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Dear Experts, I have new project which has been abandon for long and assigned to me recently. I know what is the steps we need to work. 1. DRS from current CUCM version 2. Install same version of 6.0.1 to new Server 3. Backup from step1. 4. Upgrade t [More]
i tried everything, installed my windows 5 times, upgrade all drivers, setting bios but i still getting lag especially when playing warcraft tft game, all starts when i change my mobo ms-7313 v please help me ,im getting stress b'coz of it . please l [More]
Okay first a warning .. this is going to be a long post! Overview: When my raid is connected through my Fibre Channel Switch it randomly dismounts. Specifics: Xserve G5 (10.4.7) with the LSI Dual-Channel 2GB Fibre Channel PCI-X HBA & Fibre Channel Ut [More]
Hi; Can someone tell me how can we clear the GR/IR balances; MR11 will clear the amounts; is there a samething to clear the GR/IR balances. Thanks IbouHi, GR/IR Clearing account is an Interim account where the Invoice value is stored but we have not [More]
I have had a lot of issues with my iPhoto program. After many trips to the Genius Bar and numerous hours with phone techs, I am now rebuilding my library, starting with a backup of it from before the corruption. When I "get info" of a picture, I [More]
Hello All,             I'm New to SCVMM, I have installed my SCVMM 2012 R2 in Lab environment and added 02 Hyper Servers on the same (One server is in domain & another one is in Perimeter Network). Once I added the Hyper-V's two Virtual Network's has [More]
Hi all , How can we configure oracle bi discoverer 11.1.3(desktop and admin) installed on windows 32 bit with oracle ebs 11i with database 10g installed on sun solaris sparc machine. Kindly send any link which can give me step by step link for this s [More]
I would be very grateful if somebody could help me!  I have painstakingly gone through all my classical music tracks (all 2000 of them) fixing the metadata.  I joined iTuines Match the day it was launched all my songs were already synced to that serv [More]
Hi All, we have a Invoke which picks data from database by using the query feature(not polling) of db adapter. we are picking data from multiple tables. there is foreign key relation between tables,which we have defined at the db adapter. Parent - > [More]
Hello, all I have a query that returns on average ~150 rows. I want to set up a job to spool the query's results to a .txt or .csv file and then e-mail it as an attachment. I am using the sys.utl_mail package to send other query results, however when [More]