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Nokia asha 200 Audio Equalizer problem

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I'm using Nokia asha 200 and no have Audio Equalizer. But i see on Nokia website specifications, asha 200 have Audio Equalizer.please help me .I read on Nokia asha 200 specification web site.[More]

Nokia Asha 206 Phone memory problem.

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I have a Nokia Asha 206. Recently I updated it. After the update now out shows phone memory full all the time though I don't have any file in phone memory accept those which I could not delete. Please tell me how to solve this problem cause even if a[More]

How can I remove .nrw files from my NOKIA Asha 200...

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When I am connecting my NOKIA Asha 200 with my PC by data cable, I am watching almost 50 nos. *.nrw files inside the Image folder. I tried to delete all those file, but I was unable. Is there any one, who can tell me how to remove those files from my[More]

How to change font size in nokia asha 309

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guys wanna ask how do we change the font size in nokia asha 309?*Default FullZoom Level: other 2 answers[More]

Help me nokia asha 306 Plz Help Me

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Hellow dear sir plz help me about nokia asha 306. my nokia asha 306 is not sport jar file. i update my mobile  v7.42 07-05-13 when the orignal softwere not this problam plz give the new softwere of nokia asha 306 waiting 4 your reply thanks ***Alone*[More]

Problem with Nokia Asha 501

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I have recently purchased asha 501 the problem is after recieving few messages it does not recieve more messages for that i have to restart the phone then i can able to recieve the messages .  It happen 3 to 4  times a day . it is not a network issue[More]

Problem with Nokia Asha 200 apps

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Hello guys, I am using Nokia Asha 200 and i am quite satisfy with this phone. The only drawback that i can find is that i cannot ue it social prebuild apps, like Social and i cannot use the e-mail app as well. When i open them and accept the license,[More]

How to set group contacts in nokia asha 305

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how to  set group contacts  in nokia asha 305....thank u......Can Some one Tell same group contact creation for ASHA 308 too?Read other 2 answers[More]

ISync to nokia asha 503: is there a plug-in to enable this?

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    I have recently bought a new Nokia Asha 503 phone, and when I got it home, tried to sync it to my Mac.  iSync tells me "this device is not supported".  Is there a plug-in I can install, or should I carry on entering contacts onto the phone b[More]

Nokia Audio Equalizer setting

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130 The above link is for an article on WPCentral talking about a custom audio equalizer - oh my god Nokia PLEASE make this for us current Lumia owners - my Purity HD head[More]

Something went wrong error message in Nokia Asha 5...

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Hi All, I am getting an error message  Something went wrong  for my Nokia Asha 502 mobilephone while using the camera application, I am getting this message in the background . Kindly advice how can I permanently fix this issue. In one occassion I re[More]

Copy and paste option in Nokia Asha 230 Dual Sim M...

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In Nokia Asha 230 Dual Sim Mobile, there is no option to Copy or paste either in Messaging, or in Forwarding, or in Editing, or in Notes or in Calendar. Option for Inserting characters and deleting characters are available. How to Copy and Paste, in[More]

My Nokia Asha 201 web browser is writing secure co...

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My Nokia Asha 201 web browser is writing 'secure connection not available' whenever i try to download any jad application it just started recently...Please help ASAP it's killing meFrom where do you download the JADs? Can you give us an example URL?[More]

Nokia Asha 503 Whatsapp problem

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I have been frequently asked to upgrade with a message given below - Expired This copy of WhatsApp has expired. Please click upgrade to start the upgrade process. Upgrade  |   Exit When I did the last few times all the whatsapp data is gone nothing c[More]

Cant use whatsapp in nokia asha 305

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Is there any working version of whatsapp for nokia asha 305?? it is available for almost all other s40 phones !!!! Nokia Asha Lover..... and Proud to be a Nokian If this post helped you, don't forget!! click on the white staras this is a user to user[More]

Hike in Nokia Asha 230

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Is the hike is available for Nokia Asha 230? Plz tell me if you know......Hi noklov, Thanks for sharing your query with us. The Hike Messenger is not available for Nokia Asha 230 per Nokia Store. Note that availability of an application will be depen[More]

Wechat problem in nokia asha 230

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My phone nokia asha 230 had pre installed wechat app.i am update it from store.but an error show that an internal error occurred.i have the version 2.12.05..please help me someone...!Thanks for the info, vskr99090. Were you able to perform the sugges[More]

Nokia Asha 308 Gallery problem

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Nokia asha 308, everytime I  tap on the gallery app it says "Unable to preform operation" any suggestions?Hi kljsfroeg, Welcome to the forum! Did something happen to the device before the issue started? Does it also happen on other application o[More]

Nokia asha 310 hotmail configuration

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Hey, just bought a nokia asha 310 and must say not really impressed with it and need lot of help. 1. i want to make my hotmail work on the phone and it keeps saying wrong account or wrong password, try again, but i am using the correct hotmail and pa[More]

How to download Youtube video into Nokia Asha 200

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Is there any application to help me download youtube video into my nokia asha 200? Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject is provided.Hi Even42 Thank you for posting on our forum!  Using your Nokia Asha 200, check if you c[More]

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