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Slow applications start from win 2012 file server using win 7 workstations

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I hope someone can help me with why applications are slow to load i have replaced a 8 year old server running  win 2003 and replaced it with dell t620 running win 2012 r2 it is like 20 times faster but it is slower than the old server. the office has[More]

How to include the RNDISFN.h header file in the WIN CE Build ?

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I need to include the header file RNDISFN.h in the build of the WIN CE OS. By default the file is not included. What do i need to include  in the OS design to have the Header file compiled ? Who can help ?  (thx in advance to all these brave people t[More]

Unable to start Photoshop CS 6 Beta - could not open a scratch file because the file is locked (win)

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The Program does nor start. I the the following error message: Gould not open a scratch file because the file is locked, you do not have necessary access perimssens, or another program is using the file. Use the "Properities" command In the WInd[More]

How do I transfer mp3 files from my Win XP desktop to my ipad2 ?

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I installed Itunes on my Windows XP Pro desktop system. I eventually created two separate folders on itunes to organize mp3 files. But I'll be dammed if I can get those mp3s on itunes to transfer to the iPad2. I have turned on match under the store t[More]

How to get Firefox to display pdf file in browser (Win 7, FF 19.0, AA 10.1.6, IE 9)?

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After Firefox updated to version 19, when I tried to view a pdf file, the file appeared in a strange new viewer. Seemed to work OK, but I was concerned (didn't know that it is apparently a new feature of FF 19), and wanted the Adobe viewer back. Afte[More]

RAW files destroyed in Win to Mac copy?

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I'm trying to import raw files into LR 1.4.1 but I get an error message that "some import operations were not performed".  It worked just fine on the PC. When I bought the Mac, the Apple Store staff copied my files over to the Mac.  I have a sub[More]

Hi , i have installed OBIEE in solaris box and configured Web Logic as application server .when i tried to start the OBI server i have the following error message. [nQSError: 46116] The locale en_US.UTF-8 needs to be installed on the machine for the [More]
My printer will not scan to my computer. I have gone into the hp utility app and trie to "enable scan to computer" and it says  "The HP software required for Scan to Computer could not be located on this computer. Please download and instal [More]
Hi, I am a complete noob when it comes to Mainstage. I've been using Logic for close to a year now with relatively few problems, but I am stumped when it comes to MS, for a couple of issues anyway. Here's one: I use various software B3 emulations - E [More]
I only want to close one tab at a timeONLY 8 people have this problem? Look, virtually all Mozilla's potential users are coming from Internet Exploder, which gets this ALMOST RIGHT, while FireF*x does it totally wrong. Including in webmail: there's n [More]
Hi, folks, I'm facing an intersting problem: I have the servlet below that generates a new browser with a click of a button. But if the parameter of the function gera(), have the caracter ' (pics), for example: gera( '<img src='name'>' ), the functi [More]
Dear S&OP community, I am getting following error while creating a planning ares in a newly installed sandbox. "Enter values for planning horizon From and planning horizon To for the storage time profile level". This what I did... 1) Created [More]
Hi All, While updating banks details through ESS, " change in the payroll past not possible". I have checked IT0003 and noticed that accounted to  31.08.2014. I assume this might be causing the error. Could you please advice with your expertise. [More]
This is my first time asking on the forums.  Normally I find answers on the interweb because other people have already traveled the path. Please forgive me if I break any protocols. Your FAQ site talks about loading Flashplayer 15 onto computer and w [More]
my ipod touch screen is totally unresponsive and i have been using it under normal conditions. ihave tried the reset and restore but to no avail.everything works as it would normally do  on the pls????Might want to post your question in t [More]
hi .. helloo..i want to knw the steps by step procedure for the subcontracting using scheduling agreement.. thanks.. Rgrds, AVSHi Steps are the same as how you create for  a SC PO and the creation of shedule lines is the same standard way. Only the i [More]