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*&--data declaration TYPE-POOLS : slis. TYPES : BEGIN OF type_vbak,         vbeln LIKE vbak-vbeln,   "SD Order         ernam LIKE vbak-ernam,   "Name of the person who created         audat LIKE vbak-audat,   "Document Date         vbty [More]
Tablet 2, Windows 8 Pro (factory installed), AD domain member, user account with roaming profile. The OS will download my roaming profile when I log in, but refuses to upload it back to the server when I log off. I've installed Windows 8 (Enterprise) [More]
In one of my songs, the real instruments do not play. However, I can hear the reverb and echo for these tracks. The tracks still respond to editing. The drum loop and Software Piano play just fine.Thanks for the suggestions. I can't remember deleting [More]
Hi Does anyone have any suggestions what to do about registering for a repair? The online system has just been giving me a busy all day. I need to take my iMac in for the famous power failure repair. Is the best thing to call them in the morning? Any [More]
Just downloaded the demo of CS6, but am having a nightmare trying to open my CS5.5 project. I get the following error message After Effects error: crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in "Shadow/Highlight". I tried opening a different proje [More]
Hi, So I want to download some free apps from my Mac's App Store, but i don't have a credit card. I tryied to register and i have a appleID but when then i reach a phase when i have to type the credit card's number and it won't let me go through with [More]
Can i upgrade my iCloud storage with itunes card ?From what i understand, you want to buy more storage on iCloud using an iTunes card right?Read other 2 answers [More]
I am using Lightroom 5 and am hapy about it, but recently I hav encountered a problem when trying to edit an image in another program, i.e. Elements. I used the clone tool, saved the result and went back to Lightroom to open the image there. I did fi [More]
Is it possible to change the color of imported art in pages, say from B&W to a color?  ... or even to make it a gradation of color?Make a Shape > Inspector > Graphic > Tinted Image Fill > Scale to fit > browse to image > click on the [More]
Why does when parsing the string "(*&^Max's)()(#" using the regex "[a-zA-z]+(.*)[a-zA-z]+"the result is "^Max's" instead of "Max's" I understand that ^ is a regex special character, but do not see why it pops up [More]