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Project Events and Agreement Migration Issue

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Hi, We are trying to load Agreements and events. We are not able to load either as the program is giving the following error: API Errors: :::PA_FUNC_SECURITY_ENFORCED I checked the the note; Getting Error Pa_func_security_enforced When Trying To Use[More]

I am trying to add a web form to a web page that includes a dependant drop down menu. For example, I'd like there to be a drop down menu called "Interested Class" with three fields: "Tribe Fit", "Tribe Life" and "Tribe C [More]
I have a problem in publishing my process project on Weblogic server, please help the exception is: java.lang.Exception: Exception received from deployment driver. See Error Log view for more detail.      at com.bea.workshop.wls.core.server.internal. [More]
My husband and I use the same iMac and have the same iTunes login, but have different user accounts on our computer. When I download things from iTunes, they only show up in my library and do not show up in his. In addition, the two libraries are not [More]
Hi, I run CATM tcode and have encountered error which is to enter a price. I have debugged the calling program of the transaction and it uses MS_CREATE_SERVICE_ENTRY_MULTI function module to create the entry sheet. This FM returns error SE134. Can so [More]
Hi, Im tryint to create a stamp that pops-up dialog. One of the dialog text box must be filled in by default with the filename of the document that has to be stamped. This is a part of the code: var dialog = { issuepurposeValue: "", reviewresult [More]
Hello, I cannot connect to the database with Data Miner since yesterday. It worked well until I tried to deploy a patch. Database was shut down and all services stopped. This patch did not work anyway and so I aborted this process, but I think no fil [More]
Problem facing with the external mail error was : Message cannot currently be transferred to node SMTP due to connection error system response : Message cannot currently be transferred to node SMTP due to connection error Message no. XS751 Diagnosis [More]
Hi, My requriement is i need to update the OM infotypes 1001,1005, 1008, 1013,1028. I need to build an interface for this. The input file is an excel spread sheet. I am able to read the excel data to the internal tables. Now from internal table I nee [More]
Hello All, I am encountering an issue in which I find only when guest accounts are created by sponsor through the sponsor portal, guess access is granted. If I manually add guest account in the same guest role via the administrative UI, instead of gu [More]
Hi. I am really struggling to find the best solution to use my Xperia Z3 Compact in my car. My previous phone was a HTC One and I was able to purchase a great Phone Holder to fix to my windscreen that put my phone into Car Mode so things like calls & [More]