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HT1918 Apple I'd disabled

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My apple id has been disabled  befor. 1 munth I'm  to Mach email. Apple. Bat not my prablam Solv. I'm rest password You'll need to contact support other 2 answers[More]

please help and if u wanna know how did this happen i'll tell u..... well the first thing i made a game center account on my friends account so he doesnt knows the password cuz my iphone wasnt updated 4.1 it was 4.0 so i didnt have game center anyway [More]
We have multiple creative account id's and would like to merge them into one, moving the three licenses we have under one account id. We'd also like to be able to purchase additional licenses under this account id.  How do we do this.Creative Cloud i [More]
Dear all, 1.  We procure TAP blanks (matl. code-TB001) from outside vendor. We do thread grinding on this TAP blank inhouse only with matl code TF001. This TAP we use for TAPPING operation of SOFT (semifinish blank - CA001). BOM for our finish gauge [More]
Hi Everyone. I have an intranet application that stores files in SQL filestream. On my dev machine, everything works like a charm. I'm able to upload and store files into SQL filestream (AjaxUpload) and able to downlaod them. On the live server, I'm [More]
Hi I am using a photosmart 5515 driver version 3.5.2 on a mac IOS version 10.6.8. My problem is that up until recently I have been able to print without any problems and then all of a sudden the printer is printing documents in a very pale blue colou [More]
Hi, Can you please help us , if you have any ...this kind of situation in your projects. Scenerio: We are using Workflow mechanism for creation material in Master data client 01. After creation of Material, it will go for approval (to six departments [More]
how to convert mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy in ABAP PROGRMS without using offsetsDo this way.. data: lv_date(8)   type c. write sy-datum to lv_date DD/MM/YY. or write:/ sy-datum using edit mask '__/__/__' Regards, Santosh Message was edited by:         Santo [More]
Hi SAP Expert, I'm currently working on FI Validation checking (ZRGGBR000) to control amount posted to asset number. Thus, I use an internal table declared in ZRGGBR000 to keep all the balance to be posted from 1 FI doc no and compare it with the lim [More]
Hello all. I'm new to Premiere (one week) after years on Avid. So go easy on me. I've created a title that I've added some motion to (basic stuff, just moved the position/added some directional blur so that the camera pan matches the title movement). [More]
Hello there, I've recently bought a 120GB iPod. Since it's my very first iPod, i'm a little worried about its safety. And got as a leather case. But [More]