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Lenevo P780 sound issue in case of headphone

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I am using Lenevo P780 phon. Baseband version P780.V23,2013/12/06  12.26 Build number P780_ROW_8G_S226_140919 After the above Build number update, phone UI completely changed.  Sometime Sound is not comming through headphone in MO/MT call and also wh[More]

Network problem p780

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Hi Lenovo,   I had updated my Lenovop780 row jelly bean to Kit Kat.4.4.2 build No. P780i_row_s220_140722.. i have problem with its network , Internet data.. my whatsapp, line , skype and many other social apps not working. when I visit to service cen[More]

What is the plan for a new upgrade for P780 8GB

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Currently I am having P780_ROW_8G_S226_140919   build on my P780 8GB phone. Wanted to know what is the plan for release of new upgrade and the features/fixes going in it. When can we expect the new upgrade to be available?Sorry my friend but the Leno[More]

My default search engine is Google and I deleted Bing from the Search Providers. Facebook is set as my home page. Whenever I open a new tab, a Bing search box is displayed on the page and it takes the focus so when I am trying to type a URL in the ne [More]
I just bought a new mac book pro and I was wondering if there was a way to transfer my itunes library to that computer with out re downloading all of my cds from my old HP laptop to the mac book.See MacWorld - Move an iTunes library from a Windows PC [More]
I have 2 computers, one has Fire Fox Reader one does not. Is it possible to copy/paste by way of a jump drive a pdf file that is saved using Fire Fox Reader to the computer that does not have Fire Fox Reader and be able to open & work with that pdf f [More]
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How can I downlaod ois 4.3 on my ipod 3rd generation?Are you sure you really do not have a 2G iPod? Those can only go to 4.2.1 Identifying iPod models iPod touch (3rd generation) iPod touch (3rd generation) features a 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen m [More]
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I have updated a standalone network to Java 7 update 25.  With this new version is an option to "Perform certificate revocation checks on".  Since this checks against sources published to the outside network, it fails to allow users on the stand [More]
product name: HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC      Number product: E6N13EA#ABZ   Op: windows 8.1 hi! sometimes when i turn on my laptop , it appears " smart hard disk error. The smart hard disk check has detected an imminent failure. To ensure not data lo [More]