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hii sap guru's, i am new in sap hr.. my client has a requirement in which we need to transfer payroll data from the non-SAP system to the SAP system. i have to store the payroll data into the RT table of SAP can i use the option: IMG -- transfer lega [More]
Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Lösung für mein Problem. Leider hat mir die Suche noch kein Ergebnis gebracht, weshalb ich die Frage hier stelle: Wie  bekomme ich es hin dass ich in einem Fießtext Textelemente mit Unterstreichungen zu Pfaden [More]
In portrait mode all my images are situated perfectly with text before the image and then text after the image. In one section I only have 4 images. When I switch to landscape mode the images are situated in different positions - not radically differ [More]
I use pictures from a vacation and on my second monitor the picture looks weird, but most of the built in pictures look fine. the picture im trying to use is of a tree in the middle of Wyoming so theres only sand around and rocks. the sky should be b [More]
Hi , I have been receiving the earlywatch alerts from Solution manager to my mailbox. But this week I didn't receive early watch report . I am getting all other alerts through solution manager to my mailbox. I checked in the receipients list and my e [More]
Hi,  I am looking for a script,  to export a list of websites along with host header information.  This should accept list of IIS servers 6/7/7.5 and provide output into a text file.  Thanks, Kunal  JaiswalMight look around here. [More]
What is the use of SAVE_TEXT function module ? What are the parameters to be passed in import & export. please explain in details?Hi, Please search in SCN to get the information. Please have a look at the function module description and also where us [More]
i see all the example here but there is not s.screen before whyyy??? there is an example with s.screenHi, this is example for S.Screen. in OO alv. below is the Code. and I am specifying variants on s.screen Material ............     100-100   to 100- [More]
I am still getting this Internal error: 400 bad request. (115000). I read that it was supposed to be fixed in Muse 3. I am using forms with long labels. Please help. Thanks. Bill MurphyThanks but his is how I solved my issue. I added a link in the La [More]
I have the English version of Photoshop CC and LR5, but I now live in Ukraine and would like to install (if available) a Russian language package so that it is easier for my daughter to use PS & LR. I do not have the Russian option in either program [More]