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OAF and Webservice

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Hi.. I need to design a Page and there i need to consume web service.. Regards, AjayHi, some days before I solved the issue using following API;;;;The best[More]

Error while calling xml report from oaf page

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hi all i am calling xml(pdf) report from oaf page the back end jdeveloper console this error message is coming when i am caling report empty out put is coming any one help me regarding this issue 123109_073025194][][EXCEPTION] [DEBUG] ------- Prefere[More]

How to call webservice from OAF

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Hi, I need to call a webservice in one of my custom OAF page. I am very new to OAF and Java and have no idea about how webservice works. Does anybody has any example of that, are there any setups I need to perform. I will appreciate if someone can sh[More]

Best practicies exposing AM (OAF 11.5.10) as webservice to external systems

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IHAC how is developing extensions to there ebusiness install base using OAF 11.5.10 and they have approached me with questions on how they could expose some of the business services developed (AM VO mainly) as webservices to be used in a BPEL/Webserv[More]

Using Webservices in OAF Pages

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Hi all, Did any one try using Web services (Captcha) in the OAF Pages? Will this work, suggestions and Information related to this is very much appreciated. Please share any step by steps process to achieve this. Thanks in advance, Raja Edited by: 91[More]

Need help in exporting data in to Excel by integrating XML publisher in OAF

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Hi All, I am facing issue while exporting data into Excel by integrating XML publisher in OAF. Everything is working fine except that the report is not uploaded in the Excel sheet. Excel sheet is opening empty. In OC4J server log an getting the below[More]

Error while running the OAF page

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Hi, I am working on R12.0.6 and I downloaded patch 7523554 for jdev. I created one Page and did all the jobs of creating an EO, VO and AM. When I am trying to run the page. the following exception is thrown. I can see it in the jDev - Embedded OC4J S[More]

Calling a Web service from Standard OAF Page.

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Hi All, how to call a webservice page from Standard OAF Page and get back the response from that webservice. Can anyone please give me the process how to do it.Can anyone please provide code it will helpful to me. Not using any PL/SQL API's.only thro[More]

How to call webservice using jdev9i

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Hi gurus and experts, i need to consume a webservice using oaf. with great effort finally i created stub using axis s/w. now i dont know how to use the stub in jdev.where to write the code and what to write.iam strucked :-( . since there were no samp[More]

WebService is not invoking from OAPage

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Hi, I created a BPEL WS which creates a employee in oracle EBS and deployed sucessfully.My requirement is to invoke this WS from a custom OAF page.I generated all STUB java classes and done all coding in the controller of the page.The problem is WS i[More]

Stub generated in Jdev9i for webservice with 'Vector' return type

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Hi, In the OAF page that I am developing, I am trying to consume a web service generated in SAP PI using Jdeveloper. My Jdeveloper version is need to use this version since I need to deploy the OAF page in EBS11i). The stub generated based[More]

I dont use my office computer much but decided to download some music today and now I cant view my purchased music in my itunes library on my home Macbook. What should I do t make them available to listen to through my library at home?Download Past P [More]
HP Officejet 6700 Premium.  Using McAfee.  Vista Home Premium.  Trying to set it up as a network printer.  The computer can't communicate with the printer through the router, and I think it has something to do with the McAfee firewall.Hello gtilghman [More]
I've created a PO services (item category = D) with 20% overdelivery and refer to a contract. After posting service acceptance with extra 20% of quantity, the extra 20% of amount does not reflect into contract net value [ME33K -> Header -> Statistic [More]
Just updated from 10.10.2 to 10.10.3 on iMac Retina 5K. All seems fine except mail quits immediately upon opening. Applied combo update, no difference. Worked fine before update. Able to access mail accounts via iOS devices without incident. Any help [More]
Hello, Yestarday I got and email from microsoft where they tell me that my IP address was banned. Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using Blocklist 1, mail from IP banned; To request removal from this list please forward this [More]
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How do I connect airport extreme to older speakers which are connected to older receiver amp? Do I need USB to radio jack? Have Itunes on IMAC , os 10.4.11. I know I need to update os sy to 10.5. I have new Iphone. I want to use remote app to send mu [More]
Hi All, I have an object type defined as: create or replace type test_object as object item varchar2(50) , countofitems number(8,0) And I have a table type defined on this object as: create or replace table test_object_table is table of test_object; [More]
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All - I am converting an Authorware program to Flash/AIR. In the original program, we distributed a full installer on CD. We would like to do this again for the new version. This would include Windows and Mac. Can someone explain what resources I wou [More]