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Análise de vibração de um motor a partir de Arduino e identificação de falhas

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Olá a todos. Sou novato no mundo do LabVIEW, por isso gostaria de uma ajuda de vocês. Tenho em minha faculdade o LabVIEW 2010. Estou realizando meu projeto de final de curso e tenho como objetivo identificar falhas em um motor a partir da vibração me[More]

Como controlar um motor de passo com labview?

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Olá, espero estar perguntando na categoria correta. Sou iniciante em LabVIEW e preciso construir um programa que controle um motor de passo conforme digito quantos passos ele deve andar. Daí gostaria de uma luz sobre como fazer isso. Na verdade, o pl[More]

Difference between open loop and closed loop mode when finding the index on a stepper motor axis.

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I have a test system which uses a PXI-7352 motion controller with a MID-7602 stepper motor drive to position a 200 step/revolution stepper motor with an attached 1000 line encoder.  The MID-7602 is configured for 64 microsteps per step, giving 12,800[More]

MyRIO FPGA FFT Express VI timing analysis for multiple input mode - trying to perform fft's on a 3-axis accelerometer

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Hi Everyone! Project Background: I've been working with the myRIO FPGA in an attempt to generate an application capable of sampling a tri-axis accelerometer and performing an fft on each axis. I've successfully developed an application for a single a[More]

How to finetune the force control of an AC Motor Linear Actuator?

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Hello, I am hoping to find some help here with the following problem, which I am trying to solve for several days now.... I am using the UMI-7774 and an AC servo-motor-driven linear actuator to do force control. Basically, I need the actuator to appl[More]

RT multi-motor motion control in a closed loop system

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Hello NI Community,    We have 12 stepper motors with load cells attached in line on each motor that are connected to a RT PXI chassis.  We use an optical system to gather 3D data on the host computer which is used to calculate relative angles betwee[More]

Hi Experts , I created two following queries 1.       VENDORCATKDF – uses KDF logical database 2.       VENDORCATLFA1 – uses table = LFA1 I'm pulling the same information in both queries: ·         Vendor Number ·         Country ·         Vendor Nam [More]
Hi! I payed 17 pounds per month to use the product Photoshop and is not working. Can you help me? ThanksIf Photoshop was working and is not working now.  Try resetting your Photoshop preferences. Click the icon to start Photoshop and immediately pres [More]
The Symptom I spent the whole day yesterday trying to fix this problem. Could install Itunes 7.0.2 and Quicktime ok, but like others on this forum, once installed it flashed up the license screen for a couple of seconds and then nothing!! Very frústr [More]
"This edit cannot be done because a transition would be cut or an item to one side of a transition would become too short." Can someone please help me understand this one? I have a project with self made lower thirds from a .tif graphic on V2 an [More]
Hi, I use Word 2010 Professional for my personal use at home, and somehow the default setting for the left alignment in a new Word document has been changed to a hanging indent at .25.  So every time I open a new Word  document, the left margin has a [More]
Hello, I hope I am posting this question in the right place.  After doing my latest update, my computer asked me to set up iCloud for my emails so that I could use Outlook to sync with my phone.  (My business email is in Outlook, it would be great if [More]
My daughter is 7 and I don't allow her to download anything on her iPod touch. I have to put in my password for anything to be downloaded. Recently when putting in my password, I am being ask to enter in an additional email address for verification p [More]
Hey, new developer here, looking to make things using Xcode. Have a question I'd like awnsered if possible. I was looking for a slideshow app with some specific functions and couldn't find it. So I decided I might as well program one myself. I am jus [More]
Running Windows 7, the laptop sometimes does not proceed further than the Toshiba screen, you can't even get into the BIOS. I have tried updating the BIOS, but with no change. It only exhibts this behaviour 1 in 5 reboots. The only resolution is to h [More]
Hello All, I have a list with about 70 or so columns. When I try to access a NewForm for this list, I get an 'Unable to display this web part' error. Looking at the Correlation always says it is a: "Error while executing web part: System.StackOverflo [More]