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How can I dynamically assign prompt and URI to a button in a table?

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I've got a VO returning document name, link and a status flag. My resultsTable for this VO is currently displaying 3 fields: 2 messageStyledText fields for the document name and link text, and a switcher that shows a checkbox image or red X image dep[More]

Not able to color different rows with different colors in a column of table

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Hi, I am trying to to display different rows with different colors in a column of the table based on some decode condition. I have gone through the following threads : Can we colour the rows in the column of a table Changing Color of a value in a col[More]

ALV_GRID How to get number of lines after filted applyed?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi, all! The task is to display title in alv_grid like "N records selected (X records on the screen)". It means, N records in dataset and X records displayed after  filter applyed by user. But i can't get number of lines after filter applyed fro[More]

How to create Table in a Table without a ViewLink for Master/Detail

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Hi, Can we create a Table within Table in OA Page without using a view link. Need a Master Detail records to be displayed but I can't use a ViewLink. Is it possible to have a Table within Table without using a ViewLink. As I have DetailVO with multip[More]

How to Change default text in Multi-Selection Table Bar

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi, I would like to change the default text "Select Object" on the Multi-selection Table Bar. I tried adding the following in my resultsCO but I'm getting errors: tableBean.setTableSelectionText("<newText>"); Error(25,34): invali[More]

How do I fill by chunks a clob inside a table while XML is generated?

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Hello everybody: Needed to generate a single XML file from around 50 million rows, where the XML ouput matches not only row data but another default values for another elements and attributes (not from database but using strings and types with defaul[More]

Display Total No of Rows displayed in footer -- Classic Table

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi Friends, I have a search page. I want to display total records selected in the footer. Like: Col1 col2 col 3 ---- Repaired -------- ---- Not Repaired ------- ------ Repaired ------ Total Records : 3 I cant use column total in this case b coz i the[More]

Best way to remove duplicates based on multiple tables

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Hi, I have a mechanism which loads flat files into multiple tables (can be up to 6 different tables) using external tables. Whenever a new file arrives, I need to insert duplicate rows to a side table, but the duplicate rows are to be searched in all[More]

Equivalent table for A920 & A928 in 3.1 i version to ECC 6.0

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi Friends, I am working in an upgrade project from 3.1 i to ECC 6.0 I have a report to be migrated from old version to ECC 6.0 I have 2 tables - A920 & A928 which are no longer available in ECC 6.0 A920 is a condition table - Customer / Price list /[More]

Hey everyone I am unable to send an email from my iPhone to any email address. This feature was working perfectly a couple weeks ago. Once I noticed the issue, I restored my phone and upgraded it to iOS 6.1. This still did not fix the error unfortuna [More]
How can I transfer songs from one computer to anotherType "move itunes library" or similar into the Google search bar.Read other 2 answers [More]
I just bought a black 2 gigHZ MacBook and when starting it up used a firewire to transfer everything from my Intel iMac, as prompted. Seemed to work fine, except: the TV shows in iTunes will not play in Front Row on my MacBook. And in iTunes they wil [More]
Hello, After a great trip to Thailand I want to make a book of all my pictures using Aperture 3. At some places in the book I use a title to indicate what will be shown on the image. This title is made by the text box and it is put on the image itsel [More]
I have been a loyal Blackberry user since the Government of Canada officially began using these cell phones. I feel, however, abandoned by Blackberry (they obviously don't believe that it is easier to retain an existing customer than acquire a new on [More]
I just downloaded the updates and now my mail doesn't work. It says I now need a newer version of OS to allow I've to open my mail which I can't right nowWhat version of the OS X are you running? Go to the Apple in the upper left corner and select Ab [More]
I subscribed to iTunes Match and would like to sync my music on multiples devices that have different Apple IDs within the same iCloud family. Can someone indicate the way to proceed? Thanks.Hi, You can't use family sharing or multiple Apple IDs with [More]
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All i did was go to the wrong store my  wife and i where getting divorced when all this was going on its a nightmare when we tried to put the account in my name only as part of the divorce in the     store filled papers with the manager3 week s later [More]
Dear Gurus:     Would you like to help me on output a text as xhtml format in AIF?     E.g.  i would like to output a text as  "M2M" ,the text is passed from one field of  interface structure, I try to put the text as "M<sup>2</sup [More]