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Hi! friends! I have used Oracle 8 and it was nice. I didn't run Oracle 9i. Now I installed Oracle10g R2 in WinXP-SP2. There was no problem in installation. But i can't run it. I get the Black SQL screen. But if i give some command it says "Not connec [More]
Hello, I have a chart embedded in  a Crystal report. (v.11.5).  The data set essentially is a value per date, but because of the way the stored procedure is written, I have null values returned.   Is there anyway to have the chart ignore null values? [More]
Hallo guys, First I want to say thanks a lot to Christopher Murphy, because one and a half years ago I was having problems the same like the 1st post on that topic and with the instructions from Christopher I was able to get back my BOOTCAMP with Win [More]
I need to run disk utility to repair my boot drive. I am attempting to startup from my OSX install disk. However, I can't seem to get my machine to do this. My computer recognizes my install disk when it's in my superdrive. It mounts on the desktop a [More]
Greetings All, I've recently purchased a set of bluetooth stereo headphones (Creative CB2350) and found that due to the inclusion of SCMS-T copyright protection I cannot audiosync directly to my laptops bluetooth stack (Qosmio G20). The headphones co [More]
I am very new to business one and I need some information regarding its training and prospects. One of my friend has graduated (MBA) and trying to get into SAP. Since he is fresher he is not able to undergo any major SAP module. The training center i [More]
I'm running CS3 5.0.2 on a G4 Mac using Leopard and every time it try to place something from Photoshop or Illustrator it crashes. I've been using it a couple months without a problem and now the crashes. I would like to run some utilities on my syst [More]
Hi All, I am trying to develop a java program that will dial a GSM modem and send some data over it.For developing this i am using java rxtxcomm API with jdk 1.6_38 on windows 7 OS.I am using notifyOnDataAvailable method in order to listen to any inc [More]
Hi, I am using SWFaddress to create deep linking within my website. It works great within the main swf, however when I load a new swf, the history chain becomes broken. I think it is to do with the Actionscript on the 1st frame on the loaded swf. The [More]
I use an HP Pavillion G with an AMD processor. At a certain point, my battery stopped charging. I had previoulsy upgraded the computer to Windows 8. While still using the Windows 8 OS, the battery issue emerged. The taskbar said the batter is plugged [More]