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HTML5 mp3 playback

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From what I understand FF uses build in OS libraries for mp3, H246 playback. I'm using Windows 7 so I assume that those libraries should be in the system(or not seeing as I dont have Media Player installed) but FF wont play mp3. I've read through var[More]

IPhone 5s Voice memo to mp3. Now music on iPhone. Won't play from search function.

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I record my band rehearsals using the voice memo on my iPhone 5s. Then I sync to iTunes and convert file to mp3. When i sync back to my iPhone it appears in my music. So far, so good. When I use the search function in music it finds the file but won'[More]

Can not add mp3 to library

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I just downloaded an mp3 song from Marié Digby's free area, and I couldn't for the life of me get it to import or add to my itunes library. I have played the track via VLC and it doesn't seem to have anything wrong with it. I added my entire Download[More]

I want to Sync my iPhone 4 to iTunes however I get an error message from iTunes each time I connect the phone to the PC saying that I should restore to factory settings. Frustrating because it's already annoying enough that I can't drag and drop mp3's!!!

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I have never been so frustrated before in my life with any phone. I find it obnoxious as it is that I cannot simply drag and drop files (especially MP3's) straight from my PC directly into my phone, which I have been used to doing up until now. Every[More]

How can I copy mp3 files from my Itunes library to an SD card for use in a non-apple phone?

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How can I copy mp3 files from my Itunes library to an SD card for use in a non-apple phone?  I can physically copy the tunes as mp3's but the phone does not seem to be able to play all of them.   Do I need to copy an entire album or can I just pick &[More]

How can I get an mp3 into the music section on iPad without using a computer?

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The situation is this: I have no access to a computer. The iPad is all that I have to use. So I have never synced it to iTunes or anything. I am trying to make a video using the movie making app Pinnacle Studio (iMovie doesn't do enough for what I wa[More]

How can I separate my MPEG-4 files from my MP3 files in I Tunes?

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I am trying to put all my itunes on my Android phone. I am an apple idiot. Which is fine, when you are just using apple stuff. But now that I want to convert, I have no clue where to start. I read in one forum that I had to convert my files to MP3. [More]

How can I put my mp3 files into my iTunes library? Every time I download a song from a website and try to drag it to my library, it won't add on. How can I fix this?

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Back then when I had the older update with iTunes i never had this problem with trying to put my mp3 files of music into my iTunes library. Now it doesn't want to be put into the library. Once I try to drag the music file to the iTunes library nothin[More]

HT1550 i want to convert all my old music which is in Wap mp3 ect keeping these but putting a fully library of these tunes into itunes. at present is only send over 17 gb of 62gb do I need to get some sort of converter for the music.  Any help would be gr

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Can anyone help, I have lots of music on my computer for my old mp3 player, I want a copy of this music in my itunes file. When I go to do this is only converts a very small amount of the music into itunes - 17gb of 62gb.  Do i need a peice of softwa[More]

MP3 song information not retained after iTunes 7.0 - ID3 tags at fault?

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I'm having some strange problems with track information in iTunes. I first noticed it when I tried to copy some mp3's from my Mac to my mobile phone: certain tracks did not retain the song information, like artist, album etc., while others did. A sim[More]

Help! i upgraded my itunes to 7.0.2 and I can't burn my mp3's?????

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I am having the same problem like many other posts as to burning mp3's on the latest version of itunes. my itunes was working fine till i downloaded the latest version and i tried to burn some songs that i even downloaded from itunes. i am having 2 m[More]

Music plays in iTunes, but NONE of the MP3 files are visible in Explorer

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This one is a bit of a mystery. When I open up any of the folders in my iTunes Music folder, they appear to be empty. No MP3 files are listed at all. Yet, iTunes can still play the music. Here are the details: 1. I keep my iTunes media content on an[More]

ITunes 6.0.3 destroyed my music files (mp3 and m4a).

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iTunes 6.0.1 has destroyed a significant amount of my 35,000 song library. Not just the library, but the SONG FILES. Take a look: This is an mp3 file that has been opened in Peak. See all those gaps? They wer[More]

Can only add mp3s to itunes by dragging individually, not through "Add to iTunes"

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Obviously this poses a problem when you have 350GB of music to transfer.. Some background: I am a former PC user who sought a technician to recover files from a crashed PC hard drive. The technician recovered all files all transferred to an external[More]

Which latest Creative mp3 come with EA

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hi, After using Creative SB soundcards, I love to use DSP option called EAX -Auditorium. Does it EAX sounds quality exactly like use in Creaf SB mixer ? Can it apply customize EQ + EAX DSP at once ? Is there any latest mp3 model come with EAX ? After[More]

I just purchased to songs to put on my child's Leappad 2 MP3 player and I can see the songs under my music files but cannot save them because they were not downloaded as a MP3 file What can I do?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I just purchased two songs to put on my child's Leappad 2 MP3 player and I can see the songs under my music files but cannot save them because they were not downloaded as a MP3 file What can I do?iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file form[More]

Mp3 will not sync from iTunes desktop to iphone

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi All, I have some mp3 files (voice recordings purchased from Darren Hardy) that I imported into my iTunes Library just fine on my Mac OSX desktop. However, those files simply will not sync up with my iPhone like the other 1900-odd songs in my libra[More]

HT1550 how to convert a voice memos to MP3

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Hello, I need to convert a voice memo to MP3 then upload to FPT, any ideas? Thanks very much.I don't know what the format of the iPhone recordings is, but presumably it's something you can play in iTunes? If so: in iTunes Preferences click the 'Impor[More]

IOS 8 won't play podcasts, RRS or MP3 files on ipad2

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i uograded to iOS 8 and now can't play podcasts, nor MP3 files on safari, RRS feed doesn't work either. My iphone 5 suffers from same problem. They are pretty mush useless now that I have upgraded i have restarted each device, delet d and reinstalled[More]

MP3 appears in iPhone but won't play

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I have MP3s purchased from Amazon (iTunes often fails to download a few songs when I purchase an album) which appear on the iPhone player but when I try to play them the cursor won't move and I get no sound. When I connect iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1 to iTun[More]

How do you send an email to an unknown previous owner with only a partial email visible on an iCloud locked device? Is there a way to get the entire email address so the old owner can be contacted? There has to be a way to contact the previous owner. [More]
{color:#000080}Hi All, We have logout buttons on every page of our application. The problem is that if the user clicks on any part of the page, even on the group-panel, the logout button gets the focus and a hit on the enter key causes the user to lo [More]
I was Applying the Patch for BW 350 its SAPKW35018 ; its shows me Error_stop.I was looking at it says we need to have PI_BASIS,2006_1_640 as requirement .But its not available at . Please help me .....The [More]
Hello Experts, I have a query view for my data provider. I change the Variable at runtime and modify the layout and when i try to bookmark the page it always uses the defaults from the Query view. Variable Screen <SAP_BW_URL CMD='PROCESS_VARIABLES' V [More]
I've just purchased and downloaded both the MPEG-2 playback add-on for QuickTime PRO 7.1.3 as well as QT Pro it's self And I am in the process of trying to convert (encode) some video files into QuickTime *.mov files, using the H.264 codec- and every [More]
hi all what is the major difference between BD87 and WE19 while processing an IDOCThe others have answered your question . But I think you should know that BD87 is the monitor where you can check Idocs and process those not yet processed etc. WE19 is [More]
Dear All, I have created one z number range obj in BI DEV and also maintained number range interval for this object. Can anybody tell me is it possible to transport this object to QA/Prod? OR I have to manually created obj in each system OR Obj will [More]
I get an error at the end of the uninstall and it reverts to the installed version.  Re-installing 8.0 did not help.  I am missing a file.  How do I get a copy of this file???? ERROR 1316A NETWORK ERROR OCCURED WHILE ATTEMPTING TO READ FROM FILE WIND [More]
It is possible to do this with adobe air? I really need this functionality.My OSX and Windows app descriptor contains this icon section and it works for me: <icon>   <image32x32>icon/app32.png</image32x32>   <image48x48>icon/app48. [More]
Is there anyway to connect to my DSL service without having to manually click "Connect" in the pull-down menu? (The <-> icon on the menu bar). I'd like my iBook to auto-connect (the way it does with Airport) when I turn it on. (Yes, I DO N [More]