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Hello! I'm in serious need of some help. My old hard drive died without any warning, so I lost everything that was on it. Luckily, my iPod is full of very important photos and all of my music. How do I transfer these images and mp3s into iTunes on my [More]
Hi -Using SharePoint 2010 with 1 appserver and 2 frontend webservers on Service Pack2. (ms server 2008r2, SQLServer2008r2). -Farmaccount has been set to local admin on all sp servers. -Firstly, the User Profile Service Application runs fine and is st [More]
What memory modules can we use for RAM upgrade of HP Pavilion dv5-1198de?? Max RAM?  Vista?  Windows 7?I can't find a dv5-1198de but I did find a dv5-1198er which should be similiar. It states up to 8 gb of ram. HERE I would try for s [More]
I purchased a used iMac, that did not come with the reboot software, etc. from a good friend of mine, who was changing systems. I managed to set up my own user accounts, change the computer name, etc, but the shortname on the system is STILL his shor [More]
Hi, i have setup a new OIM environment using OC4J. I am able to create users and provision IT resource but self registration and attestation is not working. not sure it is OC4J issue or OIM issue. For self registration it says request is submitted bu [More]
The new software upgrade is crap. DVR search option no longer works. I can't use the search option to find my favorite programs and set the DVR to record them. It only lets me put the first letter in the search field and then nothing. I can't enter a [More]
I know that there is no place for G3's so I hope that it's alright asking about it here. I bought a DVD drive for my Power Mac G3, took out the old CD drive and then put the new one in. It also said that I needed a decoder card so I got that too and [More]
This happens a lot using both my work PC (XP 64) and home PC (Vista 64), but not always...and I have not been able to track down exactly how to fix this. What happens is I try to launch a batch process for RAW photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark I [More]
Hello, I'm on the verge of bailing out of my mac/me membership as a result of all the problems of late. And with that goes my mac/me mail address. Therefore I need to send a notification to all my contacts with the new address. So: 1. Is there an eas [More]
NHL GameCenter audio is slower than the video on Apple TV. I even swiched to connecting the AppleTV to my Airport via Ethernet to eliminate any transfer issues. NOTE - if I watch the game on my XBox or MB Pro - no issues. Thoughts?Same here. Plenty o [More]