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Blue Screen Error while login screen in My Compaq CQ40 133TU

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Mate ,  I cant login my system. when i swtich on my sytem till login screen it ll coming , but after that showing blue screen error wth this error code  *** stop : 0x0000008E   (0xc0000005, 0x0044005C, 0x92000908, 0x00000000) What to do ? Please give[More]

Blue screen errors

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I have read through some of the Blue Screen error discussions but they are different to mine.  I am experiencing a Blue screen error, quite often, several times a week - sometimes twice in one day.  Sometimes when starting up, sometimes whilst in the[More]

Satellite A300D-1EI - blue screen error - display drivers had failed

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I 've bought my laptop a month ago. Everything is working great except two "blue screen" errors caused by the graphics card. Both were when the laptop was connected with TV through S-video port. First was when the laptop display turned off after[More]

Satellite Pro A300 shows blue screen error 8086...

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Hi, today laptop produced a Microsoft error message (Didn't see what it was) and it said to restart laptop. On restart blue screen error message appeared. 0x00008086 Thanks PaulHi Did you get this BSOD only once as yet? Maybe its just a driver issue[More]

Blue Screen Error Please Help.

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Hello ... i m getting this error when ever i start my pc Multiprocessor_configuration_not_supported... this error came when my system finished booting then eventually this blue screen error occured and i needed to restart my computer .. after restart[More]

Blue Screen error while playing game.

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I have Compaq Presario CQ3530IX Desktop PC. Windows 7 32-bits. When I play game the computer restart and gives Blue screen error. But acttually there is no Blue screen coming it just giving that error. After restart it give this error. Problem signat[More]

Blue Screen error !!! 0x00000101

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Hi sorry if my english is`t that good.... I recetnly have a problem with my windows... this blue screen error often appeare when I playing games... Os: win 7 32B Ram : 4g Cpu : core i3 2100 and this is my minidump error that windows saved : http://0u[More]

Blue Screen Error on Windows 7 - Event ID 41

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Hi, I have encountered a recurring problem with my Windows 7 for the last 2 weeks. The blue screen error keeps popping up every other day or so. The problem seems to come from Kernel-Power, which is according to the report. Here are my laptop specs a[More]

Satellite L505-13W shows Blue screen error

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My laptop SATELLITE L505-13W Shows blue screen error. The os gets booted up and after some time it shows a blue screen error and restarts. On restart it asks for repair, even after succesfull repair it showed the same error. So i tried to recover usi[More]


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Hi There, I Just bought a brand new Dell Studio laptop from Best Buy and the first login.. was trying to register my Mcfee AV on it and started dumping the physical memory with blue scree.. So sad. I had Win7 on it. What could be the issue? Can someo[More]

Equium A100-549: Blue Screen error during Recovery CD installation

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Hey, I recently purchased a Toshiba laptop, everything worked perfectly until my laptop was attacked. I got rid of the virus and went to reformat due to lots of problems occurring. The main one being a error has accursed and "Blah Blah" program[More]

Windows Blue Screen Error Message Appears As Soon As IPod Connected

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Everytime I connect my IPod to my computer, I get the Windows Blue Screen error message. Thought it was the cable, so plugged cable in by itself. No problem. Uninstalled IPod and ITunes software and then plugged in IPod, still got the Blue Screen. Th[More]

Itunes blue screen error

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I recently installed itunes from the disk that came with the ipod nano. The problem I'm having is that when you open itunes with or without the ipod connected it crashed the computer. I rang apple and they said its a windows problem although they did[More]

Blue screen error message on Satellite Pro A10

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Hi, I'm trying to help my inlaws with their Satellite Pro SPA10. I had set this up for them a few months ago and it was running really well. Now it restarts about two seconds past the "use last good configuration" etc. screen, gets to this scree[More]

I am trying to connect my iPad to my windows pc ( xp) but it does not recognise the iPad and I get a blue screen error causing the pc to shut down. Any ideas

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I am still not able to connect my iPad 2 to my Pc ( windows xp). When I try to do so I get a blue screen error and the computer shuts down. I have reinstalled iTunes. iPod works fine. Any ideas?Not sure, but try these. Disable your firewall and anitv[More]

Lenovo N 500 Blue Screen Error

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I just purchased this laptop in February and shortly thereafter I started to get the blue screen error message.  It only happens after the screen tries to wake up from hibernation.  I have not been able to turn hibernation off. The system has Windows[More]

Getting Blue Screen error BCCode: 1a

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Sometimes mi PC with windows VISTA have espontaneus Blue Screen Error.Then after startup I would get this message,can someone tell me what I shshould do? Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.0.6002. Locale ID: 11[More]

BLUE SCREEN ERROR!!! - Stop: 0x00000124 (0x00000003 0x00000000 0x000000000 0x00000000)

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hi, When i restart my Windows 2008 R2 server,suddenly a blue screen appeared. In the screen the message was like, System malfunction call your hardware vendor for support. After getting this message i gave a force restart but while booting i got anot[More]

Blue screen error on resume, Sandisk U3 suspected

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Hi all, I have a T61 running WinXP. I've noticed that whenever the machine goes into hibernation with my flash drive inserted it crashes with a blue screen error on resumption. The drive i a sandisk cruzer with u3. Wondering if anyone has experience[More]

Blue Screen error using Boot Camp when installing XP on the MacBook Pro

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I have been trying to install Windows XP Professional (with SP2) on my MacBook and I keep encountering blue screen errors during the install. I successfully create the Windows partition with Boot Camp (v2.0) and then Windows install begins. However,[More]

anyone help please my phone woint stop telling me everything sice pressing a button for voice on a translator app. the screen will not scroll. I have sync the phone deleted the app on the lap top but it wont let me delete it on the screen because its [More]
Is it possible to get data from a smashed/broken iPod touch 4th gen?- If when you connect the iPod to your computer it appears in iTunes then you can make a backup and then restore another iPod or other iOS device from that backup. - Otherwise you wi [More]
I have an  HP Pavilion p7-1102 Desktop PC, which I purchased with Windows 7. After upgrading to Windows 8, the computer will no longer shut down under any circumstances, it seems. I am currently running Windows 8 64-bit, and previously I was running [More]
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I have one update in my App Store for Angry Birds, an app I don't have. How can I get rid of it? Every time I try and buy the app just so the update goes away, it gives me an error message. I know somebody had the same problem as I did in two previou [More]
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My preview keeps crashing and this is the message that it tells me. What does it mean? Process:         Preview [9244] Path:            /Applications/ Identifier: Version:         7.0 (826.4) B [More]