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Unable to install Adobe elearning suite 1.0 in windows 7 pro environment

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I have spent two days trying to re-install my elearning suite 1.0 on a new computer.  I have called Adobe support three times.  The first time I got cut off after 25 minutes on line.  The second time I got cut off after 40 minutes on line.  On the th[More]

Error installing E-Bussiness Suite (EBS) R12 on Windows 2003 Server x32

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I am trying to install EBS R12 and i am getting error at stage 3 of 5 on 53% I followed steps from below link My Setup Win 2003 Server[More]

Is suite 4 compatible with windows 8.1 operating system

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is suite 4 compatible with windows 8.1 operating systemHi Mylenium, thankx for your reply! My problem is, that I can not test it because I want to buy a new PC which will have Win 8. If the installation fails, it is too late and I would have bought b[More]

Oracle Dev-suite 10g installation on WINDOWS server 2008 R2

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Hi Friends, Is it possible to install Oracle Dev-suite 10g on WINDOWS server 2008 R2.Any idea on this,can you please share. Best regards, Rafi.Hi John, Is it possible to do this by applying any patches or alternate option. Best regards, Rafi.Read oth[More]

Can I use my mac version of my creative suite cs6 on a window ?

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I bought creative suite cs6 for my old imac,but it broken now. I was wondering could I use on my windows computer. Thinking I might buy a windows 8 laptop. Budget doesn't stretch to  mac computer. MyleniumRea[More]

How can I install Mac Creative Suite 5.5 on Windows 8 w/ no CD slot?

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In college we were roped into buying Macbooks for our courses. We were given Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 and I distinctly remember the IT guy telling us it had the capability of running on one Apple product and one Windows product. Now that I no longer[More]

How to update Photoshop and rest of CS4 suite to 64 bit windows 7

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Hi.  I've been using Adobe CS4 Master Suite on a 32 bit vista system. I'm switching to a 64 bit windows 7 computer. After going through the whole Master Suite Installation process, all of my Adobe programs show up in 32 bit / x86 format, except Photo[More]

How can I do E-Business Suite with 64-bit Windows 7 desktop clients

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Hi All, Please help me !! I have downloaded Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 Update Media Pack for Linux x86-64 And Oracle Linux Release 5 Update 7 for x86_64 (64 Bit)- B64448-01 Installation Process : 1)Installation of vmware 2)Install linux 3[More]

Adobe Creative Suite 5 / Upgrade System Windows Vista to Windows 7

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Dear customer service, I am a customer of Adobe as I bought two years ago the Adobe Creative Suite 5. My system is still Windows Vista. Now I wanna buy the Microsoft Home Office 2013 and now I have to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7. My quest[More]

Safe to delete files after Master Suite CS6 installation on Windows 7 , 64 bit system?

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I installed Master Suite CS6 on a new Windows 7 , 64 bit system computer. The computer has a small (120GB) SSD which has the operating system, and I'm trying to install the rest of my programs and data on larger, standard drives. I just noticed that[More]

Want to install Oracle Developer Suite 10g R2 on Windows 7 (64-bit)

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Hi, I have windows 7 (64-bit) installed on my laptop. I want to install Oracle developer suite 10g R2 on this machine but when I run the Oracle Universal Installer, it gives me error stating "operating system version: must be 5.0, 5.1, 5.2. Actual 6.[More]

In Lion I connected my iPhone to my MacBook Pro and then it auto sync Notes to my e-mail account. Now after I got Mountain Lion it's not auto sync of Notes anymore and I wonder what I must do to achieve this? What's on Notes today are old notes that [More]
How do I update the software on my ipod touchTo update Connect the iPod to your computer and update via iTunes iTunes 10 for Windows: Update and restore software on iPod, iPhone, or iPad A 1G iPod can go to iOS 2.2 via iTunes and iOS 3.1.3 via Purcha [More]
I upgraded to Firefox 4.0.1, and it now constantly freezes, won't respond at all, and has to be force quit and restarted. Within less than 5 minutes of use, over and over and over... I'm assuming it is a bug in the Mac version.... Am switching to Saf [More]
Hi All, I am having some fields related to Purchase order and Invoice creation, i have to find out the tables to which tables these fields belongs to. Below are the Header fields: Wrbtr  Tcode - MIRO, Lfsnr   Tcode - MIGO, Evertn Tcode - Me32k, Kbetr [More]
I just upgraded my OS to 10.8 and now my LaCie P'9230 USB 3.0 external drive will not mount. I have re-installed the USB driver and re-booted the computer and drive several times to no avail; any ideas/help?mrfredmor_65 wrote: I just upgraded my OS t [More]
Hi All, I am using OC4J(from Oracle) v1.0.2.2 and Windows2000. Now I want to know 1. how to create different log files for each of my deployed web applications ? 2. what are the advantages in running multiple instances of oc4j and in what case we sho [More]
Hi, I have two companies here in the same system, the vendor and the customer. The customer payed the vendor for a product. But the customer wasn't suppose to pay the vendor (the reason doesn't matter), and the payment has already been cleared. My qu [More]
Hi, i am not able to pass tablename as parameter. I am using below function. function count_test(tabname varchar2) return number is l_count number; begin select count(*) INTO l_count FROM tabname; RETURN l_count; END;You can't do it with static SQL. [More]
Hi, If a distributed scheme is configured with read-write-backing-map, will ALL caches be required to define the cachestore configuration if the caches are using the same distributed scheme? For example, we have two caches "ExpireSessions" and & [More]
SRM Classic Scenario 5.0 and ECC 6.0 as backend. ECC6.0 is where all purchase documents are created Started invoice posting from SRM and it gets posted in ECC 6.0. Our FI data is maintained in ECC. When we are trying to create Invoice from SRM and ID [More]