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i have my mums payment details on my itunes account, but i bought a £15 itunes voucher today from the shop and put it on my phone.. but it wont let me buy any apps becouse it  keeps going to my mums payment details. can someoe help me with thisIf the [More]
I am trying to implement a browser based editor for my company's application. This requires to fetch an already created pdf document, add form fields on it and display on a browser. Does it look feasible? Does Acrobat SDK allow to create a fillable p [More]
Dear All, We have messages being triggered from PI to proxy and to AIF. Messages status is shown as successful in sxmb_moni transaction but I don't get to see these in /AIF/err - error handling and monitoring transaction. WHat could be the possible r [More]
Hi To get the report MCE5 by posting date what table I should refer to create Zreport. Thanks, KiranWhat logicshould i tell to abaper. for example if material no. in mce5 = material no. EKBE then accumulate data  in report mce5 report posting datewis [More]
Hello All, Selected Pseudo Parent Tab: TS1 Select Standard Tabs: DBTable, variables , condition , Report , interactive report. All the tabs are related to pages When I am navigating from tab interactive report to any other tab the url is chaning to h [More]
Lately i have been getting a lot of issues. 1. Sometime when im playing my PS3, i get disconnected from servers, then disconnected forom the access point. At this point i cannot log back in, the internet or wireless gets disabled even though the ligh [More]
good afternoon, macbook air with 10.5.4 we are new to macs and so far impressed. we have just installed office for mac but when we restarted the computer the righht 1/4 of the screen is blurred and flikering to the extent that you can not make out an [More]
When I try to send a photo by email I get the following error message 'This message coiuld not sent. It will remain in your Outbox intil it can be sent. This message could not be sent because your account does not have a preferred outgoing mail serve [More]
cannot get my messages it says invalid user retry or insert new password but still no changeWhat do you mean by 'put in new name'? Username = full email address This should be entered here: Tools > Account Settings select the account name on the left [More]
After updating to Mavericks last night I find my mac has taken to converting my name written in English into Japanese  (I'm in Japan and do use Japanese a lot, but the system main language is set to English, and this problem is occurring in the middl [More]