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Project Events and Agreement Migration Issue

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Hi, We are trying to load Agreements and events. We are not able to load either as the program is giving the following error: API Errors: :::PA_FUNC_SECURITY_ENFORCED I checked the the note; Getting Error Pa_func_security_enforced When Trying To Use[More]

HI, I would like to watch a movie on my MacBook Air but would like to send the audio to my iphone to plug into my speakers so i can have a sort of surround sound system? help me please. thanks, spenserfromle marsYou can copy the pages files on your M [More]
HEllo Experts I require help for following situation. My scenario is SOURCE ODS1: <b>ZMB_CR.</b> Objects: <b>1.ZQUALITY</b> (Its an indicator that consists of "S" and "X". <b>2. ZTRPOST</b> (Its an i [More]
Hi!! In this moment i made a installation in HA environment of Oracle AS 10gr2, but now i need plug a cluster the oc4j 10gr3 to this environment. The question is: if i have a cluster in the web layer with Oracle HTTP Server 10g r2, can i use the Mod_ [More]
Hello, My java application is is multi-threaded & is supposed to run as a 24/7 service. the application does number of I/O operations. roughly 160,000+ read/write from/to flat files in the hard disk. I was doing some testing and found that the applic [More]
Hi, I am using Skype since it was invented here in Estonia a while ago and I see the total regress on this development. Just today made a paiment and cant get a receipt from that payment as this is not an option anymore. WHY????? VERY DISAPOINTING!Re [More]
Hi ,    I had done DD Print in SAPSCRIPT by using Print program RFFOUS_C.    When this DD Print is done in F110 transaction(Automatic Payment Run)  it is    expected to print more than one DD.But in my case one DD is printing properly    and the next [More]
Hi, I am using BC4J for my Application and want to get the java.sql.Connection from ApplicationModule or from anywhere such that I can use the same connection as in ApplicaitonModule, to do some work in the database. I tried to get it from the Sessio [More]
No matter which setting you have it on it will not take photos unless you hold down the button and make it click several times like you are doing action shots.Yes, Mirror Lockup is one possibility. Also, if you have Long Exposure Noise Reduction enab [More]
Just upgraded to and when I started it for the first time, I noticed that the volume slider was pegged at max. Thought nothing of it and turned it down. The next day, when I started iTunes, I noticed that it was pegged again. It appears to m [More]
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