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I have Mac and had the iTunes library stored on my profile. I then moved the entire library following Apple's KBASE to the shared folder, and pointed mine and my girlfriends iTunes preferences to the shared library. Everything on my end seems to work [More]
Tried to play "You Tube" today.  Say to install lastest version.  The lastest version is on the mac. Will play on Firefox and Chrome. Any solutionsOne of the following steps should help. 1. System Preferences > Other/ Flash Player > Advanc [More]
Hello, I am receiving an error in the web catalog (Item Lock Needs Attention). I tried to migrate about 22 files using the Catalog Manager, but it seems that the application placed a lock on the files. When I try to delete the file from the front-end [More]
Hi in my application users can add objects move them, and select another object and move that. the problem is that im not sure how to move the object once its live in the world below the selectedObject is the BranchGroup containing the model. im new [More]
Hi everyone, I am in the middle of a project where we are receiving a 2gig Internet connection from a service provider. I need to connect this to a switch , my question is related to what sfp, switch would be the most compatible. I was thinking about [More]
my photos dont get uploaded to photo stream? why?it stopped uploading 2 weeks ago it is supposed to do it automatically once u have a wi fi connection ( or 3g )..I'll assume you are talking about an iOS device that takes photos.  Check the following: [More]
Hallo, I have trouble with adobe download. I have bought a new computer without the ability to run CD-ROM. Therefore the only way is by download the product through So, where and how can I download photoshop elements version 5? regards Mar [More]
Hi, Our single STB died the other day, and we just successfully installed the replacement.  We can also see and manage (set up programs to record) on the replacement STB from the Verizon web site, so I know it's reachable from the Web. However, we ca [More]
Hi all. I recently upgraded from Server 10.5.8 to 10.6.3 (DVD) with software update to 10.6.4. Everything with the migration went without incident. DNS, DHCP, Open Directory, NFS and AFP are all working perfectly (including network accounts, etc.). I [More]
Does anybody know how to change the poster frame pictures in a My Albums site to something other than the default first picture in each album. I know when you drag across each photo album on the page they will start to transition through all photos. [More]