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I tried updating to iOS 8.1 but it have the apple symbol and a blue screen pops up and it restarts the process and its been going on about 3 weeks already. I dont know what to do? Is my iPad broke cause I just got that iPad in August.

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I tried updating to iOS 8.1 but it have the apple symbol and a blue screen pops up and it restarts the process and its been going on about 3 weeks already. I dont know what to do? Is my iPad broke cause I just got that iPad in August.Hi You may have[More]

Error Level 10: I have this error where a plugin broke that I had to remove because it was not finding it. How do i install it back so it functions?

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8/29/2014 7:15am It seems to me that if Microsoft's platform can not fix it with the troubleshooter that the troubleshooter sucks.  It does not know when errors are thrown so your developer sucks on creating software for errors that are popping up in[More]

Office 2013 latest update broke new profile creation on all network computers

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Hi, Reporting a bug here! Setup details: We're using samba 3 as our backend and all workstation are Windows 7 Pro x64. Office 2013 Home and Business Retail (en-us) Click 2 Run version Context: Deployed to the whole network of one of our client using[More]

I've had three laptops all connected to my itunes account, one was stolen, the other broke, how can I remove them from my itunes account?

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So, in three years, after getting an iphone and an apple account I've had to replace a laptop twice due to theft or damage. When I link my phone to my new computer, it asks me if I want to connect the computer with the phone and I say yes, but you ca[More]

My old computer, and external that I had everything backed up on broke. Majority of my music I got from burning CD's that I no longer have. How can I get all my music on my iPod onto my new iTunes?

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Like I said, my back up broke and I can't get all of my music back by transfering purchases because I burned a lot of CD's I had collected from the past. I don't have any of those CD's anymore, so how can I get all of my music onto my new iTunes? Or[More]


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Hello, i habe a Probelm during the EHP1 Upgrade of a Netweaver System, in Phase Main_NEWBAS/STARTSAO_NBAS the following error occurs. "SAPehpi broke during phase STARTSAP_NBAS in module MAIN_NEWBAS / Downtime II: Conversion, Main Import, XPRAs Error[More]

I have an Ipod Touch 4g. My computer broke. I have a new computer now. My problem is that my new computer  itunes library does not recognise the content already on my ipod. Help please

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I have an Ipod Touch 4G.   My computer broke.  I now have a new computer .  I have NO access to old computer.  The itunes on my new computer recognises by Ipod but not the music content already on my ipod.  This means it does not  show the content in[More]

How do I use my Ipod/Ipad on a new computer after old one has broke without removing everthing from them

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My laptop has recently broke and is not able to use in any way. I had an Ipod and an Ipad both connected to the itunes on this computer and have purchased a new laptop. However, after downloading itunes i tried to sync my devices with it but it told[More]

Windows update KB2964444 broke Event Logging Service and SQL Agent Service on Windows Server 2008 R2

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I got the following problem: I discovered that on my Windows Server 2008R2 machine the event logging stopped working on 04/May/2014 at 03:15. Also, SQL Agent Service won't run The only change that day was security update KB2964444 - Security Update f[More]

15" MBP Mid-2010 (6,2) SMC 1.7 Broke my MBP

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Hi All, My beloved 15" Mid 2010 MacBook Pro is not well and is sitting on life support and is only barely amongst the living.  On the 23rd Feb 2013 I noticed the SMC 1.7 firmware update in my AppStore App (this firmware was released on the 13th of Fe[More]

RD Connection Broker Fails to install on Windows 2012 R2, fresh install

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I have been fighting this for a week Trying to install RD connection broker service on a Server 2012 R2.  I've had multiple errors, ranging from the "Server pending reboot" issue, to the install just hanging for 15-20 minutes and then failing.  [More]

Getting error"Broker Client is no longer connected to the Broker Host"

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HI Guruu2019s, I'm trying to featch Data from SAP  using IDOCs  in Real Time Job. I have configured Real-time service ,Client Interface and RFC details successfully .also  I start my Real-time service, it is showing green symble  -" Weating for Idocs[More]

Fedex stole my phone again

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Firs off, sorry, I did not know exactly where to put this topic in. Okay so, let me tell you this is the second time Fedex has STOLEN my iPhone. The first time, a few years back, I sent my iphone 4s in to apple because I was having problems with it,[More]

I have an iphone 5. I have no idea of the ios version in it. Recently i broke my iphone screen and its showing up nothing. it was never synced to itunes or to any pc. When i tried to connect iphone to itunes in my pc it was asking was passcode which

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I have an iphone 5. I have no idea of the ios version in it. Recently i broke my iphone screen and its showing up nothing. it was never synced to itunes or to any pc. When i tried to connect iphone to itunes in my pc it was asking for passcode which[More]

My charger broke off in my iPad mini how do i get it out

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my charger broke off in my ipad mini.. how do i get it out or where can i bring it to fix itThe tweezers are a good idea. just don't go digging to the point that you may scratch the case. Because, unfortunately, if you do and if you have any issues w[More]

TS3694 when ive done the whole restore thing on itunes nothing happens it says error 1015 unable to restore unknown error ! can any 1 help me is my phone broke??

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my phone wont get past the apple icon, when i connect it to itunes and do the whole recovery restore thing nothing happens. i hasve tried several times and itunes just pops up and says error 1015 unable to restoire device unkniwn error, can anybody h[More]

I have an Equium Notebook A100-027 which I bought in February of this year. I have just tried to play my Windows Media Player, but nothing happens when I click on it! It was working fine yesterday, but today it is not working anymore! Can anyone help [More]
Okay, so I'm kinda new to Logic and was wondering how to save instruments like in Garageband. I am not sure and I really need to know. If you don't understand what I'm saying then here it is: I want to open up the orchestral strings instrument then e [More]
When I am using my new Macbook Pro at a hotel that has an open and free wireless network, what do I do to note that it is there? What do I bring up to be able connect to it? I was just at a hospital that friends (there) told me had open and free loca [More]
I am having a seriously hard time partioning a drive and creating a copy of my OS X Mountain Lion system. I have partioned my drive and tried making a copy using Disk Utility and it tells me that what I am trying to do can not be done. So moving to o [More]
I have an HP AIO 8500 that I used to love.  After a recent windows update, I get the following I have completed ALL steps at LEAST 4 times, to no avail. I am ready to chuck this thing out the window. Any other suggestions?Hello @boljen , and welcome [More]
Hey Guys, I need some advice. I had about 9000 pitures and photos in my camera roll folder. I wanted to manage all these pictures into separate folders for easier access. I imported all the pictures onto my pc, and created and managed the pics. I syn [More]
Dear Experts, The scenario is u2013 I have received an advance of rs.1000 from customer & now I had made one invoice by deducting TDS with rate 1, now after going to the incoming payment screen as per mentioned in the manual I have put the TDS  amoun [More]
i am in process of writing a shell script to backup our data. before starting the backup process, i am checking how much space is left on the disk: terminal> df -k /my_data_directory/ Filesystem   1024-blocks      Used Available Capacity  Mounted on [More]
I have had my iPhone 5S since they first came out and have had little to no problems.  In the past 4-6 weeks I have had daily issues with my phone not ringing at all!  It is not always the same person and I am not always in the same location but it w [More]
Subject says it all. In more detail: after having, in quick succession (mistake number 1) updated the OS to 10.5.8 (from 10.5.6) and iTunes to 9.1 (can't recall from what), and lastly Quicktime to 7.6.6 (cannot recall from what), the Quicktime player [More]