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Hello! I am using a very interesting AJAX-framework called Spry when designing a web page. Here the web page is: Link. I need some help. Every time a new project or shift is added, the changes are written to an xml-file. When the page is reloaded, Sp [More]
I have a macmini and I'm having trouble syncing my keyboard and mouse to my computer. It's been synced to it before but it's not pairing now. How can I pair it when I don't have a USB mouse or keyboardTry resetting the SMC (no devices required). Barr [More]
Whenever I take pictures in a dark place with my Iphone 4, the pictures come out with a purple haze. Why does this happen?To make sure that this is not software related, set it back to factory settings, without using any backup data afterwards. Set u [More]
I have just created a fairly simple game (much like that marble jumping solitare game), that is nice, fine, and works. But, however I run it in applet viewer, which automaticly gives it full power and stuff. If i try to run it in it's webpage, it say [More]
I need to use my Windows-XP laptop to test some APEX_3.2 applications that use Application-Server 10g. I am having trouble getting the single-user installation to work. I am using HTTP-Server, and it seems to work, using my domain name of raven.mydom [More]
I am running through each element of a hash table using the keys() method which returns an enumeration. Some values I will wish to remove from the hash after I view them while I am still enumerating through its keys. Can you do this without causing a [More]
Hi, I want to buy a new premiere elements to replace my old one (vrsn 3), can I upgrade it still or is it too old? Also, will the new premiere elements 9 edit and save changes to avchd files from Panasonic and Canon without losing any quality? I came [More]
I am doing something and I believe I am doing it quite wrong. When I plug the data into a light switch app in Visual Studio, I get a JSON error. I am getting my data every 15 minutes. I need to present this data by the hour. Here is my design at the [More]
Hi, Can somebody please tell me how to remove existing subsitution and extension of AM from server. Regards SwatiSwati, You can delete the substitution by using an API jdr_utils.deletedocument('<path>'). The path will be like 'oracle/apps/ap/xx/cust [More]
Hi, I was about to do some more work on a Heathrow video I am editing and I am outputting to external video through my camera. When I play any video or audio, the sound that is played through the external video is a high pitched squeaking wailing run [More]