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HT1918 Apple I'd disabled

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My apple id has been disabled  befor. 1 munth I'm  to Mach email. Apple. Bat not my prablam Solv. I'm rest password You'll need to contact support other 2 answers[More]

We have a requirement to store confidential legal documents in DMS and are looking at options to secure access to those documents.  We are curious to know.  What is the best practice?  And how are other companies doing it? TIA, Margie Perrigo Co.Hi, [More]
A few weeks ago, we were not using Photoshop Album Starter Edition. We were using some other kind of tool which is really a tool to manage files, not photos. It had nice photos features like thumbnails and slide show, etc.. But to manage them, catalo [More]
I recently purchased a x230.  I am unable to connect to the internet at home.  I can connect at work using WPA2.  I can also connect at my local coffee bean but at home I'm unable to connect.  I'm using a netgear wireless router if that helps. Sincer [More]
Hello Experts,     I have an urgent requirement. Based on a value in a particular column in a table, i have to select the previous column value.     I have tried using select statement with more compliaction which will affect the performance. Is ther [More]
I am trying to export data in column format and import back to replace 0 with #Missing. I want to see if it will reduce any blocks. When I export I am getting data header members from a different dimension other that Period. It is getting tricky to m [More]
I downloaded jmf version2.1.1e but I cannot install and messagebox show that "The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsofts applications."Please help meFound this from a simple Google search of your error message.... so this [More]
After returning from sleep mode my prefered network won't automatically connect. I checked the settings and its set to automatically connect to my network. I have to turn of the wireless and then turn it back on or select my network before it will co [More]
I was watching a movie on my iPod and needed to stop. I have the 'Remember last play' option turned on. when I came back later and selected the movie, all I got was a black screen. I did a reset and It erased my entire iPod. I have nothing now. There [More]
With yesterdays 10.9.2 update clicking on Mail notifications now opens new messege window with that email, instead of just highlighting it in main Mail wondow. This is amazingly annoying and nonproductive. Is there a way to switch it back?I found an [More]
I can't get my bluetooth on my ipad to connect o my hp c5580 all in one printer bluetoothLook at iOS Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections iPad: Issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks [More]