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Hi, I have view in which there are 3 tables with 3 colums each. All the data binding etc is fine and it is displayed correctly in the portal. My issue is with the OTR texts maintained. The text for column headings in the table is binded with the OTR [More]
when I click "bookmarks toolbar" I see my list when I go to Internet Explorer, but there's a wide blank on the left of my home page I want the list to appear on when I open the home page. ThanksDid you purchase any music from the iTunes Music St [More]
I need 2 know how to *+Disabling Automatic "Safe File+"* Opening in Safari for windows. In options/general tab i don´t have the option that safari for mac have to disable it!Those pictures are .jpg images; the downloading is a function of the wa [More]
My message is missing after a small hang when I use group SMS app. After this incident I didt sync with itune..... So what I want to do to restore the message. More than 600 messages I had .... Now it's fully emptyDid you upgrade to Tiger from Jaguar [More]
Ok, here is my issue. I have an Airport Extreme set to "802.11n Only" and both my wife's macbook and my macbook are the only machines on that network. She has the white MacBook 2.16 ghz version (MB062LL/A) while I have the 2.2 ghz Santa Rosa (MB [More]
So, I had about 575 songs downloaded to my iPhone that worked fine (only 16GB model, so I have to limit tracks).  I enabled Match this morning because I like the idea of seeing my entire library and being able to download songs on the fly without hav [More]
hello guys, i am new to the java world. i need some help from you immediately please. i want to pass information stored in the session varibles to the standard java application through jnlp. for example i want to pass customerid having customer infor [More]
I am trying to rent a new movie on my apple tv and it says it will take 20 plus hours to download and this is not acceptible to be able to get the movie seen when I want to. What can I do to speed up the downloads. I have 2 rented and not able to see [More]
Hi, recently I have send the request to approve my user account in TechNet. They are approve my account and my problem was solved. now the same thread so many users are give their command so each time new command arrived it will shown my unread threa [More]
I want to publish my video to YouTube. When I select the publish to YouTube option it doesnt give me the option to capture my youtube account details. It just opens and closes windows with in seconds and nothing happens. Please help!Pixy, This is a l [More]