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Stale data error while opening a multiple OAF page .

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Dear Friends , I have a OAF page developed and deployed in server , its basically a search page , it also has several links to go to create page and update page . when the user opens the multiple page using different tabs in the browser like for exam[More]

Stale Data Error in seeded OAF page

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Hi All, In my custom oaf page I used master-detail between two tables using PPR (with single selection radio button in master table). From time to time I get "Error: Stale Data ..." Absolutely the same error I was able to reproduce in seeded oaf[More]

Stale Data error when invoking seeded OAF from a custom OAF page

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Hi All, We have a requirement in OAF where we have to open a Seeded OAF Page (Install Base) from our Custom Page. We are using the javascript function "openWindow()" to open the page in a new window. When we close the seeded page by clicking see[More]

Several Issue: Stale Data Error with 2 pages opened at same time

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Hello Gurus, I developed an OAF page to create and also update records. My page, depending from the operation, can show the data on fields, for update, or blank, on case to create records. This page contains one LOV field, input fields and textarea f[More]

Stale Data Error - iProcurement Receiving Page

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Hi, I created a button on the Standard iProc Receving Page result table region. When user hit on button it popup window using<Page info & Properties>). I am using popwindow to capture some details, and saving into databas[More]

Stale data error while updating record on extending standard OAF pages

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We are on Oracle R12. I have a standard oracle shipped page to enter attributes of an inventory item. This page has an APPLY and CANCEL buttons to post the changes to DB. There is one attribute called FORMULA. To create a formula , I created a new cu[More]

Stale data error while submitting the form(before that opening the popup )

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I am using OAURL to open a pop-up in my oaf page passing my page to this class.And at the time of loading the base page the pop up window url is like this OA.jsp?page=/myfolder/webui/NumberColumnsPG&retainAM=Y&"+"fndOAJSPinEmbeddedMode=Y[More]

Stale data error while deleting a record

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Hi My design of this development is as follow... 1. Search Page in which users give some search criteria and results will be displayed in the results region on the same page. For each results record I have two buttons like 'Update' and 'Delete' so th[More]

Stale data error for a new page (based on an existing native sshr page)

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Without going into too much detail on why I'm doing this, I copied an existing oracle native page, renamed it, and loaded it into the MDS. I navigate to the page by creating an extension on a controller to take me to there on a button click. Also on[More]

Stale data error while trying to update row.

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Hi, I have a search page, from where i would like to select a particular record and update some of its attributes. But when i try to commit the transaction, i get the error below: Unable to perform transaction on the record. \nCause: The record conta[More]

Stale data error while updating record

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Hi, While updating page getting below error. ++++++++++++++++++ Error Unable to perform transaction on the record. Cause: The record contains stale data. The record has been modified by another user. Action: Cancel the transaction and re-query the re[More]

Stale Data Error

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Hi, We have a page developed in OA Framework which displays the JTF tasks which loads 10 records initially and has Next button to navigate to the next set of records. The page has singleSelection table which is used to select a particular record. Thi[More]

Stale data error: OA page opened by different users

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Hi, An OA Page which is basically use to query order details and update certain custom tables based on the order details has been developed. The first page which is a search page perfoms the search based on the "Custom Name", "Order Status&[More]

Hi, I have a SQL server which is defined as a Business system in my landscape. It is sending records to ECC 6.0 which makes it a JDBC to IDOC scenario (inbound IDocs) First question is do I have to mention a logical system name for the SQL server Bus [More]
How can I backup the Keychain file and also load it on another mac? Thanks.We are talking about retrieving information from the copied keychain when access to the original machine is not possible You didn't say that in your previous posts (or I misun [More]
I am running Windows XP, have an ipad1 running IOS 5.1.1 and an ipod 5th gen 80gb video. I have 6,000 songs in iTunes, podcasts, books, apps and numerous movies and videos both purchased from Apple Store and some home converted mp4s. I upgraded to 11 [More]
In mail, my attachments, both photos and documents, appear in the body of the message.  How can I get my attachments to appear as a separate attachment and not as part of the main message????  Thanks for your help, Karen.softwater wrote: ...and costs [More]
We Moved Unity Connection v8.6 to UCS as a VM,  tested and everything was working as expected.  we then upgraded to 9.1.2. After the upgrade to 9.2 Unified Messaging is no longer working. Has anyone run into this?Hi Kevin, What does your Unified Mess [More]
When changing the output format for concurrent program: "Dunning Letter Print from Dunning Letter Generate" to XML the following output occurs. Parameters setting: Order by "Customer" Dunning as of date "14-NOV-2007" Letter s [More]
I used to sync my iPhone 4 with a PC running Windows XP until the hard drive died. Thankfully, I already had a backup of all my iTunes media (Songs, TV Shows, Movies, Podcasts, Apps, etc), so when I bought a new MacBook Pro, transferring my iTunes li [More]
Unable to open "compose mail/settings/contacts" in standard view in 2 out of 3 Gmail accounts. When "compose new mail" is selected "loading...." appears at the top then the page is frozen. ie you can't select inbox etc. Chang [More]
Hi !! I am accessing my Module Pool program in web browser as a .dll file . I am using the function GUI_DOWNLOAD to save internal data in a text file. However  It is working fine in SAP , when i run the program in a web browser it gives me error . Ki [More]
HIIII, Purchased an ipod touch 5th generation on 5th december 2013, couple of months ago the home button stopped working. completely! I switched to assertive touch and so far its been pretty good. but with the recent update of the software 8.1 i thin [More]