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Can not download OVI STORE in my NOKIA 5130 XM.

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Can not download OVI STORE in my NOKIA 5130 XM.IT SAYS CONFLICTING APPLICATION SHOW ITEMS?Hey Suhit I got the same problem. I cant update version or even open. I think it will get fixed after you update your Software Version of your phone. If you fin[More]

Nokia 5130 problems...please help!

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

hiya i recently updated my Nokia 5130 over-the-air and had no problems so far. then i have downloaded the latest internet settings fro my phone via my network operator. no problem there. but whenever i surf the net or use 3rd-party chat service the i[More]

I can´t load iPhoto from AppStore. Instead of "BUY" is there a button "ACCEPT". But if i click on it and verify my ID there happens nothing! Anybody knows how to solve this?This method has helped others get iPhoto downloaded from the A [More]
I updated my blackberry messenger and its asking me for my id and password I have tried doing another ID but its not letting me do anything now my messenger has gone and I have tried accessing my app word but it keeps saying that I am locked out for [More]
i am trying to find my pics and photo stream on my icloud on my mac and there is no icon for pictures, i have all of iphones and ipads backed up to the cloud but there isn't a picture icon showing they have been uploaded. I go into system preferences [More]
Dear All, I am using reports services 10g (9.0.4) for RHEL o/s.we are using SRW pkg in our reports heavily.But when we compile reports in Linux it is showing errors like SRW.message ,SRW.set_field_char,SRW.set_format_mask must be declared. Though the [More]
When I enter the event's location (e.g. Concert Hall, 123 Main Street) Calendar breaks it up into multiple fields and sorts them alphabetically (e.g. "123 Main Street" and"Concert Hall"). It also tags each field with "!", mea [More]
 hi, I want to use skype to make calls. There will be multiple users from diffferent Pc's using the same account simultenously. Please let me know if this is possible? if so what should be done. Thanks, Satya PrasadHi, Satya, Before proceeding, I wou [More]
Hi, While configuring OBXK ( Automatic GL account for bank charges)  , I see there is provision to enter only one GL account per chart of accounts. We have two company codes using same chart of accounts but different bank charges GL account. Please t [More]
I changed my email and password for my AppleID but now I need to change it on my ITunes sign in.How do I do this.Help this is very frustrating.Click on that Apple Id and then Sign out from that Apple Id and try to Sign In with your New Apple Id and s [More]
I would like to be reminded 14 days before and at the birthday itself. In my iPad preferences under "mail,contacts,calendar" I can only set one reminder...Unfortunately, you cannot do that automatically, this means you would have to do it manual [More]
Hia, We are working on ABAP Proxy --> SAP PI 7.1 --> SOAP (Asynchronous Scenario). (ECC -> PI -> Legacy CRM) I have following queries: 1. While sending messge across to Legacy system, we can see CHECKED flag in SXMB_MONI but there is System Er [More]