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EXPDP error - ORA-39126: Worker unexpected fatal error in KUPW$WORKER.UNLOA

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Greetings All, Oracle 11g ( on Windows 2008 R2 I am getting the error below during a schema export of just 1 particular schema. Other schema expdp’s don’t encounter this problem. Processing object type SCHEMA_EXPORT/PACKAGE/PACKAGE_BODY Proc[More]

ORA-39126 during an export of a partition via dbms_datapump

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Hi , i did export using datapump in command line everything went fine but while exporting via dbms_datapump i got this: ORA-39126 during an export of a partition via dbms_datapump ORA-00920 'SELECT FROM DUAL WHERE :1' P20060401 ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBM[More]

ORA-12008: error in materialized view refresh path with ORA-01652

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I have a temp tablespace with 2 tempfiles of 2GB each (total 4GB) but still refresh of materialized view is failing with following error: 5646690 - BIS Materialized View Refresh Program ORA-12008: error in materialized view refresh path ORA-01652: un[More]

Materialized View, ORA-12008: error in materialized view refresh path

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I want to refresh a materialized view, but I get an ORA-12008 error. Does anybody have an idea? I do not find any errors in my refresh statement. CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW scott.dummy_mv   TABLESPACE test   BUILD IMMEDIATE   USING INDEX TABLESPACE idx[More]

how can we append data to a existing flat file (Text file).just fill the itab from data which suppose to append to text file.than read text file from GUI_UPLOAD and loop on itab and with the use of read statements you may append the data.Read other 3 [More]
Depois de configurado as contas contábeis, as contas de determinação do "Depósito Geral" não foram preenchidas. Ao preencher as contas aparece a mensagem: "Falta atualizar taxa de câmbio  ' Contas de estoque'. Todas as contas de determinaçã [More]
Hello Friends, after installation of AEX, i'm facing some problems. 1.I'm not able to login with any user, i created during installation wizard. So i cannot check any user in NWA -> User Administration. 2.Once more, while opening http://<host>:&l [More]
I found a folder Home>Library>Mail Downloads which was loaded with about every attachment I have ever received using Mail. I was trying to figure out why. In Mail prefs, there is an option to select a folder, I have chosen Home>Downloads pretty m [More]
My Apple TV was set up with a different Apple ID than I have for my ITunes Account.  In other words I have multiple Apple ID's.  How can get these accounts to sync up?If you wish to use home sharing then you need to setup the Apple TV under your ID.R [More]
Over the years, I have aquired user and pass words fo iCloud,, Apple id, Apple iPod, Apple iTouch and Apple iTunes. Can I link all of these to my new Apple ID?All Apple services use your Apple ID, so just sign into the service using the new [More]
It is a $100 gift card and has already been redeemed and purchases have been made previously. There is a remaining balance on the card. When i sign into the app store, there used to be a balance that appeared beside the "account" tab, but now it [More]
Hello Experts, I am implementing Service Desk feature of SOLMAN 7.0 ehp1. Client is expecting to add one field wherein he wants to add some additional information about the message reporter. Since it is an important information, client wants this fie [More]
When I create a new page item via copying from existing page item it fails with the below error code, if there is > or < character in the source of the existing item.Error Source contains <, > or " which are invalid characters. It works f [More]
Hi, We've created a web service on Siebel 7.8, activated it, and generated a wsdl. I've imported that wsdl into my BPEL project (, created a PartnerLink from it, but I'm getting an exception when I attempt to query Siebel. If anyone is famil [More]