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Cannot send mail from apple mail or outlook- HELP- tried everything on Google- nothing works!

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Getting really disheartened after the thrill of getting a brand new iMac! I cannot get my email to work on Apple Mail or Outlook (which I pay for) at all! I can get the messages but not send any- and I have honestly tried EVERYTHING to get it to work[More]

How do I create a new folder to use for my Outlook 365 mail account? I know with pc all I had to do was to right mouse click.

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Wondering how to create new folders for my Outlook 365 mail account. I know with pc all I had to do was to left mouse click. Any suggestions?New folder where? If you added the account in Mail app it should of created the folders to store that email a[More]

How do we transfer contacts and mails from apple mail and address book to Microsoft outlook on my mac

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How do we transfer contacts and mails from apple mail and address book to Microsoft outlook on my macFrom Contacts, anyway (the new version of Address Book) you can export to a .abbu file and import then into Outlook. I'm not sure about Mail as I onl[More]

ATT00001.htm attachment in Outlook when sent with Apple Mail

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Hi, This issue was highlighted previously ATT00001.htm shows up along a Mail attachment Apple mail compatibility issues / ATT00001.c[More]

Export Apple mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac

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Hi everyone, I don't like the serie Mail/iCal/Carnet d'adresses from Apple, reason why I bought Outlook 2011 for Mac. I succeed transferring all my contacts to Outlook. I try now to transfer all my mails with their categories to Outlook too but I don[More]

While doing cutover activity what should be the status of the Open production order, open purchase order &  open deliveries for sales. We are using fixed bin for production staging  so release production order etc it will not create transfer requirem [More]
Hi all Rather than going through the FAQ"s available in the Internet.I think questions that you experienced in the intervies will be really helpful for us.So am posting a few a question that i was asked in a interview.I request you to answer them and [More]
Multi room DVR freezes when paused and won't play the show unless you change the channel.  Unless you are recording that show, you can't go back to the point at which it was initially paused.Sorry to hear about your box problems. Pull up the menu, th [More]
I just upgraded my IMac to Lion, but IPhoto did not upgrade.  When I go to the Appstore, it looks like I need to buy the IPhoto upgrade.  Is that right?iPhoto is not part of Lion. It comes with a Mac. So, the version you own is the one that came with [More]
I just bought an ipad2, is there a way to transfer all my apps from my old ipad to my new?Backup the old iPad. Restore the backup to the new one. tt2Read other 2 answers [More]
Basically what I have as an acknowledgement statement at the end of a course that then asks the user to click "I Acknowledge".  When they click, I want an SWF check mark to appear so that the user knows they have clicked it.  I've got my button [More]
Hi folks... How can I convert an Image, or BufferedImage, to the Base64 format ? The image that I want to convert, I get from the webCam connected to the computer... Anyone can help me ? Rodrigo KerkhoffI suggest you read this thread concerning this: [More]
As a new user of Apple TV, I need some assistance.When I rent a movie on iTunes and download for viewing later, say a day or two later, It seems to load itself all over again with a msg saying ready to view in 25 mins ! So having waited the 25 mins m [More]
Hi all, I have created the Query Objects under a Transport Request in Development System and has to be transported to the QA system. One thing i have observed is, when u create a Transport request for an Object. Two Transport Requests will be created [More]
A couple of months ago I closed my BT mobile account.  When l log on to MyBT to look at my landline/broadband account, the account shown first is the old mobile account so I have to reselect landline and wait for it to change.   Can I either delete t [More]