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I updated my notebook to windows 8.1 then my internet is not working any more on the notebook .. ichecked my router and found it working well without any problems and working on other pc's .. and i found a message in hp support assistant that after t [More]
I have an odd problem that I really need some help with. I feel like there must be a simple solution, and I'm just missing something obvious. The other day I had to do an archive and install from my original system disks (10.4.2) and then bring mysel [More]
I can't connect any of my devices to my iTunes. Anytime I plug one of them into my computer I get a new hardware wizard window that pops up and I can seem to load anything from an iPod or iPhone if I run the wizard. Any helpers? I've been using iTune [More]
rataylor wrote: Thanks! Is STB the same as the new VMS server box? (Will it even work with the client box?)Lots of terms there.  A DVR including the new VMS boxes is a STB.  However the older Verizon STB's and DVR's will not work the VMS box.  Only t [More]
Hi all, I facing a problem, I have closed few sales orders through right click and close but those are still visible in open sales order list report, can anybody please help me in this regards, Regards, Atul JoshiHi It looks to me was database incons [More]
Why is it that when you call Verizon, no one there seems to answer the same question with the same answer? NO one is ever on the same page. How can Verizon say they truly value their customers? Have they read any of these reviews or better business r [More]
Hi, I have a report with two drill-down levels, Dept Id and Job Id. The requirement is when I am on Job Id drill level; I have to call another report when I click on any of the Job Id. This Job Id is passed to another report and the report is filtere [More]
I have Itunes installed on my PC, but now I can no longer open it. If I open it, I get the same message each time:  Itunes has stopped working, a problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if [More]
How do I delete iCloud account to change apple id, when iCloud demands password from defunct account to turn off Find my iPhone? I read all the replies that ignore this gotcha.Hi tony.vidmar, The article linked below details a number of troubleshooti [More]
I just received my iMac (24", 3.04 ghz, 4 gig ram) a few days firs Mac, after over 20 years with pc's. All working fairly well, as I try to learn the new format. Attempted my first backup last night using Time Machine, backing to Time Capsul [More]