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Hello I'm having trouble to update the Nokia N86 At first things are correctly but then fails to update I use the Nokia OVI and error code 12 017 I hope to help me as soon as possible Look at the attachments Attachments: 1.PNG ‏17 KB 3.PNG ‏18 KB 2.P[More]

Ovi Store and Nokia Accounts unresponsive on my 80...

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I sent my 808 in for service and requested a wipe to factory defaults due to some issues that I was having. When my phone was returned to me, I had great difficulty loging in to Nokia Account and Ovi Store Mobile. There is a round wheel that would ju[More]

Delete file from NOKIA C5-03 phone memory

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I still face a problem that when I buy mobile then phone memory was 40MB, but now it reduced to 30MB. I try to browse and remove unwanted file from phone memory. But nothing gonna happen.  I also use pc suite, mass storage etc, but can't. What can I[More]

How do I remove an e-mail account from my Nokia e-...

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On my Nokia 5230 I'm using the Nokia e-mail client: . This works fine for me. Yesterday I encountered a little proplem which I cannot resolve so far. I want to remove an e-mail account from my account list and I can[More]

How can I delete an E-Mail account in Nokia 6300

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I have setup an E-Mail account (e.g Gmail) on my Nokia 6300. I would like to delete this account which is no longer needed. I couldn't find any delete option there. Before Nokia 6300, I have used Nokia E-50. It has a very simple option in Connect fol[More]

I have installed SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - Java Trial on local host. How can you activate the ping service there? It should work under "http://localhost:50000/sap/bc/ping" (I know how to activate it with transaction SICF in an abap system, but I have [More]
MY PROBLEM I am having a DNS problem with my laptop. It connects normally to th e wifi internet but when i try to surf the net it says "DNS Look up failed" This problem only occurs when with the internet at my house. whenever i connect elsewhere [More]
Hi Guru , In VA05 open order value in not matching with open order value in FD33 in cretit master . Please provide input . Edited by: Ravi Deolalikar on Jun 16, 2010 5:24 PM1/ Check your credit control area settings 2/ Check your sales order config, [More]
I have been struggling with this and can't find any tutorials. I am trying to add another menu to a separate page that only shows up on one group of pages. The problem I am having is the menu titles from the one that is already up comes on and I can' [More]
Hi Every one, We have a seeded page in Oracle Sales Opportunity Update. Here we have an activities region where we can add activities by clicking on AddAnotherRow Button. But there are no restriction of the row created in activities The issue we are [More]
My refurbished ipod touch 4th generation 64GB is showing incorrect, wrong, mismatched album art. The album art shows correctly in itunes but incorrect on my ipod.  At first, it only showed a few mismatched songs.  Then I tried deleting the songs from [More]
Whenever I click to install an app from app store the button disappears. If I click again in the general area that the button should be, I get a green empty button, if I cclick that, it turns blue but still nothing happens. On the old style app store [More]
I have resently updated to mavericks and  my camera has been working fine, then it has just stopped registering on the comuter. I have followed all the instructions of the trouble shooting guide for isight and still nothing is registering.I have rese [More]
Hi I have person or group field having property Person Only. Thsi firls already have one value. Now I want to update it but this code to update value is not working. string myName = @"ABC\myname"; web.EnsureUser(myName); SPUser myUser = web.Site [More]
I bought an imac 27 from an individual.  He had "aperture" installed on the computer.  This was one of the selling points for me.  It is now asking me to update the app.  When I try to update it is asking me to log in under his itunes login name [More]