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Lenevo P780 sound issue in case of headphone

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I am using Lenevo P780 phon. Baseband version P780.V23,2013/12/06  12.26 Build number P780_ROW_8G_S226_140919 After the above Build number update, phone UI completely changed.  Sometime Sound is not comming through headphone in MO/MT call and also wh[More]

Network problem p780

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Hi Lenovo,   I had updated my Lenovop780 row jelly bean to Kit Kat.4.4.2 build No. P780i_row_s220_140722.. i have problem with its network , Internet data.. my whatsapp, line , skype and many other social apps not working. when I visit to service cen[More]

What is the plan for a new upgrade for P780 8GB

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Currently I am having P780_ROW_8G_S226_140919   build on my P780 8GB phone. Wanted to know what is the plan for release of new upgrade and the features/fixes going in it. When can we expect the new upgrade to be available?Sorry my friend but the Leno[More]

Hi All, I wanted to use the BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL to get the Purchase Order details upon triggering from Warehouse management system, But the details required contains a field called OPEN QUANTITY...which is not used in this BAPI. I request to let me kno [More]
We killed an aironet 1242AG access point - someone installed the LWAPP software and it either got corrupted or the software itself changes the way the device functions dramatically.  In any case we want to revert it back to the way it is supposed to [More]
Up until now the wireless era has passed me by on my 56k (in practice 28k) modem. Now the city where I live it talking about installing wireless on telephone polls, accessible for a subscription of $20. I have a G3 beige and my girlfriend has a G3 iM [More]
system     Windows2003 database   Oracle 9 disk space : C(50G)D(80G)E(40G) "Copying file C:/DOCUME1/ADMINI1/LOCALS~1/Temp/SAPinst/bootstrap_keydb.1.xml to: C:/SAPinst ORACLE SAPINST. INFO 2014-01-26 16:22:47 Copying file C:/DOCUME1/ADMINI1/LOCALS~1/T [More]
At command line, what is the best/most direct way to determine the environment variables (e.g. PATH) for a given process ID?  Must be able to query for any arbitrary environment variable.  PATH is just the first example. 'lsof -a -p $PID -d cwd -F' g [More]
Hi Gurus, I have a requirement we have the code in place to behave differently when it is in VA01 and VA02 in an user exit_save_document. we are having trouble to trigger the code when the sales order is modified or created by a BAPI. The check in th [More]
Following code run in vb no problem: sql = "Select * from Table_name for update" set OraDynaset = OraDatabase.CreateDynaset(sql, 0&) OraDynaset.Edit But run exe the error message is "OIP-04117 Not an updatable set" Why? Help Me!Jus [More]
Can I drag and drop songs from one iTunes library to another? I have one main library that I don't want to change, but I would like to put some of those songs on my kids iPods (I've created separate libraries for each of them). Is this possible? TIA. [More]
It says that my TravelSound speaker system can be used with an Ipod but all input needs a line in cable, which my ipod didnt come with. All I have is a firewire cable for macs and a USB...Where do i get the required line-in able so i can hook my IPod [More]
Hello Kglad and other forum expert! I have a movie clip (really just an image converted to a movie clip). I a "zoom" effect set on two layers - on for the zoom mask, and the other for the base image. I just use the modify/transform in some keyfr [More]