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Recently I got my hands on photoshop cs6 but my brush lags quite a bit while using it. This happens when I'm zooming in to do minor details or if I'm using a brush more than 200 I've heard good things about design production on macbooks but so far I' [More]
Hey everyone, I just bought an HDTV and would like to set my PowerBook up with it.. When I connect the thing with a DVI->VGA adapter, the system recognizes it, but gives it a max resolution of 1024x768. I have tried changing the colors to Thousands w [More]
My adapter only seems to work with one outlet in my house. It didn't have this problem before today. Any ideas why?Are you referring to the wall charger? If it works with one outlet, there's nothing wrong with the charger.  Cheers, TomRead other 2 a [More]
I am trying to remotely connect a windows 8.1 client to a Windows Server 2012 Essentials domain.  I do this by navigating to: The connector downloads and starts fine but after user authentication, fails with t [More]
I have a BEx query that I open up in a regular IE browser.  I connect to the BW system and my query appears. However, for all the Key Figures, the decimals and thousand separators are switched.  Example, $323,67 $2.893,54 10,0 EA 12,60% Any suggestio [More]
I am trying to download Mac OS X Lion on another mac with only downloading Lion once.Yes you can install the same Lion Download to every Mac you own. After you download it, make a copy of it on an external drive or USB drive so you have a copy to ins [More]
I have a SB Li've card. Is it possible to have #D sound without 5. capability?Thanks.i will buy this one instead : Sound Blaster X-Fi? Titanium Fatality Pro is this one correct ? it said pro gamer choice ? But its very important that i can played my [More]
Laserjet 5000 with optional tray 3. The bottom tray will no longer close into its enclosure. It closes to about 2 inches and than stops. It is getting blocked by something inside in a location that I can't visually inspect. There is nothing outside a [More]
Hello everyone. For some reason, FM keeps crashing when I try to apply a conditional text tag to a table (entire table). The funny thing is I have been doing this same thing for three months now with no problems before today, even have two tables in [More]
On my home computer I have a swagent.exe Application Error: "The instruction at "0x0012e870" reference memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be 'read'. " When my computer starts. I've searched and it seems that Cold Fu [More]