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HT1918 Apple I'd disabled

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My apple id has been disabled  befor. 1 munth I'm  to Mach email. Apple. Bat not my prablam Solv. I'm rest password You'll need to contact support other 2 answers[More]

Senhores, boa tarde. Estamos com problemas para emissão de notas eletronicas de serviços. Atualmente as prefeituras nas quais temos empresas não aceitam a DANFe como um documento oficial de faturamento de serviços. No sistema legado, os departamentos [More]
The SQLJ translator creates _SJProfilex.ser files by default that contain the SQL statements the SQLJ file uses. When trying to use a SQLJ file for an EJB, I can't get it to deploy right--in fact I'm thrawted at every turn! (THIS SHOULD BE EASY!) 1) [More]
This has been going on for a long time, but it is really annoying. I have to restart firefox all the time. If I don't it will just crash. The cpu use goes up to 1.6 GB and in general having more then 2 tabs makes it really slow [even with low cpu usa [More]
I'm having trouble with Reader XI under Windows 7. I was recently prompted to upgrade from Reader X, and accepted the invitation to do so. Part way through, I realized that the prompt was not from Adobe. but from a third party, so cancelled the insta [More]
Hi, how to show the "javascript window" with my custom buttons again after it has been closed? I have a submenu with menu item (supposed "Show Buttons"), which calls a function for generating of buttons. After this window has been clos [More]
i need to write a report that will select all values based on a SQL in clause. Example. here is the SQL Select * from Customer where firstname in ("Jason", "Mary", "Todd") does anybody know how to set up the record selection [More]
we are taking the Usade Decision for the In-warding Materials through QA32. While clearing the lot there are Option to move the stock to different storage locations as follows, OK Qty - to the specified location Blocked Qty - to Blocked Location of t [More]
Hi, I'm working with BO Designer and am connecting to an AS400 database that uses Dublin Julian for the date field.  I'm trying to get the Dublin Julian format to the YYYY-MM-DD format.  Currently, the Dublin Julian is formatted as a 5 digit number f [More]
Hello, A new business requirement for our company is to use a calendar feature on the portal that is used (potentially company wide). As a person signs into portal, their calendar would be pre-filled with activies (that another group would populate). [More]
Hi I need to delimit infotype record of infotype pa2006  in my own function module. start date =  01.01.2009 delimit date = 01.01.2010 PA2006   SELECT * FROM PA2006 INTO IT_PA2006                 WHERE PERNR EQ PERNR                   AND ENDDA LE '9 [More]