 rows and I want to print them. The printer friendly mode works fine, but is it possible that there is a page "header" and "footer" on every page which is printed? For example, that the column [More]
Hello fellow EAM friends, I have putted in the equipment tabpage a configurable material. However this was not correct. Now I want to delete it. Unfortenately it is greyed out, so I can not delete it. What would be the process to get the configurable [More]
Hi all, I have created a table with a nvarchar field to store string, may i now how to change the default NLS charset to ISO88591 charset? Thanks in advance. chin.Thank you! I will try later! But,who can tell me more detail ! thxRead other 4 answers [More]
Please see subject line.unfortunately there are tons of people with this issue but Apple has not given any answers for us to fix this issue yet. I wish they would allocate more people to solving these problems when they roll out new versions of itune [More]
I am getting an error message when I am trying to burn a dvd this is probably the 10th movie project I have made into a dvd, never had this problem. Here is the message: There was an error during rendering/encoding of the menus/slideshows. The burnin [More]
Hi Folks,          I’m creating an out put display for my query in background , we have define an output device , after submitting the query in back ground it just showing me only 10 columns . I mean I its not showing me all columns when I went to SE [More]
I attend Auburn University and they use 802.11X authentication for wireless devices on campus. Right now all my Macbook Pro, iPhone 4, and iPad can all connect to the network just fine. The only problem is that they cannot see each other over AirPlay [More]
Hi all.. I want to know that can we create or change or delete the database unique index of a customized table? In my case, there is a customised table with 4 primary keys with all the records to be maintained thru transaction code SM30. There is dat [More]
Hello all, Kind of freaking out here...I recently downloaded a trial version of Episode Pro to try out with FCP. I didn't work to my liking. I decided to uninstall it, because there was an uninstall option in the finder window with the trial applicat [More]