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30.09.2010 Hi friends, We have activated batch management. During delivery after the batch is determined and if i want to change the delivery quantity say for example from 50 to 30 then first i have to go and adjust the quantity in the batches to toa [More]
Good afternoon Oracle Forum members, I'm having trouble on connecting a OraOLEDB.Oracle application to my Oracle Database 11g R2 (, I have a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise machine running it. Each time I try to connect it says: Oracle prov [More]
Hi, I've switiched over to 10G Preview. As a constant user of JDeveloper I thought I'd supply some requested feedback on some encountered bugs in this Preview release : [1] 'New View' Navigator restart : When I create a 'new view' of a project to ope [More]
Hi all, I want to know if I can do that with my ASA5515-X, I have two servers that can do the same thing, there are SSO servers, What I want to do is to publish the 2 servers on Internet with the same public IP address and on TCP 443. Is it supported [More]
when I went to sync my iphone today this message appeared. itunes could not sync mail accounts to iphone. because an error occurred remapping record identifiers I do not know how to fix this error or what could be wrong... the iphone will not continu [More]
Hi Experts, Can I config Job server via commandline? I need to create a new Job server [JS_TEST01/port3501] and add the repository to this Job server and restart Job server via command line. Thanks Miller我已经装好了SQL server express 和Data service 12.2,我可 [More]
I normally try to create shapes from primitives using the Pathfinder tool etc. but I can't think of a way to create a helix easily. Has anyone found a way to do this? Thanks RichardDo a search in this forum for "JET spiral" (without the quotes) [More]
I have a question how can you GRE tunnel on a cisco router 800 series set for a site to site vpn ipsec + gre who can help me?Please change highlighted line below. R1 crypto isakmp policy 1 encr aes 256 authentication pre-share group 2 crypto isakmp k [More]
hi, raw material A is provide by customer, which mean the cost is "0", this material A including in BOM. The finished goods cost is roll up from its sequence raw material. However, raw material A cost is "0" becuase it provide by custo [More]
hello, anyone recommend what's a good read if i want to get a better understanding and learn some pros and cons of the different video formats - mini dv, hdv, dvcam, dvc pro, etc. i get confused on all that stuff. thxHi, start from this link, and cli [More]