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Project Events and Agreement Migration Issue

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Hi, We are trying to load Agreements and events. We are not able to load either as the program is giving the following error: API Errors: :::PA_FUNC_SECURITY_ENFORCED I checked the the note; Getting Error Pa_func_security_enforced When Trying To Use[More]

Hi , Idoc> XI>SOAP-AXIS I am doing a scenario where I need to pass the URL dynamically in SOAP-AXIS adapter by taking the RCVPRN of Idoc. If RCVPRN = 100 , message has to go to RCVPRN = 200 , message has to go [More]
P.S. - Windows XP will eventually boot. It takes almost 2 minutes before it does.USB Zip drives have aproblem with K7N2-L boards Best just to plug it in when needed then unplug it before shut down.Read other 2 answers [More]
Does anyone have experience exporting audio only to some file format and burning to CD? Is it as simple as exporting AUDIO only as wav and burning the wave file thru WMP? Message was edited by: Wes CoxYes. Export as Export Audio only. Check that Mult [More]
My emails used to send automatically now they get stuck in the outbox and I haven't changed anything unless the update has affected my phone somehow.The update erased your user ID and password from the outgoing (SMTP) mail server. You need to go ente [More]
I went to login on using my (Apple ID) and it said you must use a Device to activate it, to I downloaded iCloud Control Panel and it says: Your Apple ID is valid but is not a iCloud Account WHAT DO I DO!!!You should start by actually readi [More]
How can I convert a DV AVI created on Windows to something that Final Cut understands? I can import the AVI directly into FCP, but I lose the timecode and I need to render it. I can convert the AVI to MOV, but I lose the timecode information in the f [More]
i cant go to options or anything help meeeeHi there, See the [[Menu bar is missing]] and the [[Back and forward or other toolbar items are missing]] articles.Read other 2 answers [More]
First off, let me say that I do run xorg without an xorg.conf. I updated today, and now scrolling is gone. Tapping is gone. Tapping seems to make the mouse jump around the screen. I'm afraid this is a feature and not a problem? Any one has some input [More]
Hi All, Here i am facing one problem how to implement the below requirements in SAP. I have got a quotation from my vendor like below 1-5 pcs per run                US$ 200 per run 6 - 9 pcs per run                US$ 350 per run 10 - 19 pcs per run [More]
I have an Apple I Phone 4S which is great but, can someone help me how to get the photos and videos to my PC which runs on MS XP. I would like to be able to edit and copy photos and videos to a DVD.Connect your iPhone to your computer. Tp your pc sho [More]