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NTLM, Kerberos support in AIR app

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Hi, is it possible to use NTLM or Kerberos authentication when connecting from AIR application to server? Server will be configured to do NTLM authentication againts AD and user on Windows workstation will be already authenticated to AD. AIR applicat[More]

How do I use an external mic with the iPad4?

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How do I connect an external mic to the new iPad4? Older models seem to have worked, but the lightning connector causes a lot of problems. I would like to use my Zoom H1 with my iPad4 and GarageBand. Any ideas? Thanks so much!Secrets of the iPad Came[More]

Mic problem in window 8.1 Pro ???

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My Mic is not working in skype what i do ??? Mic is working well in sound recorder but not working in skype plz guide me . i am using external microphone .To enable us to help you better, you need to provide as many details as you can about the probl[More]

I have recently upgraded my iMac Intel G5 iSight to OS 10.6.8 and now the internal mic does not work with skype or facebook. I can here static when playing back clips. Do I need to update firmware or reload old sys parts

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I have recently upgraded my iMac Intel G5 iSight (iMac5,1) to OS 10.6.8 and now the internal mic does not work with skype or facebook. I can here static when playing back clips. Do I need to update firmware or reload old system parts. I have zapped P[More]

AS2 Receiver Error: MIC not verified # unexpected-processing-error

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When sending out a test message using Seeburger AS2 receiver channel I get the following error: MIC not verified # unexpected-processing-error So obviously this problem is related to digital signature I think? However I get the same error even if dig[More]

Live! Cam Voice (mic not working)

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Just bought Live! Cam Voice yesterday. Mic still not working properly even after verifying the installation. Please advise how to rectify. Thanks,Hi, Is there any chance you could upload the drivers from the cd for me please because creative dont cur[More]

The difference between iPhone and iPod earphones with mic ?

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What is the difference between the Apple iPhone Headset with Microphone and the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic ?mamarro wrote: The iOS just WORKS as it should and is not glitchy at all like my experience has been with Android. I had 6 Droid X's[More]

Linking MIC & Batch characteristic

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Hey All My understanding is that to move values from batch characteristic to MIC we need to maintain the link in MIC and this relationship is one to one relationship. We have a business requirement as below. I do 2 types of testing i.e. official & ve[More]

Batch Characteristic not updating with result for linked MIC

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Hi, I have created a MIC and linked to a batch characteristic i.e. potency and included the characteristic in a specific batch class. This MIC is part of the inspection plan for a certain material. If I generate a lot of origin 01 and 09 for the mate[More]

SPNEGO vs NTLM issue

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Hi, I'm trying to configure SSO for my web application using IIS as webserver and the IIS-Weblogic proxy plugin provided by bea. I use Weblogic 8.1 SP4. I followed the procedure described in the dev2dev documentation and now I am stuck with a ntlm vs[More]

NTLM SSO is not working using IIS

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Hi, We have unable to login to the infoview using SSO getting u201C page canu2019t found u201C error. 1. We can  login to the infoview using AD authentication when tomcat as the application server but we are  unable to login to the infoview using SSO[More]

IPhone 6 External Mic not working for Siri/Dictation

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I am finding that the external mic on my iPhone 6 works for phone calls and voice memos, but does not work for Siri/Dictation.  When I plug in the earbuds, they work for everything (including Siri/Dictation). Was chatting to Apple support who had me[More]

Why is the mic not working working on speaker mode, even though siri and voice memos are working?

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I bought my iphone 4s from canada about less than a month ago. It worked perfectly fine, until i recently discovered that the mic on speaker mode stopped working. That means, when i speak to someone on speaker  during a call, they are unable to hear[More]

IPhone 5S phone calls - no sound, mic works in every other scenario

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During phone conversations the person I am connented with cannot hear me! All other aspects of the phone work, I can hear them, go on speaker, etc Tested the mic, works for Siri, Voice Memos etc. This happened all of a sudden. The phone is not in hea[More]

My iphone 5s mic works perfect on voice memo and viber calls but it dosent work well in regular calls

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I have problem with my iPhone 5s mic,iOS 8.1.3 the front mic works perfect in viber calls or voice memo in every position I put the phone on my ear, but in regural calls my voice is to low and muffled. my friend on the other side always tell me to sp[More]

IPhone 2G voice mic not working

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Has anyone come across iPhone 2G voice mic not working (not being heard by the other person) but works fine on speaker phone and bluetooth headset. It has been working fine so far and suddenly developed this problem! Any help is highly appreciated-.I[More]

IPhone 6 Plus mic/earpiec not working.

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A tiny drop of water went down into my earpiece 2 weeks ago and i kept sucking out the water and i left it over night in a bag of rice. The next day the earpiece was working perfectly fine but the mic for the front facing camera, facetime, siri and v[More]

Iphone 4 mic is not working properly

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Hello, Well my i droped my phone 4 and the back has been broken, well i replaced it with a new one, the result is that My iphone camera was broken and i tried to replace it with a new one but the problem persist, and the mic is not working properly T[More]

I can record voice memos fine using the built-in iPhone 4 mic.  And my Bluetooth headset (Jawbone Era) works fine when I leave messages on voice mail systems etc. when calling on the iPhone 4.  However, I cannot record voice memos with my Bluetooth mic.

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I can record voice memos fine using the built-in iPhone 4 mic.  And my Bluetooth headset (Jawbone Era) works fine when I leave messages on voice mail systems etc. when calling on the iPhone 4, so it appears my headset mic is fine.  I can also use voi[More]

Mic and cam

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this may be a dumb question,  but how do I know if there is a built in mic and webcam on my computer.  My husbands says it is here like his laptop but I do not see how to turn on the cam or know if the mic is working   I have a new hp pavillion, 24 i[More]

Hi, I have a select box, with the options built from a Spry Dataset <select name="AvatarSelect" id="AvatarSelect" spry:region="myAvatars">     <option spry:repeat="myAvatars">{A_NAME}</option>   &l [More]
Video no longer works on iPad. My videos, you tube, Netflix, news casts, nothing works.Try this and see if it fixes it for you. Close all apps in the recents tray and then reboot the iPad. Go to the home screen first by tapping the home button. Doubl [More]
Hello All, I have to call an Oracle store procedure developed by 3rd party, it has once of the input parameter as NUMBER. Since NUMBER SQL data type is not support by PI 7.0 ( [More]
Hi, I am trying to run a loop thru a query, like " select col1 from table1", then in this loop I am trying to call a scenario, like : OdiStartScen -SCEN_NAME=TESTEXTRACT -LOG_LEVEL=5 -SYNC_MODE=1 "-project.var1=#col" , the query should [More]
Hi guys and girls Just got a new TOSHIBA Qosmio X70. Is it possible to make the keyboard back lights stay on longer ?? Many thanks LeeI don't have this Qosmio model but I think you can change keyboard backlight settings in BIOS. Please perform comple [More]
My mac mini will not play any cd or dvd. I installed a program from called "BURN" and after a few weeks now my dvd player will not let me use any cd or dvd. It just makes a loading sound and then ejects the disc.Apple Computers: Tr [More]
I´ve had my iPhone4 for about 6 months now but a few weeks ago actually was the first time I used it to make some clips. But when I watch them the day after, there is no sound? All you can hear is noise. No sound either on the phone or the computer, [More]
Hi, Have just purchased an IdeaCentre Flex 20. machine type 10142, configuration number 57318057. Have plugged in and pressed the power button. The LED, top right, comes on but nothing else. Have powered off and then back on. Nothing is plugged into [More]
I have a client that has a laptop that is not booting and can not find the original installtion CD. I emailed HP over a week ago with no reply. I have all the serial numbers etc and checked the support page ( [More]
Does business catalyst have an alternative to a Yahoo group? I think it is called 'many to many'. If not, are there any plans in the future for such? If not, does anybody know of a good alternative? Thanks for your help.No. And I'm sure it will never [More]