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HT204291 No picture when mirroring airplay from iPhone to apple tv

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No picture when mirroring airplay from iPhone to apple tvSorry, your profile says iPhone 4. Best to be specific or have things up to date in order to avoid misunderstandings and prompt assistance. In any case you are still using basic airplay. You ne[More]

How to rotate screen in airplay from iphone 5

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I have an iPhone 5 and want to use airplay to my Apple TV.  I figured out how to stream, but when I use the ABC TV app to stream to Apple TV the picture is in the vertical position showing the show sideways.  There is no airplay button when streaming[More]

Airport Express 802.11n keeps disconnecting Airplay with iPhone and Macbook Air

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I purchased this Airport Express on Jan 7, 2012. It was working fine. I used it for airplay only to play my itunes music to my speakers. My speakers are connected to an amplifier that is inturn connected to the Airport Express via an optical cable. I[More]

Why no Airplay for iPhone 3G w iOS 4.2.1?

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I'd like to understand the technical reason that Airplay is not available from an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2.1. I understand that the button for Airplay is located in the multitasking tray, and supposedly the iPhone 3G is too slow for multitasking - plea[More]

Airplay from iPhone/iPad unable to connect half of the time

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I have a new 3rd Gen/1080p Apple TV I bought the other day. I also have a iPhone 4S and a 'new' iPad. All are running on the latest ios versions, including the iPhone/iPad ios version from yesterday which claims to have fixed some airplay bugs. The p[More]

Audio airplayed from iphone or ipad skips

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Almost any time I airplay music from the iPod app in my iPhone or iPad(including the pandora app) skips on my new Apple TV set up. It even sometimes cut the song entirely. This is very annoying. Does anybody else have this problem? I will submit feed[More]

How much bandwidth is using on AIRPLAY from iPhone Apple tv ?

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I will like to know how much internet bandwidth is using Apple tv if you airplay from your Iphone ? Our IT manager say is using to much  ! Thank you in advance !Thank you for the quick answer. I have a mobile site and i play movie in the same network[More]

Audio only with Airplay on iPhone

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Why can't I airplay videos directly from my iPhone 4S (on iOS 6) to my Apple TV. I only get audio and need to enable mirroring to see it, but the quality is poor this way. I can airplay videos from my iPad 3 directly. Help please...Thanks for your co[More]

Airplay Mirroring iPhone 4s?

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I am just looking for clairification. In see people saying the iPhone 4s will be able to do mirroring through Airplay but it seems like in all the documents on only talk about the iPad2. So to clarify, is the iPhone 4s going to be able to b[More]

Airplay on iPhone 3G?

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This movie says that "Airplay is a technology from Apple that is build into every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch". Is this true? I'm asking because I've download iOS 4.2 on my iPhone 3G, downloaded the latest update to my[More]

Airplay from Iphone 3GS stops as soon as screen turns off!

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When I play fe. a Youtube film from my Iphone 3GS via Airplay to my Apple TV, it stops as soon as the screen of the iphone turns off, or when I switch to a different program. This is very annoying as this means that I have to touch the screen every 3[More]

Youtube and Airplay with iPhone 5

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I was trying out the youtube app on my new iPhone 5 and for some reason when I click the airplay icon and choose appletv only the sound works not the video on the TV. Anyone know why? I can play videos and show pictures from my phone through appletv[More]

After updating my ATV to 6.1.1 no airplay from iPhone or iPad

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This happens every time I update my ATV 2 to new software. No airplay from iPad 1 or iPhone 4 ( running ios 7.1.1 )  - this time after ATV update to version 6.1.1 Tried everything :  resetting ATV, disconnecting cables, resetting router, turning netw[More]

Troubles with AirPlay from iPhones to AppleTV

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It feels like our AppleTV works worse and worse with every software update. It worked flawlessly when we first bought it: our iPhones would easily connect to the AppleTV and stream music. Now, many software updates later, it takes numerous attempts j[More]

TS4085 AirPlay for iPhone 4 is working but not giving me the mirroring option

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I have been installing apple tv's in a local elementary school and sync them up to their iPads. Some of them come up fine and work instantly w turning on the mirroring option. But a few of them the mirroring option comes up but does not allow me to s[More]

Why did my airplay on iPhone and iPad stop working

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My airplay stopped working on my iPad 3 and my iPhone 4S.  Could it have something to do with the most recent iOS update?Thanks Curt.  I just figured it out.  I right clicked on Filmstrip which gave me an option of Reset in the drop down menu.  I cli[More]

Airplay through iPhone using Aiport Express

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I have recently purchased a Time Capsule 2T for my new iMac (which is located downstairs in my office). The Time Capsule wireless reaches to my back porch. I have my stereo equipment upstairs, which controls the speakers around the house. Before I pu[More]

Airplay on iphone 4 is not that great to make me want to go buy an apple tv

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will there be an update to iphone 4 that lets Airplay mirror to a tv?ED3K wrote: Nope how do you know?Read other 6 answers[More]

Airplay from iPhone 6 to Mac

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I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.2 Aka. the newest program. And i would like to "transfer" the screen over to my MacBook Pro. And use airplay. Both devises are attached to the same WiFi, but it still dosen´t work. Help? Anyone..That is not a feat[More]

HT4437 I cannot airplay usingy iphone 5 , only the sound is played no image , background apple tv display

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Airplay does not work on iphone 5 , but  iphone 4 and ipad works fineYou need AppleTV to play wirelessly (AirPlay). other 2 answers[More]

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I just upgraded from an iphone 3 to a 4.  I had multiple google calendars syncing with the iphone 3.  After upgrading, my iphone 4 does not show the calendars as before.  There is one calendar visible in the list from the phone app.  It has my google [More]