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I have been trying to put music I bought on Itunes on my Samsung Note 2 but my media player won't play m4p files so I tried to convert the files to mp3 but I couldn't, because a message says they are protected files. I then tried downloading differen [More]
I am running mac 10.6.7 and itunes 10.4. When i delete music or podcast from the library in itunes, I get a warning whether i would like to keep or move the file to trash. I respond i want to move the file to trash, however this does not happen, no f [More]
Hi PM Gurus, I am trying to process a work order in the error log (IW46) but get the message that the order is closed. I have checked the order and it is not closed (it was just recently opened). It there something that has to be run before the error [More]
I had at least 10 different Thinkpads in the past and loved the support Id get whenever I needed something. Now I got the Yoga2Pro and I ran into a problem after installing fresh Win8.1 Enterprise: I need the Lenovo Yoga Software Suite (Transitions, [More]
All of a sudden Photoshop is taking a long time (5-10 minutes at least) to start up for me. The main window, dialogs, and file will be displayed on the desktop, but clicking on any part of the UI has no effect and keystrokes have no effect. Everythin [More]
With Arun Kumar Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about Single Sign-On (SSO) with Cisco WebEx Meetings Server (Cisco WMS), Internet Reverse Proxy (IRP), and Enterpris [More]
Hi Experts, Currently we are activating Business content for Purchasing infoCube 0PUR_C01. The current requirement is that the client wanted to see company code as well in the cube. The DS 2LIS_02_ITM and 2LIS_02_SCL does not have company code field, [More]
Hello, I have a group being generated as a table-form layout. What I would like is for the table page to be refreshed always on entry. I can't set the group requery condition to always, or "when entering the page" as then the view object is exec [More]
1) I'd like to understand the new Excel object model more thoroughly. Can anyone suggest a book? 2) Are the formulas and/or format settings for conditional formatted cells stored in the object model or in the workbook?  I'm guessing the workbook. Tha [More]
What I expereinced today was that I was unable to open system receiving and error about (Notifications, iCloud...) not being able to open and then needing to restart... upon hitting OK it gave the same message again. I went into appications using the [More]