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Project Events and Agreement Migration Issue

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Hi, We are trying to load Agreements and events. We are not able to load either as the program is giving the following error: API Errors: :::PA_FUNC_SECURITY_ENFORCED I checked the the note; Getting Error Pa_func_security_enforced When Trying To Use[More]

Hola, nuevamente haciendo preguntas, en facturas de clientes quiero modificar la impresion del pld con lo que esta echa, hasta que haga el cambio a Crystal Report. He hecho varias modificaciones y las he logrado en el pld. pero necesito unas modifica [More]
Hi, do you know how to calculate Interest calculation only for open item for customers?I do not want to see cleared   items. I have problem with customization. Best Regards TomIn the item interest calculation, you can tick the  'open items' for calcu [More]
How do I keep my daughter and I's apps and contact info SEPERATE on the same itunes while sharing songs? I need step by step directions on set up different profiles on itunes for 2 seperate iphones. I want to be able to share purchases if desired, bu [More]
Hi All, How to create a block key (BSEG-ZLSPR) default for documents created by MIRO? Could anyone tell me? Thanks GandalfHI, The payment block--BSEG-ZLSPR can be made defaulted by two  ways. Means you want to fix one value all the times for the same [More]
Script will create database, 3 database objects and publish.  The error is due to the generation script to create the conflict tables that is not stripping out default constraints that reference a UDF.  As you can see below, the failure is on the gen [More]
I'm working with a Panasonic CF-71 toughbook laptop. I have loaded the 2.6 Solaris intel OS and the Xig PCMCIA patch. I have been successful in getting a 3Com 3C589D card to work, but only if I enter into DCA at boot time and delete the PnP ISA PCMCI [More]
We have a suite of loosely integrate ApEx applications that all share a common authentication scheme. When you first log in we attempt to load a series of session state variables with temporary data to streamline various logging and authentication re [More]
Dear all... While implementing Snote 717452 having the status of "cannot be implemented". is there any solution for this.. Thanks,Also... it might not apply to your system or simply your SP level already cover the note... Read the note details R [More]
After editing a form I can't save the form to the same filename. I receive the following message: Needless to say, the form is not shared or open anywhere else. I've set permissions on the file, folder and designer, I've set compatibility on the urls [More]
Can anyone tell me how to fine-tune a software instrument that's a little sharp for my audio track? Is there an easy way to do that?Which instrument? Here it is for the EXS24 II.Read other 9 answers [More]