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Relevancy of a field in Plant Classification in OGSD

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi all, I would like to know the relevancy of the field "No inventory guidance in the SA (/ICO/MOC_WK-BSTID)" Keine Bestandführung im SA in German in the configuration node IS Oil and Gas Downstream --> OGSD -->General Settings --> Plan[More]

SAP 4.7 to ECC6 EHP5 Upgrade inc.OGSD - "/ICO/MOC_NEW_GUI" nametab error

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hello all, I'm currently running a SAP upgrade from 4.72 to ECC6 EhP5 SPS6. This upgrade include OGSD upgrade from4.72 SP12 to OGSD 6.10 SP5. Duing phase upgrade phase RUN_RSPTBFIL_DEST, I have the following error message : Could not read nametab "/I[More]

Hello Folks,                     I am trying to establish a central monitoring system for our client. I am trying to test it in the DEV environment first. The central system is a Solution manager system (Dual stack- ABAPJAVA). I am trying to bring in [More]
Godaddy email is my only email account that I cannot send emails from on my iphone. Have called everyone and read everything many times about what seems to be a common issue but verizon, godaddy and apple all have same answers, no answers or act surp [More]
Hi    I am filling a table in a subroutine in a program  and calling it through 'Perform' from my Script,now the main issue is , How to display the table in my script ?              I want to loop through an internal table & display its content on my [More]
What is the best way to connect Apple TV to a stereo with only analog audio input?Welcome to the Apple Community. DAC (Example Only - Not a recommendation or suggestion that this is suitable in your circumstances)Read other 4 answers [More]
Hi i'm trying to use an animated gif in my project. Basically my after effects project is just a countdown from 10 to 0 while the animated gif spins continuously during the countdown. My problem is when I use the animated gif the background it is no [More]
Hello All i recently Create a Animated Gif file for a Site and for creating it i have use 4 JPEG image and add all by Photoshop>Animation with Frmae time 4sec. When i have save it and set Dither 100% and Optimize 100% but now image show scattered .wh [More]
version Application Express I have done this 10s of times but for some reason its not working this time. I am creating a link in a report sql query region. When the user clicks on one of the rows in the sql rpt region, it will take them t [More]
Hi Gurus, We wanted to create a report based on the value of an item in the page. For example There is a text box named p1_table depending on the value of this item the query of the report should change 1) when p1_table = emp then report query should [More]
This phone was sold to me by a friend and it had and account upon activation, my freind doesn't know the information how do I get rid of the account so I can use the phone?? Please I need to know I lost my other phone and I am trying to use this one. [More]
Hi all, I created a Web Application that contains JSF, EJB, and Toplink. I have a ViewController project, a Model project, and a Deployment project. The ViewController obviously contains my JSPs, etc, the Model my EJBs and server code, and deployment [More]