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hi friends, i am having Main Window and below a Secondary Window. in Main Window, one table is there and iam passing Item details that is item no,item descriptionand net value into the table. in the secondary Window iam need the total amount of the I [More]
Hi , i have server OBIEE server installed in Linux and client installed on windows7 the issue is when i log in to admin tool on client it opens and show all tables but.. ..... when i right click a table and click on view data .. it through an error ' [More]
Hi, I have configured a new exchange rate for JPY -> USD, but when I create a new Sales Order, the exchange rate at the Item Level -> Sales A is still showing the old exchange rate, how can I solve this? Thanks for your help.Hi, Maintain exchange ra [More]
Hello All, I have ran a process chain, which came back with an error.  I have checked the PSA and there is one line which has an error.  How can I resolve it and reload the data into the cube succesfully?  Is there away to delete the data from the PS [More]
I like sleeping to music, and with previous installments of iTunes, I was easily able to select multiple artists  simply by holding the command button (on a Mac) and clicking the name on the artist. This was also great because I could make it loop ov [More]
This question was posted in response to the following article: there If you are trying to adjust margins or images of captions you have already used, the process is futile because once used, [More]
So I'm trying to do a lookup on a column that has multiple values in it. For example the column could have the letters FGNC. Each one of these letters represents a country. I'm trying to find a way to read each char from the column one at a time and [More]
Is there any difference between block structure of oracle 9i & 10g?user11720163 wrote: Is there any difference between block structure of oracle 9i & 10g?Same question asked by Satish? Why , if any is there even, it would matter to you as a dba or [More]
my i phone 3g has a psrt in the screen where it looks like the pixles are out of place and its disscolord what can i doplease answerRead other 2 answers [More]
Hi All, Can someone please let me know an appropriate FM to update database table T100? TIA. Regards, RichaYou should not update this table directly or through a function module. This is the message table and you will maitain it using SE91. If you ne [More]