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Hi Experts, This is related to Additional Voluntary contributions.When an employee is on whole month unpaid leave and there is an entry in InfoType 71,Additional Voluntary Contributions,Flat rate,this is calculated and shown on the payslip although t [More]
Firefox has always worked very very nicely - so I am now a bit lost as I have never had to 'dive into' the details around this....Thank you for your sincere help John. Yes it works again now after; I uninstalled Raport by Rapport utility, cleaned Rap [More]
Hi Experts, In which tables the bill to and ship to addresses are stored in CRM order? Thanks in Advance.Hi Jak, Goto table CRMD_PARTNER to get the address numbers i.e. ADDR_NR and using this address number retrieve the address details from ADRC tabl [More]
Hi!  I'm trying to get an iPhone 5 16GB Black on Verizon.  I couldnt preorder because I didnt have a phone upgrade at the time but now I do.  I was wondering what people suggest, whether to keep checking the stores for stock and availability for next [More]
I bought this 3 months ago and really do like it for the gym running etc... I have been trying to use the SD expansion slot to expand the memory for more songs for travel. However, whenever I place a SD card in the expansion slot the player freezes u [More]
I am trying to sync a Blackberry Curve 8530 using Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 with a real estate software program called Agent Office v.10 The problem I have, is that when I am trying to setup the sync options, and the desktop manager is request [More]
hey guys, I have 2 databases installed on my computer : orcl and orcl2, when I log into the OEM I'm only able to connect to orcl. What should I do in order to connect the other DB with the OEM ? Thank you very muchOEM only can manage a single instanc [More]
Recently I had to reformat my PC and reinstall my OS and in doing so I backed up all my music but forgot to back up my digital copies of 2 movies I got through iTunes and now that I have to resync my iPod it wants to replace all my files with whats o [More]
I am a jsp newbie. I try a little code as follows: <% String a1="welcome to"; String a2="\n"; String a3="this test"; String a=a1+a2+a3;%> <br> Print out result a= <%=a%>; Then it prints a=welcome to this tes [More]
Hi, I created presentation tools for my co-workers to do a road show type thing of our software. On some slides, they must click a next button to advance, but not on others- this is intentional. However, we got the feedback that users find it confusi [More]