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[HELP] Backup hdd error ce-34668-7

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Hi i'm having issues with my current hdd (samsung 2tb) so I am going to re-format it. I have created an external hdd running fat32 (mbr) and plug it in to the ps4. It happily recognizes it and I can copy things from it fine. When I try backup my hdd[More]

PS4 rendering very "hot" compared to Bridge and LR2- HELP I am stuck

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Have done all kinds of tests and still get a difference nearly equal to setting the vibrance to +50 and the saturation to +6 in LR2 to somewhat equal the look of the imported image in PS2. Here are the facts: I have used Bridge to convert the NEFs  i[More]

Return or Exchange for PS4?

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Hi Best Buy, Currently, I'm owning a GTA V pre owned and a Xbox One. However, my console overheated frequency while playing. I was wondering if I'm able to return those two or exchange it for a PS4. Thank you, MimiHello again Mimi, I'm glad to hear y[More]

New to PS4 some tools missing

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I'm currently running PS4 on my iMac and am having issues in viewing some of the tools. Tools such as custom shape tool are subdued. I've even gone so far as to go to Edit-->Menus--> select the custom shape tool is viewable. I've also tried the &quo[More]

Can I connect ps4 to my Macbook Pro with retina so it displays on the Macbook Pro.

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Can I connect ps4 to my Macbook Pro with retina so it displays on the Macbook Pro . If I can how do I do it and what do i need to do it.No. There's no video input.Read other 3 answers[More]

Buying a PS4 - Game Recommendation list

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I'm buying a PS4 in a few days. I'm looking for help in selecting games as I haven't really followed PS Titles over the past few years. I do own a few PS3 Titles, but it is quite limited. I've mostly been gaming on PC. However, I really *do* want to[More]

BT Infinity HH5 and PS4 (FIFA & NHL 15) issues

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I cant play either of these brand new games as when the PS is wifi enabled the game 'stutters' very badly, impossible to play. Turn off the wifi on PS4 and game works fine, but then that stops me playing online (which is not why I bought these ). I h[More]

PS4 turns on for split second then turns off (Not BLOD)

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My PS4 was purchased via preorder on launch day here in South Africa - Friday 13th December. After working for 2 days,it now fails to turn on. I've read about the blue light of death that just pulsates continuously but what I'm getting is a beep and[More]

Using PS4 as external editor

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Hey guys, My question is concerning the presets in preferences for an external editor. I use PS4 and am wondering what is the deference between the tiff and psd selections. I have played around with both and notice the file size changes when I bring[More]

3rd party plug-ins and PS4 16-bit

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I have Vista 64-bit installed as my OS. I installed PS4 which automatically installed as a 64-bit version. I attempted to install my Kodak Pro/Roc/Sho/Air plug ins, but they don't appear in the filter menu. I have never had a problem with this issue[More]

Opening image files in their own windows in PS4

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Before PS4, I could open image files in their own windows. In PS4, when I want to open more than one file, these open with tabs and any new file I open is added to the tab queue. It is annoying to right click on each tab so each file is in its own wi[More]

Can I connect my ps4 to my Thunderbolt Monitor?

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Hi all, I was just wondering if there was any way to connect my ps4 to my thunderbolt monitor. I'm getting both of these for christmas, so I want to make sure I'm getting the right stuff. I'm also receiving an Elgato Capture Card, but I think that's[More]

Need help setting up QOS on N900 router with PS4

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Hello all, I am looking to use the QOS settings on the N900 to secure my connection for gaming on PS4. I followed the indications in the link below, but instead of doing port forwarding, i enabled the QOS settings on all the ports used by the PS4. Is[More]

Images open in PS4 greatly reduced in viewer

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If I open PS4 and open a previously saved file, the window opens with a tiny speck in the middle.   Titlebar confirms that the image is .054% of size.   When I use the zoom tool,  8 or 10 clicks brings it back to the correct magnification.   If I lef[More]

LR2 images opening black in PS4

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When using the "edit in PS4" option in LR2, the images are black when opening in PS4. The image is shown correctly in the PS navigator however. I assume I have something setup incorrectly. Any help will be greatly appreciated!Are you referring t[More]

Recovered files open in Bridge but not in PS4 or Camera Raw

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My Canon T1i failed with dozens of images on the SD card.  I used DiskInternals Partition Recovery to recover the files from the SD card.  Many of the CR2 images show up fine in Bridge CS4, both the Content thumbnail and the Preview screen. (Screen s[More]

ACR sharpening range vs. PS4 sharpening range

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I'd like to do my capture sharpening in ACR in Bridge then do output in PS4, but the Bridge Amount range of 1-150, while PS has an Amount range of    1-500; and an even more dramatic difference in "pixel" settings (ACR has .5 - 3.0 while PS has[More]

Airport Extreme - Ps4 , Sonos system , apple tv and other apple products

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I need some help, i'm thinking of changing routers i currently have a belkin n750 db , and its not compatible with my sonos system , but i also like to game. I was wondering if the airport extreme would be able to handle all of my gear . ( iMac , 2 i[More]

Can i connect my ps4 to my mac os x

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Please can anyone help I have bought my son a PS4 console and want to connect it to my imac can you please give me instructions on the best way to do it?You are going to connect it to the internet.. in that connection you are making it part of the ne[More]

Sony Xperia Z3 and PS4 controller connection

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Hey I guess this is a wellknown problem among the Xperia Z3 Dual users. I wanna connect my PS4 controller to the phone but it won't connect at all unless I do it before I connect the xperia z3 to the PS4. I wanna experience how the ps4 controller wor[More]

I am using oracle gateway (11.1) for sqlserver on Linux platform with Oracle Server 10g. I am getting following error when i run any select query: ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message: [Oracle][ODBC SQL Serve [More]
I just installed iTunes, and it will not open. I get an error message saying: "The folder "iTunes" cannot be found or created, and is required. The default location for this folder is inside the "My Music" folder." What does [More]
Hi Experts,   We have run the F110 for one of my client. We have entre the proposal and Payment run is started suddenly the systrem shows a yellow message "Payment run has been schedule XX/XX/XXXX Time. JOB WAS NOT RELESED". I have even check fo [More]
I would like to know if Ipad can be modified to support construction services for issues of engineering inspections or quality assurance. Thus, applications of Xcel(drawings list, punchlist applications), Adobe writer(specs and drawings review), Prim [More]
Hi All, I am getting the following error: •     symptom: Error opening TEMPLATE.fmb in Forms Builder •     symptom: FRM-18108: Failed to load the following object •     symptom: FRM-10102: Cannot attach PL/SQL library APPCORE. This library •     atta [More]
Hi All I've created a transparent gradient over an image. The problem I am having is that the edges of the image are visible beneath the gradient. I know how to correct this in Photoshop but I am having difficulty in Illustrator. How can I create a s [More]
Does the "high pass sharpening" subdue color saturation of the images? I was creating a photo collage type of art in InDesign. I also used Photoshop to sharpen and resize each individual images. I used High Pass sharpening with Edge Masks. After [More]
I can't find media encoder in the "Feature Request/Bug Report Form" dropdown menu so I post it here. I get a green screen when trying to convert a H264 720p .mov file with AAC 48k audio that was sent to me. Awesome. It plays fine in Quicktime an [More]
Dear, When i go to ME21N and try to create a NB PO type after when i entered the vendor in the item overview tab material field didn't appear at all. when i just opened the ME21n at that time material field was appearing whats the problem. Regards, q [More]
Hi, Does any of you have experience with importing the HD video files from a Nikon D90 into FCE? Does it require FCE 4 or is FCE 3.5 good enough? I like to mix it with footage from my Canon HV30, which imports fine to FCE 3.5. Thx for you help!The ma [More]