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When I open compose and type the first letter of the recipients address in the To: bar a dropdown appears with a listing of the email addresses I have sent messages to in the past as well as addresses of my contacts list. How do I delete an address f [More]
I will try to explain what has happened in the last 2 days so you can possibly diagnose the problem. Thanks Yesterday August 10 I plugged my Ipod into an ipod charger I have never used produced by Panasonic. It was a universal attachment for both ipo [More]
Hi, I working on to activate the Third party remittance (US Payroll) functionality for garnishment. Every thing is working fine, but I am not able to produce correct format ACH file for IL Child support. Should be <705DEDCSCSIL02101507400.00> coming [More]
I'm getting a date from a textbox in form and i want to insert it into the database....The format of the date i let user key into the textbox is 2003/03/28...But the field of the date in the database is in this format 2003-02-25 00:00:00.000 so when [More]
Hello, is it possible to check the availability of the trex server via the km api? We use a custom developed search and want to point the user to special html page when the trex server is not online. Regards, ThomasHi, there is no dedicated method fo [More]
Hi, I am very new to Linux & trying to move my application from Windows to Linux. I am downloading one database(*.mdb) file from an url & want to select records from tables & add them to my My Sql database. Is there any way to connect to Acces [More]
Hi I'd like to have a 2D array with eg 4 rows, and each time the loop iterates, it should append new data at the end of a specified row (row 0 in example) while the data in the other rows remain unchanged. I tried all combinations of build array, rep [More]
Hi I have a form where i provide a data entry provision to the user. All the entered data is stored in a table for that particular date. Now suppose the user reenters in the form for the same date the values in my table gets updated. what i want is t [More]
I guess I made a big mistake upgrading to FireFox 36.0.1! Nothing but grief since trying to remove the Yahoo search from this version. Didn't appreciate this version removing my default Home page tabs to use on startup. Looks like they are gone forev [More]
I can't seem to export photos as I get the following error message when trying: invalid parameter name: colour nosie reduction smoothnessHi rob, I have LR5. I just downloaded the 5.2 update. It should update my version automatically no? Any way to se [More]