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As mentioned in the title, literally, my Macbook Air doesn't wake up occasionally. Sometimes (3 or 4 times out of 3-50) when i close the lid of my notebook and open, nothing appears but  the black screen appears and only the light of the keyboard glo [More]
Brand new IPad2 (last week) - used only to take very sentimental photos of elderly parents - no apps loaded - only data is photos on the IPad Has not been synced with ITunes or ICloud - so cannot recover this way. Connected it to wireless - starting [More]
Hello, I've found a bug on front row I'd like to report. How can I get that sent to Apple? Basically, I've figured out what the problem was with Front Row and my external display. Whenever you connect an external display, Front Row won't recognise it [More]
I have 10g database and a schema 'TMAPP' And I have two table in TMAPP as create table user_menu_privs company_code           varchar2(5), bu_code      varchar2(12), user_group      varchar2(30), user_group_type      varchar2(1), menu_option_code num [More]
Can anyone tell me how to improve photos quality in the final disk image of an iDVD slideshow? I do not notice any difference from Best to Professional Quality.There normally is a slight improvement but if you aren't seeing it then perhaps it's time [More]
updated iPhone 6 plus to 8.2 now I don't have no service sim is not damaged has I tried it in another phone and its fine  I tried a EE sim in my phone and that worked so why only dose three not work  which is my network the phone is unlocked I have d [More]
For rebinding a combobox in a listview header, am making itemsource of combobox to null then i got this error-"Cannot call StartAt when content generation is in progress".can anyone help me to fix this issue.Hello inforich, From your description [More]
Intermittently the adsl is getting wiped out during incoming and sometimes outgoing calls, BT engineer was here today and couldn't find any things wrong, 20min after him leaving somebody rang and it wrecked it all again.  Also sometime it doesn't ful [More]
Trial version does not download after I click on the download button.After 'playing' some more I've come to the conclusion that this is an account specific problem.  Logged in to my wife's ID, same iMac, ran through setups and voila, all the sharing [More]
I made the jump recently from Vista 32 to 64 and after  installing drivers i noticed that i can no longer tap the trackpoint instead of left click - have you guys noticed that ? Same issue here with W7 - the UltraNav program says everything is workin [More]