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Lenevo P780 sound issue in case of headphone

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I am using Lenevo P780 phon. Baseband version P780.V23,2013/12/06  12.26 Build number P780_ROW_8G_S226_140919 After the above Build number update, phone UI completely changed.  Sometime Sound is not comming through headphone in MO/MT call and also wh[More]

Network problem p780

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Hi Lenovo,   I had updated my Lenovop780 row jelly bean to Kit Kat.4.4.2 build No. P780i_row_s220_140722.. i have problem with its network , Internet data.. my whatsapp, line , skype and many other social apps not working. when I visit to service cen[More]

What is the plan for a new upgrade for P780 8GB

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Currently I am having P780_ROW_8G_S226_140919   build on my P780 8GB phone. Wanted to know what is the plan for release of new upgrade and the features/fixes going in it. When can we expect the new upgrade to be available?Sorry my friend but the Leno[More]

Hi, I have a requirement as follows :- The user will submit the start date and end date. Based on the date parameters, the customized procedure should do some calculations month-wise. For eg : start date - 01-Dec-2012 to end date - 31-Mar-2013 I want [More]
I updated my iTunes on my PC 2 weeks ago and every time I go to the store it will not load. All of my other stuff work fine. Has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it?I have the same problem.  EXACTLY the same problem.Read other 2 answers [More]
I have InDesign CC 2014 and I'm a novice at this.  I read a lot and created a file that just turns the page.  I saved it as a SWF file and had it create an html.  The "use in document" was checked for the page curl.  When I opened the html or pd [More]
Hi, We are interfacing data from txt file to the ECC Unicode system. In text file charecters are looks like KÏÂÕ 0,8ÌÌ ÏÐÎÇÐÀ×ÍÛÉ and same charectrers we are able to see in the document which posted by the interface. However, when we upload same file [More]
I know nothing about unity and was wondering the following: We have a user that set up her voicemail greeting on a phone that had someone elses name, the greeting file has the previous person's name, but the new persons message. Is it possible to kee [More]
I have a Mac Pro Gen 1 with ati 5770 HD video card runing Snow Leopard. My 30" HD Apple Monitor will flicker and leave verticle lines and perstent ghost images from closed windows, even during shut down.  Some times it will flicker back to normal, bu [More]
Hello I have a Curve 8520 (my brothers) which is a total mess! The phone is always hanging we can barley use it, I am trying to back up the phone in order to wipe it and update it but I am unable to. Also, i am getting the App error 200. I have been [More]
Did Mavericks remove this feature? I used to be able to drag PDF pages from a second PDF document into the first PDF document, but can no longer do so.Add a page to a PDF: Select Edit > Insert, then choose Page from Scanner, Page from File, or Blank [More]
I saved bookmarks but can't find them.On Android, you can access your bookmarks by tapping the address bar (also called the Awesomebar). This will display one of the following panels, and then you can swipe left or right to get to bookmarks: Recent T [More]
Keen to hear of other's experiences with the iOS7 iBeacon functionality and it's possible integration into the DPS workflow. Anyone had success utilising iBeacon within Adobe DPS built apps? Is it possible to integrate APIs from third parties such as [More]