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How can i restore my iphone which was erased by iCloud?? I got my phone back but it wont work when i connect to iTunes.The following assumes you've been backing up to icloud all along. [More]
Hi I have some questions need some advice.. i have declared private variables for the database connection named con. if in this function A. i use con and execute an sql statement. if somewhere in the middle of function A, i call function B. and funct [More]
What is the best way to determine if my iPhone is a 3g or 3Gs?Settings > General > About > Serial Number. Enter the number here: other 2 answers [More]
Hi, We want to follow a certain file naming conventions for the artifacts generated by wscompile. How is it possible to set the name for the service interface file, service implementation file etc.... This is possible in AXIS ant task Wsdl2Java. How [More]
But on my Mac it is sharp. It was a pdf in Acrobat "Saved as..." a png. Very frustrating problem begs for solution. Thanks in advance.You've identified that Acrobat's export of the image to PNG was spot on ("... on my Mac it is sharp." [More]
Hi, my Question is if there is a possibility to open more Files(Text-Files) then one File. That means that if I press my Button in Forms the Program should open all Files in a Folder. Can I do this with a LOOP. Example: LOOP in_file:=TEXT_IO.FOPEN('c [More]
Hello, On one of our Production system, we have an issue for archiving printlist. We are using option Print immediatly, Print only on a specific output linked archive process with a specific doc. type. We ahave checked as well the content repository [More]
Hi, What are all the internal table operations are possible with sorted and Hashed table. Kindly let me know,Refer this help in case you have not done already. [More]
I've recently added 2 users to my Mac. Everytime one of them signs out or we switch away from her account to some other user's account, all her preferences and settings erase. For example, she adds an application icon to the dock, then it disappears. [More]
I have a large number of short clips I need to bring into DVDSP. If I use compressor to save them as mv2 and AIFF, it's difficult to manage them in DVDSP because the audio and video are not linked. Is there a good export format that will keep the aud [More]