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I would appreciate anyone's help regarding the following issue. The situation is as follows: Laptop with Windows 7 installed Laptop connects to Airport Extreme (5th generation) through Wifi An external HDD (WD Elements 1TB) is attached to the Airport [More]
Dear Forte - colleagues I've got the following questions to clarify. They are mainly regarding integration with External Systems. 1. To invoke my C function from Forte, I've created a project that wraps C function, configured this as a library and ma [More]
Hi All, In the user decision task, i have specified the value as +5 day in the "requested end" tab. When i executes the WF, and checks in the workflow log of work item, it shows that user decision step as logical deleted. I open that step on dev [More]
With operating systems before Mavericks, the number of items contained and the total size was displayed at the bottom of an open window.  This was valuable, for example, when assembling files and folders for burning to discs.  How can I quickly obtai [More]
Hi, I have read the guide "Porting 32-bit code to 64-bit code" within the cvi 2009's help. As to the specification, e.g., using 'ssize_t' instead of using 'int', I tried to modify the code : ssize_t authenPanel; //the original define is "in [More]
Hi When application team try to upload data (excel file) through JDBC app to the database is taking too much time. When I checked through TOAD below query in background is taking too much time. SELECT NULL AS table_cat, t.owner AS table_schem, t.tabl [More]
Can we apply sorting on Column values in Cross tab?? Following is the scenario with me. I have 2 fields and one formula. Fields are HostName and Username. Formula is status which categorizes the Authorized and Unauthorized events. And in the Summary [More]
Hello I have the problem that constantly runs in my Nootebook the fan. How can I open the case and clean it? I have a Satellite L850-1KG Thank youI don't know how old is your notebook and if dust can be reason for permanently running cooling fan but [More]
An issue has recently cropped up with Photoshop for me. Whenever I try to create a png-24 object using "Save for Web", in the program it will tell me that the file should be only around 1kb, it will end up in the folder 10-15kb, much more than I [More]
I was switching between programs and all of the folders on the monitor disappeared. I managed to insert the utility program Disc Warrior and ran it. There were some small problems and they were corrected. I wanted to open Photoshop CS5 but got the fo [More]