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 So I'm try to build application that when I click on the icon it opens a little window and play the url .pls. I already got the graphics of the app i just to get the code and I've been looking around for but all i got was this code typedef struct in [More]
Yes i would like to know if Adobe is going to realease the 13.1 update to customers who own photoshop cs6 on dvd rom?You buy a Photoshop upgrade every couple of years for one price. Or You rent Photoshop by the month, ultimately paying more in the sa [More]
Hi, I am very new to DreamWeaver and have been teaching myself for the past week. I am building my own small website for my portoflio and can not figure out how to auto center my website. When I center one image the other images are in the wrong spot [More]
I want to load in my main application 2 components. At this moment I load them with this: <components:loadProject id="loadPrj" visible="false" click="loadPrj_clickHandler(event)" verticalCenter="7" horizontalCent [More]
Dear Expert We are facing one problem while creating process order  when we do batch determination system is showing material is not available in quanity this but when we check stock through MMBE it shows there is sufficient stock in unrestricted use [More]
Hi, do you know if there is a chm (WinHelp-File) for the the Flex 3 Language Reference around? I know "Live Docs" and the Eclipse-Help-System. Both systems are slow an not so comfortable to search or to browse as the chm-file. Yesterday I found [More]
I made a DVD a week ago using DVD Studio Pro. During the videos, I placed a button over video that linked to the menu. I've used it on every device I own: Mac, PC (Windows Media Player, VLC, RealPlayer), DVD Player, Blu-ray Player. It worked on all o [More]
Hi All, I have one server with Repowner. i created two users in two different systems with repuser1 & repuser2. i sucessfully imported the source data,when i am creating new table in target it gives the following error message. API5072 internal error [More]
Is there any way to make the Accordion act like there is no row currently selected? It doesn't appear to be possible to set this to null. The data in this case is being loaded from an XML file, so I made a work-around by making the first XML element [More]
Hi All I just installed Adobe reader 9.3. Whatever file I opened, it starts with select tool, even after I choose hand tool and reopen it, it will still starts with select tool. How can I force it to always use the »Hand Tool«? On startup Adobe Reade [More]